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“great to work with John. he is high experienced in beverage industry in china and very helpful for an european company in china market.”

Wolfgang Langreiter,
Founder & Managing Director

Beverage bottling

We Have A Dream

Minimal Effort, Maximum Benefit

Minimal Effort, Maximum Benefit


we don’t agree on a monopoly market model in the beverage bottling industry and will support the co-growth of small businesses. Because we believe in a win-win situation, not a zero-sum game, so the entire market will continue to grow healthily.


we will give up high industry margins to provide more economical, flexible and reliable beverage filling solutions for start-up to mid-sized beverage plant owners.


with decades of experience and technology in the beverage production industry and a flexible company operating structure, we insist to offer you 1-to-1 service from the start-up phase to after-sales maintenance.

Lots to Choose, Less to Worry

From bottled beverages to 5-gallon bottle water,  we provide you with the best hassle-free beverage bottling solutions.

We Share

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Steplead people not only are passionate about the beverage industry, but also about the environmental experience, energy efficiency, raw material transformation, conservation, and production process control.


Our verteran experts will present the best filling and packaging solutions. In addition, we will also share information on the latest developments and innovations in the packaging industry, covering the entire production chain of materials, technology, machines and packaging.


Covering L-type, inline type and pallet wrapping equipment.

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