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Steplead’s iBottling leads the way in bottling machine automation, offering cutting-edge bottle filling machines and solutions to empower brands globally. From startup ventures to enterprise giants, we optimize operations with our innovative water bottling machinery. Through relentless dedication, we redefine liquid filling and capping industry standards and shape the future of machinery.

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Our Mission

Empower brands of all sizes through customizable, efficient PET bottle mineral water packaging solutions, incorporating advanced water bottle filling machine technologies. Whether craft or multi-national, we develop optimized automatic bottle liquid filling machine options for any bottling plant budget.

The Bottle Filling Machine Supplier Story in China


Originally founded in 1995 in Jiangmen, China by entrepreneur Amanda Cheng, iBottling aimed to produce high-quality, affordable machinery for 5-gallon bottled water filling and related equipment for the growing domestic market.
Operating out of a small Shenzhen factory with 10 employees, iBottling originally focused on manual and semi-automated lines for 5-gallon bottled water production.

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Through Amanda’s leadership, they captured over 15% of the Chinese market for this machinery by 2005.

In the same year, John Lau joined iBottling as Overseas Project Manager. Drawing on his marketing and sales experience, John spearheaded the exploration of untapped overseas markets.

He oversaw the establishment of five cutting-edge workshops specializing in bottling equipment across China, elevating their status as leading drinking water bottling machine manufacturer.

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iBottling has strategically established agents in key regions across the globe, including Spain, Mexico, South Africa, the USA, and Russia, to facilitate their global expansion efforts. By spearheading innovative revenue streams, the company achieved annual sales that surpassed $5 million.

John played a pivotal role in nurturing and solidifying strategic partnerships with a network spanning over 50 countries, thereby significantly extending the reach of automatic bottling machines.

Global network


Through negotiations with major clients, John secured lucrative partnerships and alliances, propelling iBottling’s annual revenue beyond 20 million. He meticulously grew the sales team to 10 executives and nurtured new talent to scale operations and meet growing global demands. iBottling established headquarters and a Shanghai production facility in 2008 to be closer to industrial hubs, while maintaining offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Continuous R&D expanded capabilities in secondary packaging and labeling.

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Customer Success: Bottling Machine Testimonials

Watch our short video to hear direct from customers who have boosted their production efficiency and profitability with our advanced bottling machines. See their stories of transformation and success!

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Guiding Principles


Research Leadership

With pride and dedication, the company allocates 12% of its annual revenues towards fostering strategic partnerships with universities that focus on groundbreaking research and development in sustainable packaging innovations.



Every project starts with understanding unique goals/constraints, including the need for pure water bottling solutions. Modular frameworks then optimize customizable, scalable and adaptable solutions.

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Materials and processes require 20% less energy, particularly in the operation of automatic PET bottle and glass bottle washing systems. Naturally feed into closed-loop supply chains through recyclable/renewable components.

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Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and certification ensure bottling lines meet stringent industry standards for food safety, throughput and reliability. Customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Our TeamS

The Faces Behind The Brand

John Oversea Project Manager
John Oversea Project Manager
Amanda Chief Financial Officer
Amanda Chief Financial Officer
Ming Chief Technology Officer
Ming Chief Technology Officer

John Lau – Overseas Project Manager

Leads iBottling’s global expansion strategies and directs projects worldwide.

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a focus on international business and specialization in bottling machine operations. He is passionate about applying the Feynman Technique to simplify complex industry concepts for clients, particularly in the realm of water bottling machine operations.

In his free time, John enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. He’s passionate about learning foreign languages. An avid fitness enthusiast, John enjoys activities like jogging, skateboarding, swimming and visiting the gym.

Amanda Cheng – Chief Financial Officer

Oversees iBottling’s financial operations and sustainability reporting.

Certified Public Accountant with a CPA certification. 10+ years of finance experience in manufacturing.

Amanda enjoys long distance running and writing Chinese poetry in her free time. She has participated in several marathons.

Ming Ma – Chief Technology Officer

Leads product engineering and research & development efforts. Holder of 35+ patents.

Played a pivotal role in developing integrated filling-capping-labeling processes. Holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University.

An avid reader, Ming spends weekends immersed in books on science, history, and philosophy, reflecting on innovations in mineral water bottling machine plant technologies. He also enjoys hiking in nature.

Most frequent questions and answers


Product Details

What materials are used in your water filling machine equipment?

Food-grade stainless steel, POM, and silicone meeting sanitary standards, along with top-quality electrical components suitable for beverage and water production lines.

How do your machines ensure precise filling and minimize wastage?

Advanced flow meters and anti-drip nozzles ensure accurate filling and reduce spillage.

Do your machines accommodate specialized packaging needs?

Yes, they seamlessly integrate with labeling, capping, and shrink-wrapping equipment for versatile packaging solutions in our filling line.

Order Process

What are your typical lead times for producing a water production line?

Standard machines ship within 30 business days. Custom solutions may vary based on specifications and production schedules.

How long does installation take for an automatic bottling machine?

On-site commissioning by our technicians normally requires 10-25 days depending on the machine ordered and project scope.

Do you offer turnkey projects for mineral water bottling machines?

Yes, we can assist with new beverage facilities from concept to commissioning.

After Sales Support

What support is included for troubleshooting issues with the drink filling machine?

Lifetime technical support and 1 year spare parts warranty included for our filling capping machine.

Do you have agents worldwide for your liquid bottle filling lines?

Yes, please see our contact section on the homepage for agent locations.

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How can I see the machines in person?

Please contact us to arrange a factory tour where we can demonstrate quality and answer any questions.

Can you train our staff?

Comprehensive training on safe, efficient machine operation is included either on-site or at our facilities.

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