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fully automatic PET bottle blow molder witah 6 cavities 6000BPH



Up to 15,000 bottles per hour


Up to 8 cavities


Reliable performance ability

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Steplead’s BMA series blow molding machines produce the highest quality PET containers for a wide range of applications, sizes, and production demands. Our blow molders exceed previous blowing capacity, cost, and bottle quality benchmarks. Steplead’s industrial blow molding equipment reliably manufactures PET bottles and containers with precision engineering. Advanced temperature controls and adjustable blowing pressure deliver consistent, high-quality results. Trust Steplead for customizable stretch blow molding systems optimized for your PET bottle production needs. Contact our experts today to learn more about our high-performance blow molders for various industries.


UP TO 50%

Steplead certified parts with additional warranty

UP TO 25%

Less maintenance

UP TO 20%

Less energy using lower engine speed and larger hydraulic pump.

Save Cost

The great advantage of stretch blow moulding machine is to stretch the container in both the axel and hoop directions, which name biaxial stretching and it will greatly improve the container’s top load, clarity, drop impact tolerance, barrier abilities and tensile strength. As a result, the raw material cost can be save for about 10-15% by reducing the weight of container.

Wide Application

The stretch blow molding process making PET bottles is popular in beverage industry production for juice, water, soda, and many other products. Since 1970’s, this blow moulding technique is applied widely to package chemical detergent and soda bottles.

High Efficiency

This blow moulder can achieve you any extra ambition of blowing production. No matter considering production output, reliability or efficiency, for non-carbonated water, csd (carbonated soft drink), and hotfill products, with maximum 6 cavities to produce up to 6,000 containers per hour.


2,000 ~15,000 Bottles 500ml / Per Hour
  • Max Container Volume: 2L
  • Max Cavities: 8
  • Clamping Force: 320KN
  • Power: 120Kw
  • Dimension: 3,600 x 2,000 x 2,210MM


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How to ensure the safe and efficient production of bottle blow molding machine.

Here is a list of all the types of technical questions concerning bottle blowing molding machine that you can find.

What Safety Precautions Would Be Needed For Blow Molding Machine Operation​

Safety Precautions for blow molding machine operation

These precautions are for the sake of preventing operators and other staff from being hurt or preventing machine from being damaged when trouble occurs. Because devices of this machine use pneumatic and electrical control, which features big power and quick working speed, therefore any errors of operation may lead to dangerous consequences. The machine is equipped with some safety devices to protect the operators. Before operation, please check whether these safety devices work properly.

1. Safety Precautions:
1) Operator must wear safety helmet, slip-proof shoes and working clothesduring installation, inspection and maintenance.
2) Make sure to install the machine in a dry, bright and clean location. The ground around the machine should be solid and its surface should be slip-proof.
3) Never put tools and other articles onto the machine or any other moving parts.
4) Don’t climb onto the machine when it is running and don’t touch the moving parts.
Before inspection and maintenance, the power and gas source must be switched off and ensure that air pressure of gas circuit is environmentalatmosphere.Note: Once the pressure of operation gas circuit is environmental atmosphere, mold base components will automatically descend.
5) When operate parts of heating devices, turn off the power first and operate after it completely cools down.
6) Please pay special attention to the safety warning board installed on dangerous parts of the machine.

2. The Safety Guard and Safety Door on the Machine
1) A limit switch is installed on the safety door to pick up the bottles. When the safety door opens, this limit switch will be activated to stop the machine from operation.
Therefore, it’s important to check whether this limit switch can work normally before
operating the machine.
2) It’s forbidden to dismantle the safety door on the machine and the safety cover on automatic chainsunless necessary maintenance and inspection are needed. And after maintenance and inspection, the safety door and the safety cover on automatic chains
must be reinstalled as its original way.
3) Emergency Stop Button There are two buttons for emergency stop on the machine. One is on the operation panel and the other is on the back of the machine. They are used for emergencies. If each of the emergency stop buttons being pressed, both the power and gas source are switched off simultaneou
sly and the machine stops all operation immediately.
4) Overpressure Protection The machine uses compressed air. The safety valve is respectively installed on high and low-pressure air collector. If the pressure in air intake is too high, the safety valve will be automatically opened to ensure of the safety.
Air pressure for operation: Air intake 0.8Mpa
Air pressure for blowing: Air intake 3.5MPa
5) Grounding The machine has contact for grounding. Before using the machine, connect the earth wire, which should be chosen according the local standard.

What Are Precautions Else Needed For Operation Of Blow Molding Machine

Precautions Related with Operation of Blow Molding Machine

Before operating the machine, read and understand the operation regulation in the operation manual or have relative training for operation.

(1) Emergency Stop

① There are two emergency stop buttons on this machine. The gas supplies stops and piston of air cylinder at the mold base and press preform falls down when each one of the buttons is pressed. The piston returns when turning and releasing the emergency button clockwise.

② There is a safety lever installed at the right side of bottle picker connected with the switch to prevent the bottle or preform from going to the next circle. If bottles or preform press on the safety lever, the machine will stop immediately until they are

removed. Note: Don’t operate the machine until you are sure of the security.

(2) Adjustment of Position and Speed 

The position and speed valve of magnetic switch and approach switch on gas cylinder of movement devices has been properly adjusted before the machine leaves the factory. Don’t try to make the machine run quicker by changing their position or adjust the speed valve. Otherwise, it may cause damage of the machine or lead to malfunction.

(3) Inspections Related with Automatic Operation

① Confirm the safety for the operator. Check with eyes carefully the surrounding of the machine to make sure that it is safe in this area.

② Make sure that all safety devices can function normally.

③ Ensure all limit switches are in position and properly tightened.

④ Check whether the air pressure for operation and blowing is normal.

⑤ Check the adjustment of various speed

⑥ Check the temperature and circulation of cooling water.

(4) Safety during Bottle Blowing

① Never open the guarding gate or climb into it during bottle blowing.

② Never touch movement parts during bottle blowing.

③ Keep close attention to the working status of the machine. If abnormal situation or noise occurs, stop the machine immediately. Look for reasons and get rid of the troubles. If alarm occurs, the machine will stop automatically. The machine can be operated again only after the troubles are eliminated.

The Safety of Maintenance and Repairation of Blow Molding Machine

(1) Before repairing the machine, switch off the power and hang a warning plate of “Repairing, Switch on Prohibited” at the power switches. Before repairing, use electroscope to check that the power has already being switched off.

(2) It should bear regulated pressure to replace pneumatic units such as gas pipe, valve and connectors. It should get the approval from professional engineers to replace these units. Before replacing, make sure that the air pressure of gas circuit has been reduced to environmental atmosphere.

(3) The capacity should be in accordance with corresponding regulation when replacing fuses or other electric units. It should get approval from professional engineers or technicians for the replacement.

(4) Never touch any electrical devices with wet hands.

(5) When repairing the mold on the machine, insert a cushion (A rectangle wood block of 15×20 cm, which length should be the same with the length when the mold opens to its maximum extent) into the opened mold clamp device.

(6) Lubricate the machine after it stops.

(7) Use proper tools to maintain and repair the machine. Exert proper moment when tightening the bolts and nuts.

(8) Carefully check the repaired area after maintenance and repair to prevent any tools from being left in the machine.

Precautions of Gas Circuit System of Blow Molding Machine

Precautions of Gas Circuit System of Blow Molding Machine

Note: The density of high-pressure air is very high and any leakage of it shall lead to serious consequences.

(1) It’s strictly forbidden to change the position of safety valve on the air collector.
(2) Impact of compressed air collector is strictly prohibited.
(3) Open the gas outlet valve slightly to discharge the gas slowly when relieving the pressure.
(4) Switch off the gas source and open the outlet valve as well as ensure that the reading on pressure meter is zero before removing parts on gas circuit.
(5) Discharge the gas thoroughly if the machine has stops operation for a long time.
(6) When replacing any pneumatic units, check under low pressure to reconfirm its safety and gradually increase the air pressure.

(7) Check the safety of gas circuit regularly.
Check Every Day
① Check pressure meter of air collector to make sure that every pressure value is normal.
② Check and monitor the gas circuit system (air collector, pipes, valves and air cylinder) to make sure that there is no gas leakage.
③ Ensure that hoses are not bent or damaged and every part of gas circuit system is solidly tightened.

Check Every Week
① Dry the accumulated water in high and low pressure air collector and filters.
② Check whether the magnetic coil and bolt is loose.
③ Check and clean the air muffle.

Check Every Six Month
Check the accuracy of every pressure meter on air collector and gas circuit.

Preparation Before Installation for PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Preparation Before Installation for PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

(1) When determine the location of the machine, it’s also necessary to consider the dimension of charging device (See Figure 1 Layout of the Machine). The surrounding should be clean for the operation (See Figure 2 External View of the Machine), repair and maintenance of the machine and auxiliary devices.
(2) The ground should be level and smooth and has at least 150mm thick concrete, which can endure machine weight and vibration in a long run.
(3) Before installing, finish the layout of power supply and supply system for gas and water on the basis of safe and practical principle. The specification of cable should meet the requirement of total power of the machine. The cable should be through the electric pipe and be laid underground.

Hoisting and Transportation of the PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Hoisting and Transportation of the PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Refer to Main Technical Parameters and Specifications for the weight of the machine. Because this machine is very heavy, therefore you should ask professional person to load and unload the machine. You should also obey the following precautions:

(1) For the sake of safety, Forklift, hoisting machine, crane and hanging rope should have enough strength for loading and unloading the machine.
(2) When loading and unloading with steel wire, put soft fabric or wood block between the rope and the machine in case that the surface of the machine is damaged.
(3) When hoisting the machine, make sure that it is in a balanced position.

Steps of Installation for PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

    1. First of all, install the anti-vibration bolt. Insert the bolt for level adjustment into the hole on the machine, then put the washer on the bolt and tighten the nut.
    2. Lower the machine on the anti-vibration bolt, turn the bolt for level adjustment until it touches the accessory.
    3. After equipping the anti-vibration base into all foundation bolts. Put a level gauge on the top of mold matching device to check the levelness of the machine. Adjust the bolt until the machine is in level position.
    4. Tighten the nut.

Steps of Installation for PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Power Connection of PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

This machine uses three-phase power inlet wire. Its power is AC 220V/60Hz

(1) Fuses of proper capacity should be used in three-phase power.

(2) Connect the power to the large terminal board in the electric cabinet. The cable should accord with insulation standard and should have enough capacity.

(3) If the motor turns in a wrong direction, then switch off the power, change the position of any two-phase wire to correct the motor direction. For details, please refer to Chapter Four Commissioning and Operation.

(4) The machine should be grounded. The resistance should be lower than 4 Ω. Its function is to protect the security of people on spot due to electric leakage caused by overheat or aging of wire.

Freezing water in Freezing Machine

Cool the base of mold, mold chamber for bottle blowing and channel of cooling water in heating cabinet with 10°C~12°C degree freezing water of 0.3~0.5Mpa. The freezing water needed is about 40L/min. Additives of anti-corruption and deoxidize shall be added to the freezing water to improver water quality. The water pipe should be washed clean before installation.

Cooling Water in Water Tower

Cooling water in water tower is supplied directly to the freezing machine. The flow is about 100L/min. The water of cooling tower shall be intenerated.

Connection of Gas Circuit of PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

(1) The machine uses compressed air. Pipes or hoses connected with the machine should bear regulated pressure.
(2) The machine uses two gas sources of pressure: 3.5Mpa and 0.8Mpa. Professional engineers or technicians are required to guide the installation.
a. Air pressure for operation: Gas inlet 0.8Mpa, Gas outlet 0.6~0.8Mpa
(Air cylinder for mold base, mold clamp, Stretching, seal, perform feed and bottle picker)
b. Air pressure for bottle blowing: This is the gas source provided for blowing molding. It must be clean and dry. Its pressure for air supply is 3.5Mpa.
c. See Figure 6 for the connection position.

Connection of Gas Circuit of PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

(1) Accessories without painting have already been coated with anti-rust oil, which should be washed with gasoline or diesel oil and cleaned with soft fabric.
(2) Clean the dust and dirt on the chrome-plated lever, leader and piston rod carefully to avoid damages to sliding sleeve and seal ring, etc.
(3) Lubricate the surface of all movement parts after cleaning.

(1) Oiling point with oil gun is recommended to use No.00 lithium based grease lubricant oil.
(2) Chain, chain wheel and rolling bearing can use universal lithium based grease.
(3) All easily-wear bearing or sleeves should be coated with lubricant oil or grease.

(1) Check whether fixed screws on the machine and electric devices are loose.
(2) Take a trial run of the freezing machine to confirm no leakage in connection pipes and hoses.
(3) Take a trial run of the air compressor to confirm no leakage in connection pipes and hoses.
(4) Check again to confirm that the voltage and frequency of the power supply can meet the requirement of operation and the wire connection is correct.

Mold clamping ForceKN3 0 0
Mold clamping strokemm1 4 0
Mold thicknessmm2 0 0
Stretching strokemm3 3 0
Bottom mold strokemm6 0
Cavity pitchmm1 1 5
Number of cavities 8
Max. capacity 15000BPH x 500ml
Exterior diameter of preform neck*mm1 8 ~ 3 8
Max. diameter of bottlemm1 0 5
Max. height of bottlemm3 3 5
Max. heating PowerKW6 0
Total installed PowerKW6 3
Operation pressureMPa0.7
Blowing pressureMPa3.5
Temperature of chilled waterC1 0 ~ 1 2
Flow of chilled waterL/min3 0
Pressure of chilled waterMPa0.3 ~ 0.5
Flow of cooling waterL/min1 0 0
Pressure of cooling waterMPa0.2 ~ 0.3
Dimension (L x W x H)m3.12×2.27×2.03

What Are Functions Of Panel Buttons Of Bottle Blow Molding Machine

F1 Start(with LED)
F2 Stop(with LED)
F3 Power
F4 Manual/Auto Mode SelectionSwitch
F5 Selection Switch for Preform Supply
F6  SelectionSwitch for Heating
F7  EmergencyStop Switch(Please refer to Operation Instruction for Reset)
F8 Reset(with LED)
F9 DisplayScreen  


What Are The Positions Of Limit Switch, Magnetic Switch And Photo Switch In The PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

What Are The Positions Of Limit Switch, Magnetic Switch And Photo Switch In The PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine1

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