iBottling water cooling tower systems engineered for beverage bottling plants. 

At iBottling, we offer a complete range of air cooled and water cooled cooling towers engineered specifically for the demanding heat rejection needs of breweries, distilleries, wineries, and beverage plants. Our advanced cooling towers provide energy efficient process cooling ideal for wort cooling, fermenter jacket cooling, tank cooling, pasteurization, CIP systems, and other mission-critical processes.

With capacities from 10 to 1,500 cooling tons, we have the perfect fiberglass or stainless steel cooling tower configuration to meet your production requirements. Our experienced engineering team works closely with you to understand your precise process cooling needs, and we recommend solutions tailored to your application. Discover why leading beverage companies rely on iBottling’s cooling towers for precise process temperature control and unmatched reliability.

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How Do Water Cooling Towers Work?

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Industrial cooling towers operate on the principle of removing heat from water by evaporating a small portion of the water flow inside the tower. Warm process water or condenser water from the production equipment flows directly into the cooling tower basin.

In the interior of the tower, the water flows through the cooling tower fill media. Large axial flow fans induce air flow through the media, causing evaporation and heat removal. The cooled water collects in a basin below the fill and returns via pumps to absorb more heat.

This evaporative cooling process releases the latent heat energy from the water very efficiently, resulting in reduced temperatures. The cycle repeats continuously, providing a constant supply of cool water to maintain your ideal process temperatures.

Key Benefits of iBottling Cooling Tower System

iBottling offers specialized cooling tower solutions engineered to meet the demanding requirements of beverage production:

Precise Temperature Control

Advanced controls maintain fluid temperatures to within ±0.5°F of setpoint across varying loads.

Sanitary Construction

304 stainless steel basins, fasteners, and hardware. Smooth, crevice-free surfaces. Tri-clover and sanitary fittings. Simple draining, venting, and cleaning.

Unmatched Reliability

Dual pump systems, redundant fans, industrial-grade components and controls, and surge capacity deliver 24/7 operation.

Engineered for Beverages

Dedicated circuits, easy CIP, optimal hygiene and water quality. Protection against contamination.

Tailored Solutions

Our experienced team custom engineers large cooling towers for your specific process parameters and plant requirements.

Superior Efficiency

High cooling tower efficiency fill media, motors, drives and fan designs provide maximum heat transfer and energy savings.

Different Types of Cooling Towers

We offer all major cooling tower configurations to match your specific plant and process requirements:

Crossflow Cooling Towers

Crossflow towers utilize a horizontal air flow crossing vertically downwards cooling water flow through the fill media inside the tower. Gravity distributes hot water across the top using distribution basins and nozzles or orifices.


  • Simple gravity water distribution
  • Accessible for inspection during operation
  • Lower pump head requirements


  • Small to medium capacity process cooling
  • General plant utility cooling
  • Facilities with height restrictions

Counterflow Cooling Towers

In counterflow towers, air flows vertically upwards through the fill media, directly counter to recirculating falling water for maximum heat transfer inside the tower. Pressurized spray branches distribute hot water evenly across the top.


  • Compact footprint
  • Higher performance and efficiency
  • Lower air and water pressure losses


  • Medium to large capacity process cooling
  • Tank cooling, fermentation cooling
  • Facilities without height restrictions

Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Induced draft towers utilize axial fans mounted at the top of the tower structure. The fans pull air vertically through the fill media in the interior of the tower and discharge upward.


  • Lower noise impact
  • Protection against winter freezing
  • Less prone to recirculation


  • Noise sensitive environments
  • Colder climate locations
  • Tight plant spacing

Forced Draft Cooling Towers

Forced draft towers utilize axial or centrifugal fans mounted at the base of the tower. The fans push air vertically through the fill media and water flow in the interior of the tower.


  • Easy fan and drive access
  • Drive components protected from wet air stream


  • Facilities with ample maintenance access
  • Warmer climate locations
  • Open plant spacing

Industrial Cooling Tower Capacities

Our cooling towers range in capacity from 10 tons up to massive 1,500 ton ultra-large towers for huge beverage plants. We offer:

  • Small Towers: 10 to 60 ton capacities ideal for craft breweries, pilot plants, and glycol loops.

  • Medium Towers: 150 to 500 ton models for regional breweries and distilleries.

  • Large Towers: 500 to 1,500 ton capacities for major beverage manufacturing.

Need a different size? Our engineers can customize any cooling tower to your required capacity by optimizing air flow, water flow, fill volume, and other design parameters.

Construction Materials and Components

iBottling utilizes only food-grade, corrosion resistant, and sanitary construction materials designed for beverage processing:

  • Basins: 304 stainless steel with sanitary trim and smooth crevice-free surfaces. Slope bottoms for complete draining.

  • Cabinets: Fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) or optional stainless steel. Withstands washing chemicals.

  • Fill Media: Polypropylene film type or PVC splash type. Enhanced surface area for heat transfer. Easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Fans and Drives: Corrosion resistant fiberglass fan blades. Stainless steel shafts. TEFC motors and gearboxes.

  • Pumps: Stainless steel centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals. Simple pump removal for maintenance.

  • Piping: Schedule 10 stainless steel piping with tri-clamp connections. Complete drainability.

  • Valves: Sanitary control valves and actuators. Isolation valves for maintenance.

  • Hardware: 304 stainless steel mechanical fasteners. Avoiding mixed metals.

water cooling tower components

Key Components for Reliable Operation

iBottling utilizes only premium industrial components to ensure the utmost reliability and uptime of your process cooling:

  • Compressors: High efficiency screw, scroll, or centrifugal compressors matched to loads.

  • Condensers: Copper tube and aluminum fin coils with e-coated protective finish. Safety pressure switches.

  • Controls: PLC-based control panel with HMI touchscreen. Temperature, flow, and pressure sensors. VFDs. Remote connectivity.

  • Pumps: Stainless steel pumps sized for water flows. Redundant pumps for backup protection. Variable speed operation.

  • Drive Systems: Stainless steel fan shafts. Heavy duty gear reducers. Oversized drive bearings.

  • Fans: Reinforced fiberglass or stainless steel fan blades. Dynamically balanced. Multi-blade configurations.

  • Valves: Industrial stainless steel valves. Modulating valves for capacity control. Isolation valves for service.

  • Structural Elements: Robust structural steel support. Heavy gauge stainless steel casing. Wind load rated anchoring.

Advanced Control Systems

Our advanced digital controls precisely regulate cooling tower water temperatures and capacity to match your process needs under varying conditions:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): Industrial-grade PLC ensures reliable automated operation.

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI): Vivid touchscreen panel provides intuitive tower monitoring and control.

  • Temperature Control: Precisely maintains water temperatures within ±0.5°F of setpoint via variable fan speeds and valve modulation.

  • Load Matching: Sophisticated algorithms match tower capacity to real-time process loads for maximum efficiency.

  • Remote Access: Built-in connectivity allows monitoring, control adjustments, and data logging from any web browser.

  • Integration: Seamlessly interfaces with plant DCS, BMS, or SCADA using standard industrial communication protocols.

Sanitary Design and Common Cooling Construction

Maintaining water quality and sanitary operating conditions is critical in beverage production. iBottling cooling towers utilize a sanitary design:

  • All basins, cabinets, and components are easily cleanable using standard CIP methods.

  • Smooth polished surfaces prevent biofilm buildup and bacterial harborage.

  • Self-draining sumps and tri-clamp connections eliminate liquid holdup.

  • Isolation from sunlight prevents algae growth.

  • Dedicated circulated water loops prevent contamination.

  • Optional sterilization systems provide water treatment chemicals or UV disinfection.

  • Meets 3A sanitary standards for dairy applications.

Our commitment to sanitary design ensures optimal cooling water quality for production of safe, high quality beverages.

Efficient Heat Transfer Solutions

iBottling utilizes advanced heat transfer technologies to maximize cooling efficiency:

  • Enhanced Fill Media: High-efficiency film type or splash type fill with specialized geometries improves air-water contact and thermal performance inside the tower. We optimize the fill depth and layout based on your load parameters.

  • Variable Frequency Drives: VFDs on pumps and fans vary flow rates to match cooling loads, saving substantial energy compared to fixed speed operation.

  • EC Motors: Electronically commutated fan motors eliminate brushes and magnet losses for very high electrical efficiency of the cooling tower.

  • Energy Recovery Options: Integrated heat exchangers can recover waste heat for make-up water preheating or other uses.

  • Advanced Controls: Sophisticated control algorithms minimize fan and pump energy consumption across varying loads.

  • Insulated Cabinets: Insulated panels reduce ambient heat gain into circulated water.

  • Dual Circuits: Independent redundant circuits maintain 50% capacity for critical processes if one circuit goes down.

Our energy saving technologies reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to traditional open circuit cooling tower designs, improving efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Your Beverage Plant

No two beverage plants are alike. Our experienced engineers work closely with your team to customize cooling towers for your precise requirements:

  • Specifying optimal configurations and capacities.
  • Designing durable, sanitary structures and cold water basin.
  • Selecting optimal heat transfer fill media.
  • Sizing pumps, piping, valves, and drive systems.
  • Designing controls strategy and connectivity.
  • Adding features like capacitance basins or sterile water systems.
  • Considering future expansion provisions.

By tailoring every aspect of your cooling system to your plant’s needs, we deliver optimal performance, reliability, and safety.

Trusted By Top Beverage Brands Worldwide

For over 25 years, leading beverage companies have relied on iBottling’s specialized expertise in process cooling:

  • Breweries like Anheuser-Busch, Sapporo, and Brooklyn Brewery.

  • Wineries including E&J Gallo, Constellation Brands, and Kendall-Jackson.

  • Bottlers like Coca-Cola, Nestle Waters, Niagara Bottling, and Refresco.

  • Distillers such as Diageo, Bacardi, Beam Suntory, and Brown-Forman.

Our proven track record and unmatched after-sale support have made us the top choice for cooling towers in beverage production worldwide.

Get the Right Cooling Tower for Your Beverage Plant

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