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Pepsi adds to the SodaStream business!

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John Lau.

PepsiCo’s SodaStream Professional platform will expand into functional beverages and new markets as part of PepsiCo‘s pep+ initiative: “end-to-end strategic transformation with sustainability at the center. SodaStream Professional is understood to be an intelligent beverage platform that offers customizable beverage and hydration tracking.

PepsiCo says expanding SodaStream’s operations will avoid more than 200 billion plastic bottles by 2030. PepsiCo’s pep+ (“PepsiCo Positive Holding Program”) initiative aims to halve the amount of virgin plastic used per serving by 2030 and to use 50 percent recycled material in all plastic packaging.


SodaStream: "A symbol of positive choice."

PepsiCo acquired SodaStream in 2018 and is promoting it as the consumer model of the future. Firstly, it is an “innovative platform that almost completely eliminates the need for beverage packaging.” Secondly, it is a system that offers consumers a wide range of personalized beverage options.

As part of the pep+ program, PepsiCo will “continue to expand new business models that require little or no disposable packaging, including its global SodaStream business.”

Currently, SodaStream is sold in over 40 countries. There are several brands that have traditionally been packaged in single-use cans and bottles, including Pepsi Zero Sugar, Lipton, and bubbly. Now, the SodaStream Professional platform brings these brands to outdoor channels such as workplaces, campuses and airports, and will also expand into functional beverages. And into more than 10 markets by the end of 2022.

Jim Andrew, PepsiCo’s chief sustainability officer, who has promoted SodaStream as a “symbol of positive choice,” said, “By rapidly expanding the SodaStream system, we are meeting the needs of consumers at home and away from home. At the same time, we’re providing consumers with positive choices that use less plastic, produce fewer emissions and are better for people. pep+ is our roadmap – creating food and beverages that people love and helping to build the sustainable future we all must-have.”


pep +

pep+ will guide PepsiCo’s business operations: from sourcing ingredients, manufacturing and selling products more sustainably, to inspiring consumers to contribute to the sustainability of people and the planet through its iconic brands, to supporting communities and improving livelihoods throughout its supply chain.

This is the future of our company – a fundamental shift in what we do and how we do it, centred on sustainability and human capital, to create growth and shared value,” said PepsiCo CEO Gerald Long. “It reflects a new business reality where consumers are increasingly concerned about the future of the planet and society.”

“pep+ will change our brands and how we win markets. For example, Roxy will start with sustainably grown potatoes from regenerated land, then cooked and shipped from the Net-zero and Net Water Positive supply chains, sold in bio-compostable bags. If applied to all 23 of our multi-billion dollar brands, it would have great scale and impact.”


The Promise of Packaging

In terms of packaging, by 2022, essential PepsiCo brand products will be available in 100% rPET plastic bottles in 11 European markets. PepsiCo estimates that using 100 percent rPET plastic bottles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions per bottle by approximately 30 percent.

By 2022, 100 percent of PepsiCo’s sugar-free products sold in the U.S. will use rPET bottles, and by 2030 all PepsiCo-branded products will be switched to 100 percent rPET plastic bottles. The brand is driving and advocating for plastic recycling through a new consumer-focused platform. This initiative is critical because the viability of rPET comes from consumers’ commitment to recyclability.

Meanwhile, PepsiCo has been investing in food packaging technology and is launching a fully compostable bag of plant material. Starting with Frito-Lay’s plant-based brand Off The Eaten Path, this industrial compostable packaging will be available to U.S. consumers at Whole Foods this month. It said it is willing to work with other companies to license the same technology for free, given the importance of creating a circular food packaging system.


pep + project

Positive Agriculture: PepsiCo is working to promote regenerative practices, sustainable access to critical crops and ingredients, and improve the livelihoods of more than 250,000 people in its agricultural supply chain.

Net-zero emissions by 2040; net water by 2030.

Advancing its $570 million culture of diversity, equity and inclusion; and a new global employee volunteer program, One Smile at a Time, which encourages, supports and empowers 291,000 employees to make a positive impact in their local communities.

In its portfolio, PepsiCo is committed to continuing to grow its food and beverage portfolio to make it better for the planet and people, including adding more diverse ingredients to its products; prioritizing chickpea, plant-based protein and whole-grain products; accelerating the achievement of set science-based goals; and expanding business models that use no or virtually no single-use packaging.

It is developing its position in the nuts and seeds segment, where PepsiCo is already a global brand leader, including leadership positions in Mexico, China, and several Western European markets.

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