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Hi We're iBottling

Let us bottle and sell your best-tasting creation to the world-wide market! For over 20 years we’ve been pioneering in the beverage industry as one of the leading providers of beverage machinery for food manufacturers around the globe. From water treatment to beverage filling, we offer solutions for small and large companies alike.

Our customers range from small local producers to multinational brands such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé. We deliver our machines worldwide and provide first class service all over the globe. No other company in the industry offers this degree of flexibility and personalized customer care!

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We Believe

Now that the beverage market is increasingly competitive, it's more important than ever to have a win-win business model. We believe this will lead not only healthy growth for both our partners and consumers, which others will not provide.

We Share

We will share the profitability of this industry by providing more economical, flexible and worry-free beverage filling & packaging solutions for start up companies as well as mid sized ones. We want to be your partner in growth!

We Insist

Our decades of experience and technology in the beverage industry has given us a flexible company operating structure. We offer you one-to-one service from start up to after sales maintenance, ensuring your needs will be met as best we can!

We Have A Dream

Over 20 years of study and solution creation, we discovered that the beverage industry has been in a low-profit position due to the following issues:

  • The price is considered to be too high when compared with the quality of beverage equipment.
  • The equipment is too complex and difficult to operate, leading to high labor costs, low efficiency and low resource utilization.
  • It can not meet beverage demand in the market, resulting in low sales and low profit.

iBottling, as a beverage equipment manufacturer and solution provider, we will help beverage plant owner in increasing their profit by:

  • The right and cost-effective beverage equipment, help you produce beverage with higher quality and lower cost.
  • Dependable machine’s quality, which is backed by professional technical support.
  • Simple to use and maintain, let you focus on the beverage production, and maximize your profit.
  • Optimize the beverage production capability, you can meet the demand of your market and maximize your profit.

The dream of iBottling is to be the beverage industry’s best choice.

Let us handle the rest by giving us a call right now, and we’ll make your fantasy come true!

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What Benefits Will You Receive?

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save you a lot

You'll enjoy a higher level of craftsmanship and superior quality fence at a reasonable price, with a warranty up to 6 years.

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To ensure that you don't have any concerns, we offer comprehensive technical services including pre-sales, manufacturing, and post-sales care.

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one-stop service

This package will include everything you'll need to get up and running, including turnkey solutions, staff training, and on-site construction.

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we care

We will contribute a percentage of your each purchase to charity in the form of scholarships for underprivileged children in every corner of the globe.

Our TeamS

The Faces Behind The Brand

Jack Chen

Sales Rep.

Jane Deng

Sales Rep.

Parker Peng

Sales Rep.

Lisa Wong

Sales Rep.

Christ Lee

Sales Rep.

Customers are our main priority, and the sales team at iBottling take pride in helping clients make an informed decision about what machines are right for their business. Through every stage of the process, our objective is to become a trusted partner for your business.

As a full-service provider, we can take care of installation and maintenance to ensure your system is always performing at its best. We offer a comprehensive service plan that keeps your system running as efficiently as possible.

Only 4 Steps We Help You Start from Sketch

Step 1

Submit your inquiry by telling us what you need. Customer support will email you within a few hours to assign you an experienced engineer to assist you with your project.

Step 2

Your dedicated engineer will send you a product quote in less than two business days. You can then reserve the machine and provide your samples for targeted testing.

Step 3

Confirm with your engineer for all product details before production. Your engineer coordinate, follow up and ensure production correctly.

Step 4

We arrange quality inspection, debugging, operation trainning, and sea/air shipping to any address of your country.

Visit our factory in China

We would be more than happy to meet you,  learn all about your business, and show all our incredible solutions & ideas

Shenzhen, cn

Shenhua Science and Technology Park, ShangMeiLin, Shenzhen, PRC


There are many benefits to choosing iBottling for all of your beverage production needs:

• Customization – our clients have the freedom to create the perfect solution for their business.

• Performance – our equipment is industry-leading, with high energy-efficiency ratings and low maintenance requirements.

• Support – we never lose sight of what’s important to you, which is peace of mind in knowing your systems are always running smoothly.

Our knowledgeable sales team looks forward to discussing your needs and providing you with an unparalleled level of service. Contact us today for more information!

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