7 Easy Ways To Understand Working Principle of Glass Bottle Filling Machine

7 Easy Ways To Understand Working Principle of Glass Bottle Filling Machine
Filling machine is a modern equipment that is used for pouring and packing different products. The glass bottles are filled and packaged in glass machines. The key principles to understand the working principle of glass bottle filling machine is discussed in this article. When you have read the points, you are sure to understand the working principle of glass bottle filling machine. It is best to have an understanding of it to make working process smooth and simple.

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7 Easy Ways To Understand Working Principle of Glass Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle fillers are also known as liquid filling machines. They are critical pieces of equipment in a variety of industries. For example, the food and beverage industry, where liquids are in a variety of containers.

The bottle filling machine fills the bottles with less waste, less noise, and at a faster rate. Working with a manual machine, but, would be very difficult and time-consuming.

This article sheds light on the working principle of the glass bottle filling machine. Give it a read and have your queries sorted.


Modern Bottle Filling Machines

Modern liquid filling machines are the greatest devices for packing liquids. They take less time and less labor.

Your bottle filling machines have a variety of uses, features, and advantages. They have a flexible control system.

An automatic liquid filling machine handles the massive orders of bottle filling. this does not happen in the manual one. In a manual filling machine, a lot of time and effort adds to fill the bottles with the liquid.

you can use it for liquids with high viscosity. For example, syrup, oil, and wine cause this way of filling containers.

Bottle filler is very effective in filling the liquid in the bottles. The liquid material goes into the bottle due the effect of gravity.

Due to its weight, the liquid fills the bottle. The machine uses tanks of filling material which then fills the bottles.

These containers move through a cycle in which we fill liquid. after that, they get prepared for packaging.


Automatic Feature of Bottle Filling Machine

A bottle filling machine is an excellent addition to any liquid filling line. Whether you are new to the industry or looking to enhance an existing one.

An automatic volumetric bottle filling machine is a good option. It can work with a variety of surfaces, including aluminum, glass, plastic, and many others.

They have a big conveyor that is perfect for larger-scale activities. It is also suitable for high speeds.

How does it help you?

  • The automatic bottle filling line operates in gravity, vacuum, and pressure mechanisms. It depends on the specific requirements.
  • High viscosity liquids and syrups get filled with the use of vacuum systems. Gravity fillers, on the other hand, are appropriate for free-flowing liquids.
  • Make an informed decision when selecting a syrup filling machine for your business. You need to evaluate your product and container type.


The Function of The Bottling Machine

Bottling equipment is a collection of devices or plants to fill bottles in the industry.

No matter how big or small your company is, the bottling process always necessitates a few phases. Each of these requires a unique machine to complete.

Cleaning Application

A cleaning machine should be the first piece of bottling equipment. As it requires undertaking the basic rinsing of bottles before the filling process.

A cleaning machine is typically equipped with a variable number of grippers. It depends on its size that grabs bottles and rinses them with cleaning liquid. Or air sprayed through nozzles.

Machine for capping

If you want to finish your bottling equipment, the capping machine is the last device you’ll need.

Following the filling, the bottles go to this final machine. Here a cap applies to each one. This seals the liquid and prepares the product for storage or transportation.

Filling equipment

The filling machine is the most important piece of bottling equipment.

The bottles get transported down a conveyor. It lies under filling valves that inject the liquid into them.

The filling machine may additionally distribute a little amount of gas after filling. Notably in beer production. It scatters oxygen from the top of the bottle and prevents oxidation of the product.

The greatest filling machines have a technology that prevents the valves from opening when there is no bottle underneath them.

Extra Supplies

Extra machines may include in bottling production

In case you need to perform certain processes on the beverage you’re bottling.

You’ll need a saturation unit or a premix unit to make carbonated water or premix juices. And a pasteurizer machine to pasteurize the packed bottles.

Depending on the sector, there are also a variety of different devices. These get built to perform specialized functions during the bottling process.


Types of filling Machines

Bottle filling machine has a variety of shapes and sizes. It depends upon the

  • the degree of automation
  • the containers into which the liquid will get poured
  • and the number of heads the machine has to fill a specified number of bottles or containers at once.

Manual Liquid Filling Devices 

They are the most frequent liquid filling machines.

These operate on their own and do not need electricity. These are appropriate for small-scale businesses.

Bottle Filling Machines That Are Semi-Automatic

There is no drip when using these because they use a syringe, piston, and nozzle.

Cleaning detergents and pharmaceutical medicines get manufactured in this way.

Bottle Filling Machines That Are Fully Automated

These are capable of filling liquids of any viscosity and handling large-scale operations. This is a term that refers to food products.


Structure of the Bottle Filling Machine

The storage tank, the filling host, and the frequency conversion speed control module. These are the three basic components of the filling machine.

Let’s dive into the details of each part.

The liquid filling machine's storage tank

The storage tank is an atmospheric tank with a liquid level sensor. It has a feed solenoid valve is present on the upper section of the equipment.

The liquid from the previous operation gets into the tank via the solenoid valve.

When the liquid level reaches the desired level. The liquid level sensor provides a signal to close or stop the feeding.

The solenoid valve for feeding is automatically opened for feeding. It happens when the material surface drops to the specified position.

A discharge port is present on the lower part of the storage tank. It is connected to the suction pipe of the filling host through a pipeline.

The liquid in the storage tank gets pumped into the piston cylinder. by the host, which fills the bottle through the nozzle.

Host for liquid filling

The main device for completing the filling activity is the main unit for liquid filling.

Several filling heads are present on the front of the main unit. And liquid pumping cylinders are present on both sides. Each cylinder corresponds to a filling head.

The liquid in the storage tank gets pumped into the cylinder. Then pressed out, and put into the appropriate bottle via the filling head.

On the filling head, a little cylinder drives a small piston that opens. And closes the filling head’s nozzle, acting as a valve.

Insert the nozzle into the bottle when the filling is about to begin. Open the little piston at a specified distance from the bottom of the bottle to begin filling.

While filling, the filling head raises until the filling is complete. At this point, the spray nozzle closes and elevates to the bottle mouth position.

Two stop rods get operated by air cylinders on both sides of the filling table. They can achieve exact filling with the capping device on the filling table.

The liquid filling machine's delivery module

The frequency converter controls the conveyor motor. This allows for speed changes and cost-effective operation.

The inlet cylinder retracts when the motor turns on. The empty bottle gets fed in from the conveyor belt, and the bottle begins to enter.

The outlet cylinder expands when the motor turns off. The sent empty bottle gets intercepted the outlet stop rod.

To detect the number of bottles, a photoelectric switch gets installed at the bottle inlet.

When the number of bottles supplied equals the number of filling heads. The inlet cylinder expands to block the inlet, the conveyor motor stops, and no more bottles get fed.

Now that you have gotten all the background knowledge. Let’s move towards the actual principle working of the bottle filling machine.


Working Principle of Bottle Filling Machines

Filling machines are a type of packing machinery that is used to pack materials. For example, liquids, gases, pastes, and powders.

Filling machines are as follows

  • liquid filling machines
  • gas filling machines
  • paste filling machines
  • powder filling machines depending on the filling substance.

It is also classified as an automatic filling machine, a semi-automatic filling machine. Also, a completely automatic filling machine, depending on the level of automation.

With the rise in domestic labor costs. Full automation of automatic filling equipment will become important.

The bottle filling machines divide into three forms. It depends on the pressure of the machine filling unit.

· Standard pressure liquid filling machine

Regular pressure liquid filling machines use gravity-flowing filling. It depends on the liquid’s weight.

These liquid fillers are simple to use and regulate. it allows you to fill gallons or containers with the exact amount of liquid you need.

A filling mechanism allows the machine to adjust the different-sized bottles. Even without replacing parts, as well as a “No Bottle-No Fill” mechanism. This process stops when there is no bottle on the belt of the machine.

· Vacuum liquid filling machine

The process of vacuum bottle filling starts when the pressure of the bottle is less. And the pressure outside is greater.

This type of filling machine is commonly used for high viscosity liquids. These include oil, syrup, and fruit wine because of their simple structure and great efficiency.

· Pressure liquid filling machine.

When the pressure is high, the liquid filling mechanism functions.

We call this liquid pressure filling. It occurs when the liquid reservoir’s pressure is equal to the amount of air in the container. And the liquid flows into the bottle based on its weight.

When above atmospheric pressure, a pressure liquid filling machine operates. It can classify into two components.

The first is equal air pressure filling. The liquid flows into the bottle based on its weight when the liquid reservoir’s pressure is equal to the bottle.

In this process, the liquid flows into the bottle due to pressure.

There are certain faults which you should consider during the working of the filling bottles. After that, we’ll draw our conclusion.


Faults to Avoid

If your machine is not working properly or there is any hindrance in the working. You might check for the following faults.

Fault in the PLC

The adhesion of output point relay contacts is the most common cause of PLC failure.

If the motor is in control by this point, the motor operates once the signal begins. But not after the signal stops, and the motor stops running when the PLC loses power.

If the point controls the solenoid valve. The failure phenomenon is that the solenoid valve’s coil is constantly energized. this prevents the cylinder from resetting.

If an external force applies to the PLC to separate the adhesion spots, it can aid in the diagnosis of the problem.

Solenoid valve malfunction

The failure of the solenoid valve is mostly caused by the cylinder’s failure to function or reset. This is because the cylinder’s electromagnetic valve cannot reverse or blow.

The air input and exit get coupled. The machine’s air pressure cannot reach the working pressure if the valve blows.

Cleaning the valve and replacing the sealing ring is the recommended maintenance procedure.

Magnetic switch malfunction

The magnetic switch is used to detect the cylinder’s location and control the cylinder’s stroke.

Magnetic switches are utilized to detect and control the positions of the four-cylinder movements. For example, stacking, pushing, pressing, and melting knives.



The bottle filling machines are high in trend because of the great demand for beverages. Their working principle is not hard science. They are easy to operate if all the faults are looked through. Be precise with the machine parts and always consult with skilled technicians to find solutions for your problems.

In case of emergency, watch iBottling’s YouTube tutorials of glass bottle filling machine below:

You can also read the guides available on google. A better way is to contact a certified technician by submitting the below forms with a quick quote with specific details. Your business will flourish by the end.

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