Market Trend in Beverage Industry


The beverage market is constantly evolving, and these articles will talk about the newest trend and marketing strategy in beverages market. If you are looking to get ahead of the curve with your product development process or want some ideas for new products to sell in your market, these articles are worth reading.

January peak in non-alcoholic beverage interest

RIO’s plum wine track to differentiate and break the game

5 European Wine People Tell Themselves: How Big is the Real Impact of the Outbreak?

6 Coca-Cola Marketing Strategies for 2021: For a Stronger Company

Beverage packaging: The ultimate marketing tool for your beverage

How can small water companies advance to large and strong?

Wahaha’s 2020 revenue of 43.98 billion yuan

Cola is angry again: a 28-year siege

What types of beverage equipment are used in the beverage industry

125 years of happiness:The history of Coca-Cola

How Big is the Functional Beverage Market? | iBottling

Luckin Coffee posted a vast $5.6 billion loss last year

7 facts about Coca-Cola you never knew

The top 13 things you need to know about RTD Alcoholic beverages

8 Steps to import soda bottling machines from China to Australia

The Environmental Impact of Coca-Cola

The Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Beverages | iBottling

The Pepsico SWOT Analysis: A Discussion in Depth.

A Brief History of Functional Beverages

Wahaha is still the ceiling of Chinese beverages!

How should the beverage industry reconnect with PET packaging?

The ultimate guide on how to build a bottled water business in Sydney iBottling

Heineken And Coca-Cola Restructure Brazil’s Distribution Partnership.

The ultimate guide on how to build a bottled water business in Nigeria – iBottling

PepsiCo Announces New Sustainability Strategy

How Much You Need to Invest for Bottled Water Business Startup?

Why Non-alcoholic beers are becoming more popular.

What is the future water drinking opportunity?

Natural Colors Make a Splash in Beverage Formulations

The 13 Spooky Halloween Drink Recipes For A Crowd – iBottling

The ultimate guide: How to capture the sugar-free beverage market

The 45 billion energy drink market in one chart

18 Amazing Facts about Plant-Based Bottles – iBottling

Coca-Cola Sells Odwalla Brand

Rising Star: Bottled Water Business Startup in Niger

Coca-Cola announces new packaging.

Pepsi, Mars, Starbucks, Budweiser … Global Food & Beverage New Products

How Did These Beverage Brands Survive In 2020

Coca-Cola Vs. Pepsi: A ultimate comparative analysis report

Giant enters with high-tech production line, sparkling water industry enters a new phase.

Pepsi invests $256 million in a new plant.

What Materials Are the Best for Your Beverages Packaging: Assessment Guide

Budweiser sues Constellation Brands

What are the new drinks in the past week, Wahaha, Danone, Yili, C’estbon, Genki Forest

Yili, Genki Forest, Coca-Cola, New Products for the Beverage Industry

Belu Water Donates All Profits To Clean Up The World

Low-profile Chinese mineral water giant, beating Master Kong, Wahaha

Are you ready for a nitro beverage

Why is the Bottled water business still profitable in the next 5 years?

$4 Billion Market by 2031 – rPET Global PET Bottle Recycling

Healthy consumption drives continued growth in the bottled water market!

Sugar reduction, an inevitable trend of the beverage industry

From technology power to product power.

11 Key Points in Pepsi-Cola Supply Chain Management

Yuan Renguo, former chairman of Maotai, takes over 110 million in bribes, sentenced to life in prison

What is Coca-Cola doing to reduce plastic? | iBottling

Five Ways Coca-Cola Is Reinventing Its Marketing Strategy

7 Things You Need to Know About Flexible Packaging | iBottling

Bottled water is a good business, but there are more “pitfalls” than “roads.”

Which Material is Worse – Aluminum or Plastic?

Natural mineral water becomes the mainstream of consumption

How Bottled Water Changed America – iBottling

“PepsiCo leads the way in sustainability by creating a new life and walking with blue.

The Ultimate Guide to Hard Soda Beverage | iBottling

The ultimate step-by-step guide to starting a bottled water business in Jakarta – iBottling

Non-Alcoholic Innovations for the Global Beverage Industry

The ultimate guide to creating a bottled water company in Paris – iBottling

Coca-Cola wanting a piece of the market, harder for “microbrew” players to survive

The ultimate guide for a multi-million dollar bottled water business in Cape Town – iBottling

Immune health, emotional health drive the functionalization of food and beverages

Pepsi Launches Caffeinated Sparkling Water

Packaging trends in the bottled water industry

Coca-Cola, Aliens… New Products for Beverage Industry

Coca-Cola China launches “Lemon-Dou”, a low-flavored alcoholic beverage

China Resources Brewery officially enters the liquor business!

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Soda from Cans vs Bottles

These food and beverage giants are doing this for the next 40 years!

With rising costs, beer industry heads may raise prices.

Global functional beverage sales to grow strongly in 2021

Hydration, a new business opportunity for functional drinks

The top 5 beverage marketing strategies for Halloween season – iBottling

To catch up with Gatorade, Coca-Cola intends to acquire sports drink brand

EVERGRANDE SPRING “traces its origin” to Changbai Mountain

Le guide ultime pour créer une entreprise d’eau en bouteille à Paris – iBottling

Why Are Some Brands Selling Water At Higher Prices?

7 Amazing Things of Coca-cola Supply Chain Management

Five consumer behaviours that are reshaping food and beverage innovation

The history of the demise of Chinese beer: the beer we drank in those years

The golden formula of “plant milk + sugar-free tea” achieved the subsequent new tea drink explosion.

4 Reasons for the Price Increase of Pepsi

Budweiser launches ‘ultra-low carbon’ aluminum cans.

Pepsi adds to the SodaStream business!

Why Is Bottled Water So Expensive?

Rockstar, a hemp-infused energy drink from Pepsi

Her economy, light drinks are in vogue.

The Beginners Guide for the Low-Alcohol Drink Market | iBottling

New consumer model, large-size family packaged water ushered in the explosion?

Humiliation, rebirth and rise: the old soda’s battle for the market

Your Beverage Sales Drop? See How Carbonated Beverage Sales Counterattack in Covid19!

Why is Coca-Cola frequently transforming across borders?

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