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Mark Majors

Owner/Cansbury beverage

About Steplead

We have a dream


Agree on a monopoly monopoly market model and support the co-growth of SMEs. To achieve a win-win situation, not a zero-sum game, so the whole game will continue to grow in a healthy way.


High Industry Margins offers a more economical, flexible and reliable beverage filling solution for most owners of small to medium-sized beverage plants.


With decades of industry experience and a flexible operating structure for smaller companies, minus several layers of management systems and without redundant departments, you get consistent one-on-one service from start-up to after-sales maintenance.



Lots to fill,less to worry

More than just filling, we offer whole plant solutions so that your dreams are not limited by small scale. All the big world famous brands start small.

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Steplead are people who are passionate, not only about the food and beverage industry but also eco-friendly experience, energy saving, raw material transformation and saving, process control and all the typical makers’ attitude.

We are going to share the latest developments and innovations within the packaging industry. There is plenty of information to be found in the entire packaging chain of material, technology, machines and packaging. We will also introduce the best filling and packaging solutions.

Turnkey Project


 L-type, inline type and pallet wrapping equipment.

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