8 Outrageous Ideas For Why You Should Consider Fully Automatic 5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine.

8 Outrageous Ideas For Why You Should Consider Fully Automatic 5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine.
Is it better for 5 gallon fully automatic or semi-automatic blow molding machine? we'll compare the various performance, services and cost step by step.

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fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (10)

When you first start your 5-gallon bottled water business, you may wonder what model to go with.

Is it better to have a fully automatic or semi-automatic blow molding machine?

Below, we’ll go through and evaluate the various performance experiences and services provided by the two machine kinds, as well as any costs you might have to pay.

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What are the advantages of a 5-gallon automatic blow molding machine and a 5-gallon semi-automatic blow molding machine?

The 5 gallon blow molding machine is divided into two-step blow molding machine and one-step blow molding machine.

The one-step blowing machine is mainly used for blowing plastic bottles made of pe, PVC and other materials.

The two-step method is mainly used for the two-step blow molding machine, which is widely used in any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, edible oil bottles, pesticide bottles, large-diameter bottles, and resistant plastics such as PET, PP and other crystalline plastics as raw materials. High temperature bottles and other packaging containers.

For companies that produce these pet plastic bottles or mineral water companies, whether to choose a 5-gallon automatic blow molding machine or a 5-gallon semi-automatic blow molding machine, what is the difference between them, and what are the advantages of the automatic blow molding machine?

The difference between automatic bottle blowing machine and semi-automatic bottle blowing machine as below

Video: Fully automatic 5 gallon blow molding machine
Video: Semi automatic 5 gallon blow molding machine
Different design frameworks

Direct mechanical automatic operation is used to run the automatic 5 gallon blow molding machine.

The automatic 5 gallon bottle blowing machine finally blows into bottles through the steps of automatic preform loading, preform conveying, heating, mold clamping, pre-blowing, stretching, and blowing.

Manual involvement is required in the loading, transporting, and bottle loading of the semi-automatic bottle blowing equipment.

The machine is prone to injury to the operator.

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Performance and output are different 

Automatic blow molding machines are generally more stable.

The equipment works for a long time, and the output can continue to be maintained as if it were turned on.

However, the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has been working for a long time, and the operators have limited energy, unable to keep up with the operation process, and the output is getting lower and lower.

The actual selling price is different

The selling price of fully automatic bottle blowing machine in the market is slightly higher than that of semi-automatic bottle blowing machine.

Semi-automated 5 gallon blow molding machines cost less than $10,000 on the market, whereas automatic five gallon blow molding machines cost around $50,000.


The advantages of automatic 5 gallon bottle blowing machine:

1. The servo drive system is built using a company-developed optimal structure that combines mold opening and closing, mold clamping, bottom mold lifting, and other functions. The blowing cycle is drastically reduced, the output is boosted, and a high-efficiency and energy-saving effect is realized.

2. Install a blowing system and a waste heat exhaust system to basically assure a constant temperature in the blowing region, using a constant temperature heating control system that was designed and patented technology.

3. Develop an efficient and stable billet feeding system, invention patented technology, the phenomenon of card-free preforms appears, realizing a fast, efficient and stable billet feeding effect.

4. The whole machine adopts a modular design concept, adopts a modular design concept, later maintenance, replacement of changed parts, faster and more convenient, and effectively reduces maintenance costs.

5. Energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, can save more than 20% of energy consumption, reasonable price, worry-free after-sales service!

Following that, we’ll go over each of the mechanical properties of the automatic 5-gallon blow molding machine and its auxiliary equipment in greater detail.


5-gallon automatic blow molding machine (5-gallon stretch blow molding machine)

8 Outrageous Ideas For Why You Should Consider Fully Automatic 5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine.

The iBottling B5G series automatic bottle blowing machine is a bottle blowing machine developed by our company using the most advanced bottle-making technology in the world today.

This machine has a high degree of automation and intelligence.

The machine has stable and reliable performance and simple structure.

High production efficiency and low energy consumption.

Products are not subject to pollution by intermediate links, etc.,

It’s widely used in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and medical container industries.

The iBottling B5G series automatic 5 gallon blow molding machine is mainly used to produce 5 gallon PET bottles.

This kind of bottle is in great demand on the market, and it has become the best choice for every PET bottle manufacturer to invest in.

The production process of the 5-gallon automatic bottle blowing machine is controlled by a computer, which is fully automatic.

During use, the user connects the bottle blowing machine with the filling machine through a conveyor belt.

In this way, the produced PET bottles can be directly transported to the filling machine to start filling.

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)
General Advantages
  • Man-machine interface control, simple operation
  • Automatically arrange and load billets
  • Hopper type preform warehouse
  • The automatic blank discharging is stable and reliable, and the blank feeding is automatically controlled according to the stock of the material channel
  • Good sealing, no pollution
  • Perfect heating system
  • Stable revolution and rotation system
  • The billet tube is evenly heated when heating, and it is easy to blow
  • Low energy consumption; each section of the preform’s heating temperature can be easily adjusted to meet individual needs.
  • The furnace’s infrared lamp can be fitted with a circulating air cooling system.
  • The heating light box adopts an automatic mutual feedback and closed-loop adjustment system, which can automatically output a constant power in proportion, and is not affected by voltage fluctuations
High degree of automation

Taking blanks, loading blanks, taking bottles, arranging bottles,

All are done automatically by manipulators to avoid intermediate pollution.

Quick mold change

The mold change can be completed quickly and easily within one hour.

High level of hygiene

This equipment adopts a fully enclosed design, and the blown bottles are transported to the bottle warehouse by a manipulator and a wind belt. Reduce intermediate links and no need to touch the bottle with hands during the entire production process.

So as to ensure that the bottle is pollution-free and meets national sanitary standards.

Parts Brand

The electrical, pneumatic components, seals, bearings, reducers and other important parts of the machine are all famous brand products in Europe, America and Japan.

Ascertain that the equipment is reliable and long-lasting.

The whole machine can enjoy up to 5 years free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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Touch Screen

Operate under the man-machine interface, with a variety of parameter interfaces.

The operation is simple and reasonable, and it can also be operated manually.

During the working process of the equipment, the blowing process parameters can be modified at any time.

Pre-blowing, secondary blowing, exhaust time, and other parameters are just some of the variables to consider.

Easy to maintain

The programmable logic controller (PLC) and the machine are connected through a specific communication cable.

The user can manage all movements of the machine through the PLC.

Once the machine fails, it will provide the operator with a warning signal and a fault diagnosis report.

Through the fault display, the operator can quickly find the cause of the fault and eliminate it as soon as possible.


The iBottling B5G series fully automatic bottle blowing machine is equipped with the following complete mechanical and electrical safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the operators and the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

  1. The safety of operators

The equipment has a completely enclosed structure and a complete and reliable safety door system.

The safety of the operators is ensured to the utmost extent.

  1. The safety of the equipment

Multi-point detection technology is adopted to protect the safe operation of positioning system, clamping system and stretching system to the utmost extent.

Structural features
  • Control System 

The control system is the core of the iBottling B5G 5 gallon automatic blow molding machine.

High-tech man-machine interactive control panel.

Lightweight touch screen, accurate control.

Simple parameter settings, a clear numerical display, and a large memory storage capacity are all advantages.

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)
  • Power system

The power system provides power for the operation of iBottling B5G.

It uses world-famous brand power components, like Germany’s FESTO, to ensure high quality.

These high-quality power components have specially made high-pressure valves.

The action accuracy is high, the service life is long, and the performance is stable.

Since the manufacturers of these famous brand power components have outlets all over the world,

So customers can easily enjoy the after-sales service of related parts locally.

  • Sensing system

iBottling B5G uses a high-quality imported sensor switch system.

Including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, electromagnetic switches, etc.

This ensures the orderly progress of the production process and avoids possible damage to the machine.

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)
  • Heating system

iBottling B5G uses infrared heating mode.

The machine’s super heat radiation and heat penetration capabilities allow it to reach the required temperature at high speeds.

Three heating zones are equipped with infrared lamps, with corresponding independent voltage adjustment modules and computer control systems.

It can provide ideal heating effect for different types of preforms.

The horizontal position of each infrared tube can be adjusted to increase the flexibility of the machine.

  • Clamping system

iBottling B5G uses a three-platen clamping device.

In addition, there is a specially designed high-pressure auxiliary clamping device to provide a strong clamping force.

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)
  • Preform transportation and demoulding system

The iBottling B5G automatic bottle blowing machine uses a unique preform feeding system to ensure that the neck of the preform will not be damaged.

The preform can be changed slightly without changing the preform tray.

The heated preform is blown up, which ensures the quality of the bottle.

The formed bottle is demoulded by itself while the machine is running.


Air compressor

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)

The PET air compressor is the heart of the bottle blowing machine’s air supply system.

It’s a gadget that transforms a motor’s mechanical energy into gas pressure energy. It’s a one-of-a-kind air pressure generator for the bottle blowing machine.


Blowing air compressors are mostly utilized in the iBottling blow molding machine’s support industries.

Blowing air compressor can be divided into low pressure blow molding machine (15-25bar), medium pressure blow molding machine (25-35bar), high pressure blow molding machine (35-40bar) according to the air pressure.

According to their working principles, blowing air compressors are classified as piston compressors, screw compressors, or centrifugal compressors.

A positive displacement compressor’s working principle

To compress the gas volume to increase the density of gas molecules per unit volume, thereby generating higher compressed air pressure.

The working principle of screw compressor is twin screw compression.

The kinetic energy of the gas in the cavity of the twin-screw compressor is converted into pressure energy, which increases the pressure of the compressed air.

Under the high-speed centrifugal condition, the centrifugal compressor employs the high-speed rotation of the impeller to convert gas into kinetic energy, resulting in compressed air pressure.

Choose right model

First, select the type of air compressor according to the characteristics of the air compressor.

According to the working pressure and flow parameters, determine the output pressure PC and suction flow QC of the air compressor. Finally, the air compressor model was selected.

The working pressure and flow rate of the pneumatic system are the most important factors in selecting an air compressor.

The air source’s working pressure should be about 20% higher than the pneumatic system’s maximum working pressure.

Because we have to consider the loss along the way and the local loss of the gas supply pipeline.

If the working pressure requirement of some parts of the system is low, the pressure reducing valve can be used to supply air.

The rated exhaust pressure of the air compressor is divided into

Low pressure (0.7~1.0MPa),

Medium pressure (1.0~10MPa),

High pressure (10~100MPa)

And ultra-high pressure (above 100MPa),

Can be selected according to actual needs.


Bottle blowing machine water chiller

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)

Blow molding machines, hollow molding machines, injection blow molding machines, and plastic processing machinery mold cooling all use blow mold water chillers.

It can significantly improve the surface finish of plastic products as well as reduce surface marks and internal stress.

The product does not shrink or deform, and it helps to reduce the number of defective products.

Demoulding plastic products is easy with this tool, and it speeds up product shaping. Shortens the injection molding cycle and increases the bottle blowing machine’s production efficiency significantly.


The protection system of the 19L automatic blow molding machine water chiller includes:

  • Compressor delay start protector,
  • Overload protector,
  • High and low voltage protector,
  • Temperature control switch,
  • Antifreeze switch,
  • Fuse plug,
  • Electronic time protection safety valve,
  • Compressor overheat protector,
  • The compressor frequently starts the protector
  • And abnormal indicator,

Ensure the regular operation of the unit.


Controls are fully automated and have an ergonomic panel.

The use of high-efficiency heat transfer heat exchangers has a low cooling loss, is easy to return oil, and the heat transfer tube will not freeze and crack; 

Imported high-performance compressors have a high EER value, low noise, and stable operation.


Air dryer

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)

The air dryer is a kind of equipment that uses the working principle of cooling and condensation to dry compressed air.

The refrigeration dryer operates on the cooling and condensation principle. A heat exchange system, a refrigeration system, and an electrical control system are the three main components.


The compressed air first passes through the pre-cooler, which removes some of the heat energy through air-air or air-water heat exchange.

After that, the cold and hot air exchanger is used. Heat is exchanged with cold air from the evaporator that has been cooled to the pressure dew point. The compressed air’s temperature is lowered even more.

After that, the compressed air enters the evaporator to exchange heat with the refrigerant. The compressed air temperature drops to 0-8°C.

The water in the air will precipitate at this temperature; after being separated by a gas-water separator, it will be discharged through an automatic drain.

For heat exchange, dry low-temperature air enters the cold and hot air exchanger, and is then output once the temperature has risen.


A microcomputer control system with temperature import and export, dew point temperature display, pressure display, fault alarm, and other capabilities is available as an option. It can also do online centralized computer control.


The refrigeration compressor was chosen among TECUMSEH, BRISTOL, MANEURCP, and other international brands for its reliable operation, low noise, energy efficiency, and extended service life.


The refrigeration compressor was chosen among TECUMSEH, BRISTOL, MANEURCP, and other international brands for its reliable operation, low noise, energy efficiency, and extended service life.


Internal and external multi-fin exchange tubes are used in the pre-cooler.

The efficiency has enhanced by over thrice.

Furthermore, power usage can be reduced by more than 60%.

The big evaporator design ensures a consistent dew point in a variety of climes.

To separate and remove the condensed water, the gas-water separator uses a double separation design.


air filter

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)

The air filter’s job is to remove liquid water and liquid oil droplets from compressed air while also filtering out dust and solid contaminants. Despite this, it is unable to remove the gaseous water and oil.


In general, hazardous chemicals such as dust, rust, and moisture can be found in the air.

The compressed air in the first filter device will coalesce, causing some particles to condense and stick to the filter.

After a long period of condensation, these microscopic particles will transform into larger water droplets.

The flow rate of compressed air will naturally slow when it enters the separation chamber.

Particles going through the previous channel will condense on the water trap once more.

The non-condensed water contains contaminants and will flow along the device’s bottom.

The water will be discharged via the electric drain gate as soon as it reaches the drainage equipment.

After filtration, you’ll get dust-free, oil-free, and water-free compressed air that’s relatively dry and clean.

Pneumatic equipment can be successfully extended by using clean air.


air storage tank

fully automatic 5 gallon blowing machine (18)

A compressed air storage tank is another name for an air compressor storage tank.

It’s a pressure vessel that’s designed to hold compressed air.

The function is utilized for air storage and buffering.

Allow pressurized air to settle in the air storage tank instead of starting air compressors frequently.

Which is better for water removal and pollutant abatement.

It is mostly used in conjunction with air compressors, chilled dryers, filters, and other equipment to provide power to a compressed air station for industrial output.



If you’ve read the above comparison carefully, I believe you have your own answer on how to choose.

Fully automated, more convenient, suitable for long-term business plans.

Semi-automatic, more economical, suitable for start-ups.

If you want more detailed information to make better choices,

Please feel free to contact us 24/7 via the form below.

Contact now, you can enjoy more welfare policy support!

Please check the fully automatic bottle blow molding machine for 200ml-2000ml PET bottles .

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