Rising Star: Bottled Water Business Startup in Niger

Rising Star: Bottled Water Business Startup in Niger
In Niger, there is a fantastic story of a water company that has grown from nothing to a multinational corporation in 20 years.

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The market for bottled water in Nigeria has been increasing since last years. It’s said that there are more than 50 bottled water companies at present, and the number will be doubled by next year.

The Nigerian government also plays a crucial role to create this booming bottled water industry by providing subsidies for these enterprises.

So it becomes clear that Nigerian people do love bottled drinks!

Below is a story about one of those bottled water companies.

Rising Star: Bottled Water Business Startup in Niger


The beginning

The founder of a bottled water company in Niger is an Indian entrepreneur

A bottled water company in India has established itself in Niger. The bottled water company, Ganga Kinley, was started by Indian entrepreneur Rajeev Gupta in September 2005 when he decided to set up shop in Niger.

While he had bottled water plants in India, Rajeev Gupta wanted to tap the West African market. After visiting Ghana and Niger, he decided that it would be easier to set up his bottled water business in the latter country. He initially bottled natural mineral water from a source at Tamani in Surrounding Tamesna, about 100 kilometres away from the capital of Niger. He bottled the water in 500ml glass bottles, which he distributed to local hotels and restaurants.

Rajeev Gupta started his bottled water business plan with 50,000 bottles of 500 ml capacity bottled drinking water.

Today, bottled drinking water can be found not just throughout Niger but also in Mali and Nigeria. In fact, bottled drinking water is bottled at the Ganga Kinley bottled water factory of Niger 24/7. In addition to bottled mineral water, Ganga Kinley also bottles various brands of bottled drinking water in addition to other local brands like Sama Mineral Water (trade name bottled water business in Nigeria).


Concentrate on its excellence.

Investing heavily in research and development is part of the company’s strategy. They have invested close to $800,000 in bottled water research. This research covers bottled water testing, production methods, plant operations, drinking-water testing, bottling technology, and bottled water analysis.

To help encourage people to drink even more bottled drinking water, the company is looking to increase the number of minerals in its bottled drinking water products.

With bottled drinking water being drunk by an increasing number of people, Ganga Kinley’s bottled drinking water plant is doing very well. This company is doing so well that other bottled drinking water companies are considering starting a bottled water business in Niger themselves, indicating how successful the bottled water business startup has been.

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Start small and expand quickly.

Gupta bottled water as a side business while working as a technician for an oil company.

He set up the bottled water company with $100,000, and after fifteen years, he sold it to Nestle for $15 million.

“I started this bottled water plant in September 2005…It was purely as a hobby that I launched bottled water under the brand name Ganga Kinley. But within three to four years, I was able to sell bottled water for Rs 100 crore…I have sold bottled water worth Rs 700-800 crore in all these years,” said Gupta.

“It’s outstanding quality bottled drinking water with right PH value and mineral content suitable for human consumption,” he said.

“It has no harmful chemicals or minerals, so it is pure bottled drinking water,” added Gupta. He bottled the water in an Amritsar-based plant. He sold bottled water to many supermarkets across Niger at Rs 22 per litre.

His bottled water is based on the river Ganges which is revered in Hinduism. With the growing demand for bottled water, this company has grown exponentially since its inception, with an estimated 50% annual growth rate anticipated for 2018.


Social responsibility

Gupta chose Niger to set up his bottled water business because of its lack of clean drinking water. Gupta recognized a tremendous need for bottled water and has focused on providing not only bottled water but also jobs, training, and education to the people in Niger. The company employs over 300 people, most of which are women who previously had the tiniest opportunity.

The bottled water company has also provided other services to the Nigerien people by opening up two medical clinics, one pharmacy, and even a radio station to promote health care in the region.

The bottled water company works with local authorities to ensure that its product is safe and does not contain any contaminants, which can cause health problems for the people who drink it. In addition, the bottled water company has put into place a program that ensures no waste from its products goes to landfills but is given back to local farmers, which in turn helps create jobs and funds for other development programs.



This bottled water company started in India illustrates how a small business can significantly impact a global scale. Not only is bottled water an essential item to have, but this bottled water company has provided components that are necessary for life, such as fresh drinking water, health care services, and jobs that have provided hope to impoverished women in Niger.

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