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Up to 5,000 bottles per hour

filling heads

Up to 20 filling heads

liquid types

Ideal for filling edible oil, lubricant liquid

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2 Years Quality Warranty

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E5L series industrial oil filling machines expertly bottle cooking oils, edible oils, and viscous liquids. Featuring Mitsubishi/Siemens PLC controls, advanced high-precision filling nozzles, and smooth shifting transmissions, our oil bottling equipment improves acceleration for maximum productivity. The E5L’s durable stainless steel frame withstands the rigors of continuous edible oil bottling. Variable frequency drives precisely meet your required fill volumes. Trust E5L’s PLC-controlled oil filling systems for efficient, high-quality oil bottling. Contact our experts today to customize your cooking oil or edible oil filling machinery solution.


UP TO 50%

Steplead certified parts with additional warranty

UP TO 25%

Less maintenance

UP TO 20%

Less energy using lower engine speed and larger hydraulic pump.


Flexible Filling​

To different filling applications in oil industry market, Steplead dedicates to offer various types of filling machines systems for automatic inline linear liquid filling machines, rotary filling machine, etc. Adopting flexible filling systems such as flow meter, gravity, piston filling, etc. The whole liquid filling process is operated from the touch screen with accurate filling level control and able to store filling data for different liquids.

Best Value

We presenting excellent liquid filling machines for your application basing on various factors including product features, container characteristics, fill size, production capacity demand, etc. Filling machine capacities range from low capacity filler operating to high-speed filling systems, suit for startup companies, also good for name-brand companies.  


Wide Application

Electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping.
Minimum bottle crash during capping.
No bottle no capping.


500 ~ 600 Bottles 5L / Per Hour
  • Filling Valves: 12
  • Capping Heads: 5
  • Power: 3kW
  • Dimension: 1,250 x 1,650 x 1,750MM

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How to ensure the safe and efficient production of botted oil filling line

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Oil filling machine manual


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