Yili, Genki Forest, Coca-Cola, New Products for the Beverage Industry

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Take a look at the new products in the beverage industry last week.


Adopt a Cow Launches New Children's Milk

Recently, Adopt a Cow launched a new children’s milk. According to the introduction, the milk source of Bang Bang Children’s Milk, which originates from 6 own farms with GAP Level 1 certification, is based on pure milk with A2 β-casein to protect children’s intestines. Each milking box is rich in 7.2g of protein and 240mg of high-quality calcium; one package can meet 24% of daily protein needs and supplement about 40% of children’s daily calcium needs.


Yili launched QQ Star student yogurt.

According to the introduction of YILI, the yogurt is a simple formula with only five ingredients and precise sweetness control, with sucrose content only 6% of ordinary yogurt. It is fermented with raw cow’s milk and has a rich milk flavour.


EveryFresh said to launch the new series of small nourishing bottles.

On September 10, Every Fresh Say launched a new series of 0-added cereal drinks, mainly focusing on five healthy grains, divided into five red, five black and five purple. Five black is the classic black sesame oat flavour, containing black sesame, black beans, black rice, black wolfberry, black quinoa, five bowls of cereal, vitality “hair”; five red is red beans and barley flavour, containing red dates, red beans, red rice, red quinoa, red wolfberry, nourishing the good rosy tone; five purple is purple potatoes and taro flavour, mainly root, containing purple potatoes, purple yam, taro The five purple, purple kale, purple rice five, more beneficial to gastrointestinal health. All three add chia seeds, a 40g bottle of calories ≤ 145 calories, high protein, high dietary fibre, just add water or milk 30 seconds to shake well to enjoy, light card nutrition without “belly” burden. Tmall flagship store three flavours of the combination of 6 bottles / 159 yuan.


Molina's new PET series with limited sugar and fat control

Recently, Mosley has launched its PET series of soft cheese drinks with two flavours: original and red grapefruit, all fermented with 100% raw cow’s milk. Compared with the same brand of pasteurized heat-treated flavoured fermented milk, the new product series reduces sucrose intake by 30% and fat by 45%. The calorie content per 100g of products is about 69.9kcal for the original flavour and 79.3kcal for the red grapefruit.


MSG launched Phyto-Pure Power Oat Plant Protein Drink

Recently, Flavorful launched a plant pure power oat milk, different from most similar products, this oat milk is strictly selected from Australia entire oat whole grain and use double frequency steaming process, making the product taste richer and chewy while retaining more nutrition: each 950g box of oat milk contains about 26.6g of dietary fibre, and 0 lactose, 0 cholesterol and 0 flavouring help reduce the burden. In addition, the biggest highlight of the product is the use of ESL short time sterilization technology, which can make the refrigerated taste appreciation period 21 days. It is understood that the new product is priced at 950/box/76.9 yuan in the Tmall flagship store.


Nesher's tea bottle bubble water new

Recently, Naixue launched two new products, bottled sparkling water, grape and lychee flavour; two new products are 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 fat, and sweetness from erythritol and sucralose. The grape tastes sparkling water with red grape juice, lychee flavour sparkling water with lychee juice and apple juice, both without artificial colouring.


3 new yogurts with dipping sauce from Amish

Recently, Amushi microblogging official announcement of the launch of three yogurt products. The fermentation of Zhao Zilong’s famous sauce, black earth soybeans, rich in bean fragrance, and the secret sauce of Miao Cicada’s women, made with Sichuan millet spice, is spicy and soulful.


Nesher's tea on the new bottle of sparkling water

According to the official WeChat news of NaiXue’s tea, recently, NaiXue launched new bottled sparkling water with two flavours: grape and lychee. The two new products, 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 fat, and sweetness from erythritol and sucralose, have added real fruit juice. The new specifications are 500ml/bottle, currently on the shelves of its official flagship store on Tmall.


Coca-Cola's new packaging is listed.

The new Coca-Cola packaging has been simplified by removing some visual elements, including the ribbon, moving the Coca-Cola logo up and leaving the bottle partially white; in terms of colour scheme, Classic Coca-Cola continues the previous red background and white logo, while Sugar-Free Coca-Cola has a red experience and black logo.


Newly launched Milk Tea with thick milk and peach

Recently, Yuanqi Forest launched Thick Milk Peach Peach Milk Tea. The new products are preferably selected from Golden Guanyin Oolong + charcoal-roasted Oolong original leaves into the tea, high-temperature extraction of the first tea broth, and add real white peach juice, sweet and delicious; using imported emulsion from New Zealand, 3.3 times protein (Note: 3.3 times protein is 3.3 times the minimum index of protein in the national implementation standard) for Yuanqi call, a bottle of calories less than one and a half apples.

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John Lau.

John Lau.

John Lau, a project manager holding an engineering bachelor's degree, became fascinated with optimizing beverage production equipment during his university days. As an overseas project manager, he firmly believes that educating clients on achieving efficient workflows through customized equipment design is one of the most impactful aspects of his job.

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