Packaging trends in the bottled water industry

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As a unique kind of soft drink, it not only hydrates people but also supplements nutrition. Some even have the function of dietary therapy, which has a long history of development in foreign countries, especially in Europe and America, and is loved by consumers. The U.S. soft drink market is relatively mature, with several industry giants such as Coca-Cola. As the number one soft drink country, it occupies 16.36% of the market share.
As a unique food, soft drinks can not only hydrate people but also have a nutritional effect. Some even have a therapeutic effect and have a long history of development abroad, especially in Europe and the United States, and are loved by consumers.

They either maintain the colour, aroma and taste of natural raw materials or are improved through processing and blending to meet people’s needs in various aspects. They are the most common and necessary drinks in people’s daily life.


Packaging size Family water - disposable buckets of water

In recent years, many water companies are aimed at family consumption patterns, the introduction of disposable barrels of water. Some industry insiders said that the future of packaging water capacity, bottled water is toward the development of large bottles, barrels of water are toward the development of small.

Jingtian responsible person has said, as a solid complement to a category, a disposable bucket of water market capacity should be considerable; Nongfushanquan said, to solve the consumer kitchen water is Nongfushanquan has been the obsession, whether it is small packaged water or disposable bucket of water, are the main direction of the future; Dinghushanquan said, a disposable bucket of water is to meet the needs of consumers, is the future trend of packaged drinking water.

Nongfushanquan, Baishan, Yibao are aimed at the consumer end of family life, launching numerous disposable large packaging barrels of water.

For example, Yibao has completed 350ml, 555ml, 1.18L, 1.555L, 2.08L, 4.5L, 6L, 12.8L multi-size packaging water layout.

Convenience – small package
In today’s food and beverage market, there are more and more small packages of food. According to the “Food Industry Trend Analysis Report” report, the food and beverage market has shown a new trend in the past four years – food and beverage small packaging.
Small packages of food and beverages are popular because they take up little space and are easy to store; they contain less and can be used quickly, reducing waste caused by expiration. In the face of new market demand, small packaging has also become the new direction of significant water enterprises. For example, the recent launch of Changbai Snow – natural snow mountain mineral water new 350ml pocket pack, small and cute, better to carry.


Sustainable rPET bottles and label-free bottles

In the next 5-10 years, “sustainable packaging” will become a hot topic in the industry. With the development of global environmental protection, more and more end-users, packaging companies, and media have become deeply aware of the inevitable trend of promoting sustainable packaging.
In line with the development trend of the industry, famous brands such as Evian, Nestle and Coca-Cola have started the actions of “rPET replacing virgin PET” and “launching label-free bottles” one after another.
Nestlé’s division, which sells products such as Billet mineral water and St. Péroux, has nearly tripled the use of food-grade recycled plastic, such as rPET, in less than three years by working with other suppliers.
Evian has partnered with Loop Industries, a clean technology company, to launch a 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottle. This innovative technology allows for the recycling of more plastic and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. The new recyclable bottles will be named “Evian Cycle” to ensure better recycling.

To reduce waste and pollution, Coca-Cola has introduced 100% label-free recycled bottles for its drinking water brand I LOHAS in the Japanese market.


Smart Packaging

As the concept of intelligence enters the packaging sector, there is now a growing discussion about “smart packaging.” A recent study shows that intelligent packaging has grown by 120% in the last two years.
To ensure consumers can drink enough water, Danone is adding a unique bright cap to its “Font Vella” natural mineral water brand to track users’ water intake at this time.

With attractive and creative packaging that attracts potential customers and influences their willingness to buy, water companies can put a lot of effort into their packaging to attract consumers.

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John Lau.

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