Why is the Bottled water business still profitable in the next 5 years?

Why is the Bottled water business still profitable in the next 5 years?
Suppose you are looking for a new opportunity to make money in the next 5 years,you should consider the bottled water business.

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Why is the Bottled water business still profitable in the next 5 years?

Suppose you are looking for a new opportunity to make money in the next 5 years. In that case, you should consider the bottled water business.

The bottled water business is still profitable, and it can be started on a relatively low budget.

With only a $30 000 investment threshold, this industry does not need much investment to start up and grow into a large scale business.


There is an excellent opportunity to make money as a bottled water business. If you have been looking for a new opportunity, now is the perfect time to join this industry. This article will provide reliable data and many stories of success in this industry to show that it can be done. There isn’t a better time than now to take action and bottled water startup.


Growing market

In the US, bottled water is a constantly growing market.

Water consumption in America has been growing very fast during the last few years. It is expected to continue its growth through 2020.

The bottled water business is a profitable industry.

In fact, the bottled water business is perceived as a “new oil” by success experts. This analogy comes from the fact that people treat drinking water very similar to oil – they buy it every day at the same place without paying any attention to other options.

Further proof of this industry’s success can be found by looking at Nestle – one of the world’s largest food manufacturers that have been in the bottled water business for 45 years in a row and is still expanding its market share.

It can be said that Nestle’s success in the bottled water business has been very lucrative for shareholders.

Over time, Nestle stock price grew from 100 Swiss francs to 570 Swiss francs per share today.

Nestle is a world leader in bottled water production, with roughly 20% of the global market and ranks first in brand power globally.

For someone interested in starting their own bottled water business, all signs point out that this industry is very profitable and will most likely continue to grow.

It is an excellent idea to start investing in this business right now.


Uncommon belief

The bottled water industry is still one of the best industries in the United States. Everyone can be a successful bottled water business owner because all you need to start is capital and some creativity. Many entrepreneurs today are making good money just by selling bottled water.

Today, I will show you 6 reasons why the bottled water business is still profitable in the next 5 years.

## 1. Unquenchable thirst for bottled water

Drinking tap water is associated with health risks that arise from disinfection byproducts, chemical pollutants and microbial contaminants found in tap water. As people become more health-conscious, they switch to drinking bottled water, which is safer than tap water. That helps bottled water manufacturing companies to capture the market.

## 2. Selling water business has huge potential for growth

Bottled water is now getting popular in fast-food restaurants, bars and nightclubs across the country. People are always looking for healthier drinks; since sports drinks are so commonplace, many restaurants and bars offer bottled water. This trend will continue to grow more prominent in the next five years by providing more opportunities for us to start a bottled water business.

## 3. Profitability is on the rise

Bottled water has been rated as one of the most profitable business ventures in the United States today. ‘Forbes’ magazine stated that the industry has grown by more than $15 billion since 2000.

Bottled water manufacturers are constantly expanding their production capacity to meet the demand for their products across all markets. Bottled water has become a go-to drink for families, health-conscious individuals and athletes of all calibre.

You will see more demand in the bottled water market since US per capita consumption of bottled water is very high, which helps people who are already involved in this industry increase their earnings.

## 4. Brand loyalty is strong

Bottled water is prevalent among all age groups. Over 50% of people drink bottled water every day, and it’s no surprise that they become loyal to specific brands, primarily if we can provide healthy and fresh drinking water. This will help you develop brand loyalty in the market through marketing and advertising. Even though your bottled water is not as popular as Fiji or Evian, you will never know where your profits can be.

## 5. The bottled water business is recession-proof

Bottled water manufacturing is a recession-proof industry as it is less affected by economic downfalls than other industries, such as the property market. In good times and bad times, people will always drink water to refresh themselves. So for those who want to start a successful bottled water business, you will always make money.

## 6. The bottled water market is very global

The bottled water market is a multi-billion dollar industry. It has been growing for years, especially in emerging economies like India and China which show great potential. This industry continues to grow with time, and you can be a part of this industry shortly.

So if you want to make a good amount of money in the next 5 years, consider starting your own bottled water business.

Here’s hoping this will make you motivated to start your venture as soon as possible.


What do you need to do next?


  • You need to choose your water source.

You can use your tap water in your bottled water business. Still, suppose you want to be environmentally friendly. In that case, it is best to use a nearby spring or any other nearby bodies of natural water. To get the necessary permits, you will need to go through the local government.

  • You need to get a quality bottle filling machine.

When you’re purchasing your machine, it’s essential to get one of high quality and can accommodate all of the different shapes and sizes of bottled water. As a manufacturer of over 25 years of bottle filling machines, we can provide efficient services to you; just visit https://ibottling.com/ to get your bottle filling machine ASAP.

  • You need to hire some employees for selling bottled water on the street or in office buildings.

It requires a person with creativity, grit and patience to sell bottled water at a high volume. If you’re not great at sales, you can still hire someone who is. Many people are unemployed or under-employed looking for work, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone if you need them.

That’s enough for you to start this profitable business.


You need to promote your business.

For example, you can buy one small ad in a newspaper or magazine; distribute some leaflets to employees of particular companies; make a website for your water business by using social media networks like Facebook or Instagram. You can further promote your bottled water business by setting up booths at significant events in New York City like concerts, exhibitions etc.


You need to track your promotion activities for measuring the effectiveness of each training.

For example, you can compare your costs for promotion with the number of bottles sold. You can also look at the number of new accounts that have been established. These metrics will help you see what is working and what isn’t.


At this point, you will start seeing some progress in terms of several daily sales.

You know what is next… making a profit every day! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the bottled water business in the next five years.

If you are still not so clear about what to do next, please refer to the below article:




Bottled water is a profitable business venture with many growth opportunities. Whether you want to start today or shortly, you should consider several factors before launching your own bottled water company. The main thing that separates successful companies from unsuccessful ones is planning ahead and tracking everything closely to be measured by its effectiveness. If this sounds like something you’re interested in learning more about, let’s chat! Our team at iBottling would love to brainstorm ideas with you on how we could help grow your new business over the next five years (or even sooner!). Let us know what other questions or concerns you may have by email or a call, and our specialists will answer them as quickly as possible.


Where I can Find More information about bottled water business

At iBottling, we provide more information on bottled water filling machines through our website. If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at 1@ibottling.com! We are always looking for better ways to improve the customer experience, so please just let us know if there’s anything else!

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