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8 Steps to import soda bottling machines from China to Australia

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How to import soda bottling machines from China to Australia

Is importing a soda bottling machine from China to Australia worth it? Suppose you’re the owner of a beverage plant and looking for ways to increase efficiency. In that case, this question is definitely relevant. The answer depends on your needs and goals as an individual. This post will take you through all the information you need to decide whether or not importing a soda bottling machine from China would be beneficial for your business.

How to import soda bottling machines from China to Australia


What is a soda bottling machine for a beverage plant, and how does it work?

A carbonated soft drink/water/beverage filling machine is designed for small to medium-scale production of both still and carbonated soft drinks such as coca-cola, spirit, soda water, etc. in PET bottles ranging in size from 0.2 to 2 litres, combining rinsing, filling, and capping into a single device.

All contact surfaces of liquid are made of food-grade stainless steel. The durable base is supported by adjustable feet and features stainless steel sheathing fastened to the tubular frame.

The unique bottle suspension system allows the bottle to move freely from one size to another, minimizing downtime between sizes, with the newest counter-pressure filling nozzles for accurate filling. The pick and place sealing system, electrical components from Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Omron, and PLC controls are all made by these manufacturers. All manufacturing data and automation controls are presented digitally.


What are the advantages of importing soda bottling machines from China?

* A large number of manufacturers for a different option

As there are many soda bottling machine manufacturers in China, you can easily find one that satisfies your demands for price and quality. It will help you to get competitive soda bottling machine prices.

* Short lead time

Because China is near Australia, the delivery time is short. It takes around 45 days for soda bottling machines with complete turnkey solutions to be delivered from China to Australia by sea after order placement.

* Good after-sale service

The business relations between China and Australia are becoming closer in recent years. The machine manufacturer who exports soda bottling machines to Australia has maintained long-term cooperation with many Australian customers. The soda bottling machine manufacturers offer good after-sale services when exporting their products to Australia.

* Customization is possible

It’s a significant advantage for you to get a customized soda bottling machine from China. The machines have various functions and advanced technology, which you may not find in local soda bottling machine suppliers, such as quality check procedures performed before shipment, detailed user manuals with the English version, power-saving system etc.

* Competitive soda bottling machine prices

As China has a vast production base for soda bottling machines, you can buy competitive soda bottling machines from here. The price will depend on the specific model of the soda bottling machine and its quality level. To get instant quotes or learn more about our competitive soda bottling machine prices, you can submit the form below.


Where I can find a suitable soda bottling machine from China?

All the soda bottling machine manufacturers on Alibaba.com or made-in-china.com have their own websites, so you can visit them directly and communicate with them via email or phone. Also, you can confirm reliability by checking whether other companies in the beverage industry purchase from them.

In addition, you can visit soda bottling machine manufacturers’ websites directly and communicate with them via email or phone if the target company has no website.

If a supplier is not reliable enough, Alibaba or MIC will give an alert about it before you search for manufacturers of soda bottling machines from China.

Besides, all suppliers as soda filling machine factory are reviewed by the members of Alibaba.

Suppose you are not sure whether a supplier is reliable or not. In that case, it is advisable to read its member review carefully before making an order.

After that, there are some ways for you to find out whether suppliers in the Chinese soda bottling machine industry are reliable before purchasing products from them.

Checking their factory profile and inspecting whether what they say matches reality during your on-site visit.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to check if suppliers for carbonated drink filling machine factory are reliable before purchasing products from them.

If you think a manufacturer of soda bottling machines from China is reliable, you can correspond with it.

When you get to know the soda bottling machine manufacturers and cooperate with them, you will learn detailed information and specific requirements for your purchase.

How to import soda bottling machines from China to Australia


What should I consider when buying a soda bottling machine from China?

When buying a soda bottling machine from China, you should consider the following:

* The overall design of your soda bottling plant.

Suppose you want to manufacture a large number of beverage products every day. In that case, the ideal option for you is to choose a high-performance soda bottling plant that can automatically fill and cap bottles or cans of various sizes.

* The product quality of your soda bottling machine.

You should pay more attention to the manufacturer’s production technology, R&D level and after-sales service rather than its price because it is the critical factor that determines whether you can sell beverages profitably in your local market. As for safety factors, you should choose products with high safety standards in China, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your soda bottling machine.

* The price of soda bottling machine.

The price of products directly affects your profits after selling beverage products in local markets, so many factors affect the cost of soda bottling machines. You should confirm whether the price of a soda bottling machine in China is reasonable, and it should be suitable for you.

* The reliability of the supplier’s soda bottling machine.

You need to confirm the manufacturer’s product quality, its after-sales service and other factors before purchasing products from them because these are key indicators that determine whether your beverage plants can work smoothly.



There are many factors to be considered during the process of importing soda bottling machines from China. You should work with professional freight forwarders or logistics companies who have rich experience helping clients import soda bottling machines.

You can use the following tips to help you find a reliable freight forwarder or logistics company:

* Compare multiple quotes from different freight forwarders. If you are not an experienced buyer, you should check with at least three companies before deciding who to work with. The freight forwarder who offers good service is worth paying more for.

* Check with your peers to see which company they are working with. Ask your friends if they have good experience in importing soda bottling machines from China.

* Don’t choose a freight forwarder randomly because they offer low prices or free services. Choose one that offers good service and a reasonable price.


What documents do you need to import soda bottling machines from China?

You should prepare the following documents before importing soda bottling machines from China:

* Bill of lading (B/L)

* Commercial Invoice (CI) – Consists of three copies, including Original, Copy to Customs and a copy for the bank

* Packing List (PL) – Consists of three copies, including Original, Copy to Customs and a copy for the bank

* Certificate of origin – The certificate can be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce or a trading company. It is usually used as proof to show the country of origin.

* The Import Declaration – You should prepare one copy for shipment’s arrival, including three copies including Original, Copy to Customs and a copy for the bank.

* The Invoice – It is a necessary document when you pay import taxes in China. Generally speaking, you should include item description, unit price, value and the total amount.


How can you pay import duties on soda bottling machines?

You can pay import taxes with a letter of credit (L/C) or by cash on delivery.

* L/C is a bank guarantee that enables the importer to ensure that there won’t be any financial loss from not paying customs duties. The release of goods will depend on your bank’s attitude towards it as well as you should fix the payment schedule and other terms and conditions with your bank.

* Cash on delivery is always an easier way to pay import taxes since you pay everything once after receiving your soda bottling machines. You can choose this payment method when you have good credit with the Chinese supplier or have sufficient money in advance for your purchase.

* You can also choose a more straightforward payment method such as the transfer by telegraphic remittance (TT) or Electronic Clearance Service (ECS). It lets you pay all taxes with a phone call, email or online at the China Customs website. A small fee will be charged every time you use this service from your bank.

How to import soda bottling machines from China to Australia


After you receive your soda bottling machines, what should you do?

1) If the manufacturer only provides installation and commissioning services for their products in China, it means that you’re responsible for preparing a working site to install soda bottling machines after receiving them from China.

2) After ensuring that the production line is fit for your site, you can contact your freight forwarder to help load and unload soda bottling machines at the port.

3) After all goods get on land, you should check with your forwarding company if everything is well prepared for installation. You should also check if the electric devices function correctly and then install the equipment based on their installation instructions or divide the work among your site staff.

4) After the soda bottling machine installation, you should conduct a stress test to check if all machines are fit for production and record the results to submit to your supplier. If necessary, you can set up trial production after the stress test to check whether everything is working correctly.

5) You can contact your supplier to request spare parts and related documents such as the operation manual and maintenance instructions. The exact number will depend on your future plan to expand or maintain your machine.


What can you do if something goes wrong during the purchase?

1) First, check your documents to make sure that everything is done legally. Then contact your supplier or Chinese Customs office to verify what’s going on and ask for help from them. They should also be able to give you a satisfactory solution for any issue not mentioned here.

2) Remember that the market is full of risks, which means you have to be well prepared for anything unexpected. It’s always a good idea to order more giant soda bottling machines instead of small ones so that you can make big profits with them even if your first business fails.

3) Good communication skills are critical for purchasing, and you shouldn’t be too worried. You can also avoid a lot of trouble by ensuring that all your staff have the necessary skills to handle foreign trade.

4) If you’re still not completely satisfied with the result, you can ask for compensation from your supplier since they are responsible for it. However, don’t forget that if something really goes wrong, the supplier’s company may suffer losses or go bankrupt. You should also remember that they work really hard and don’t want to invest too much money in a bad business.

It’s always good to have a talk with the supplier before you come to an agreement on compensation.



As you can see, importing a soda bottling machine from China to Australia is not the most straightforward task. Many steps need to be taken for it to work out. If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing or have planned already, then contact us today by the below form, and we will get back with your quote on pricing! We can help you import your product with the least amount of risk.

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