Situasi terkini dari manajemen rantai pasokan Coca-Cola di Tiongkok

01. Pengenalan Dasar -Kejayaan 100 tahun Coca-Cola. -Tidak banyak teknologi baru -Apakah yang disebut formula rahasia benar-benar menakjubkan? -Apa senjata persaingan rahasia Coca-Cola selain formula rahasia minumannya? -Analisis dari perspektif strategi manajemen rantai pasokan …… 02. Coca-Cola Dan Kelahiran Perusahaan Coca-Cola, cairan luar biasa yang populer di seluruh dunia selama lebih dari 100 tahun, ditemukan pada tahun 1886 […]

Cola is angry again: a 28-year siege

Download this article If you don’t have time to read now, download it for later reading. Download Now The production process of carbonated beverages is very simple, and it is done by injecting carbon dioxide into sugar water under pressure. Interestingly, Coca-Cola and Pepsi (hereinafter referred to as “The two colas”) are the two giants […]

Bottled water business profitable?

bottled water business 2021

As the name suggests, Bottled water businesses is a business related to water bottles. It deals in the bottling products as well as the distribution of drinking water to consumers. I

Tutorial for Beverage Business Beginner: How to Package Your Beverage?

what materialused for your beverage bottle

01. The function and requirements of beverage packaging The function of beverage packaging Protect food Convenient storage and transportation Promote sales Increase the value of goods Classification of beverage packaging Classified by the function of packaging Waterproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, shock-proof packaging, mildew-proof packaging, dust-proof packaging, radiation-proof packaging, thermal insulation packaging, inflatable packaging, anti-theft packaging […]

5 European Wine People Tell Themselves: How Big is the Real Impact of the Outbreak?

Social Distancing in the Cellar: German and Austrian Vintners Grapple with Coronavirus Shutdown

Five European winemakers tell their own stories of “fighting disease” in the face of the epidemic in the main wine producing countries. According to the WHO real-time statistics, as of 18:00 CET on March 28 (01:00 GMT on March 29), 575,444 cases of new coronary pneumonia had been diagnosed worldwide, with 26,654 deaths, and there […]

Low, non-alcoholic beverages expected to grow 31% by 2024

International Wine & Spirits Data Analytics (IWSR) released its Low and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Strategy Study 2021, which analyzes data from 10 key countries that together account for 75% of global low and non-alcoholic beverage consumption, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The report notes […]

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Purchasing A Filler from China? 10 Tips Can Saving You Millions

Read Ten Cost-Saving Tips for The Purchase of Liquid Filler from China.