How To Choose The Right Filling Machine Type For Your Business

How To Choose Right Filling Machine Type For Your Business
We understand how important to choose the right decision and will guide you to take accurate information and then invest.

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How To Choose Right Filling Machine Type For Your Business

Are you new to the world of packaging or an intermediate folk?

Or you are looking to get the best liquid filling machines. Again, it requires a significant amount of research, especially when plenty of options are available in the market.

Don’t worry, and we understand how important it becomes to choose the right decision at the right time. Hence, we guide you to take accurate information and then invest.

Now, one question arises: Who needs to invest in a filling machine?

The answer is if you have a business that needs filling bottles with food, beverages, water, juice, or other products. Then, it is a perfect fit for you to invest.

We need to see various factors when getting started with filling machines.

It would be best if you looked for

  • Overflow: means packaging equipment that fills every bottle to the same level. It works on the principle of serving to a class inside the container, regardless of the variations in the container involved. Let me tell you why it is the best? When overflow filling machines come in handy, they are great for low to medium viscosity liquids.
  • Gravity: It is the simplest filling method. You are surprised to know it is one of the most reliable methods. **Why?**Because this factor will provide you to run with the least of maintenance, which is our basic need to execute in our filling machines first. It is efficient for filling hot liquid products and non-carbonated liquids.
  • Pistons: These are the most accurate and versatile filling machines in the market. **Do you look to add precision to your product lines?**Piston filler machines are the last place to visit. Besides this, they allow for an accurate volumetric fill and clean drip-free depositing.

These are only the intro of a book. Lots of reliability to come within this article.

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to filling machines. Various types of filling machines provide you with different functionality. In addition, you know that different types of filling machines handle different viscosity.

Let’s go through them one by one –

Here are the three types of Filling Machines -

This article goes through 3 types of machines and their applications.

We are going to look for a machine that works on operational efficiency. Works as a device that is in direct contact with your liquid product. That needs to handle our product with care, obviously without degrading the product quality and hampering hygiene.

And here we are with our first machine –


Liquid Filling Machines

Some people know Liquid filling machines with their alternate names. Like people will often tell you this as flow filling machines. These liquid fillers are very common in the beverage industry. Their primary work is for filling, which includes viscous and non-viscous liquids.

It is essential to mention what type of container you will work with because this will consider our liquid filling machine.

And here comes the perfect role of liquid filler. It distributes the exact amount of liquid-based products. In addition, you can classify the products needed for different containers, such as bottles cups.

Let’s dive into our application part for this filling machine –


  • They use in the pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • Let’s discuss the fundamental concept on which liquid filling machines work. What happens is bottles and containers are passed on the belt. And then filled them with the liquid through nozzles.
  • Bonus: These types of filling machines can handle various types of liquids.They include a wide range of fluids, including alcoholic beverages carbonated drinks.
  • Also, it comes with different variants with different mechanisms. For example, it can be manual or semi-automatic.
  • It is best suited for different bottles because of its variable speed and adjustable nozzles.

There are several common types of liquid filling equipment. Let’s discuss them in detail to find out the details in the kit.

  1. Manual liquid filling machines: Word manual itself clears many things. This machine, as per name suggests, requires no electricity. All the work done relies on manual operations. These liquid filling machines provide you increment in accuracy and output speed. Now you must be wondering whether it is suitable for you or not. Let me tell you, if you own a small-scale production or laboratory, then it is the best fit.
  2. Semi-Automatic liquid filling machines: This machine works on the zero-drop operation principle. And to ensure that, it uses syringes and pistons. There are many benefits of these filling machines to install in your business. Such as these machines can work with all kinds of liquids. By liquid, I mean cleaning detergents and pharmaceutical products.
  3. Fully-Automatic liquid filling machines: These machines are famous among big enterprises. But why? What types of functionalities are present in these only, not others. You must be thinking that. It is because this type of machine can handle large-scale operations. By this, I mean it can provide smoothness in high-production requirements. They are specifically used to pour viscosity liquids.

We can further classify these common types of liquid filling equipment. But I think you get the crux of the main types of essential equipment. Now the time has come to discuss our following kind of filling machine. Let me introduce you.


Vibratory Weigh Filling Machines

As the name suggests, this machine is a structure with many vibrating trays. Every tray present over here builds such that it can handle the weight. With the customized elements present in this filling machine, it becomes controlled. Like hopper and feeder pan techs provide you with the perfect blend of speed and accuracy.

With these elements, you can feel the versatility across the line of net weight. It is the ultimate source of speed and accuracy. This filling machine provides you with two fillers mentioned below –

  1. Auger fillers
  2. Vibrator fillers

Suppose you are one of those enterprises that require high rates of speed in their application. Then Auger fillers are the best choice for you. However, opposite this, if your main focus is on the product, then Vibrator fillers work idle.

Now, we can shift our discussion to the application part –

Applications -
  • They are helpful in the controlled distribution of products. There are many extra benefits of a vibratory weigh filling machine. One of these is it helps in products that are unsuitable for traditional power machines.
  • This filler machine comes in handy when you need precise weighing. It means this weigh machine is capable of filling dry substances.
  • With this technique, this machine becomes essential in industrial and chemical industries.
  • These machines ensure your production rates. It helps you speed up them and provide a precise amount of product.

The principle on which this weigh filler machine works is straightforward to digest. What it does is that it dispenses products into the weight bucket. And then, it measures the weight if it is the required weight. Afterwards, the bucket will empty the product into a container.

I hope you get the idea of how this machine works. Now let’s dive into our next type of filling machine. Now we will talk.


Powder Filling Machines

You must face challenges when filling powder products if you own a business—these machines helps to provide you with high filling accuracy. In addition, with their spiral feeding and light control technology, you can maintain zero-drip operation.

It is okay, but some machines only work with free-flowing products. But these conditions become apparent when you use a powder filling machine. It works fine with both free-flowing powdered and granulated products.

It’s okay if you don’t know what free-flowing means. When I started my business, I also didn’t know about the same. But we are going to cover everything here only.

The powered product didn’t change its shape when we applied some extra pressure. The most common example in our daily life is table salt. Now, let me tell you what non-free-flowing products are? These products can be compressed and keep their shape like brown sugar.

Now, let us discuss how powder filling machines boost your business.

How can a Powder Filling Machine boost your business?

There are lots of hustle going on in the market right now. Everyone is preparing themselves to beat their competitor. If you want yourself to be in the top 2-3% of the market, you must formulate strategies. Not very hi-fi but going with the current technology. We need to start opting for modern packaging solutions. I am mentioning the benefits of using a powder filling machine below –

  • Effective Cost Production: A powder filling machine provides various methods to cut unnecessary costs. It helps you to reduce your expenses by extra costly spills. I know this machine costs a bit high. But when we look at the long run, it is the best investment to make. It can help you generate significant sales without wasting your time, energy, and money.
  • **Uniformity:**Powder filling machine known for its precise powder filling. It ensures uniformity in the filling process. Which helps this machine to produce detailed powder fills. The most important thing for appliances is to get the correct dosage. With this machine, you will get both high accuracy and precision. This process helps to reduce wastages that are common in manual filling.
  • Flexible Container Sizes: These machines come with the concept of changeover. You can change your container sizes depending on your requirements. Engines can easily change it to different filling levels by adjusting. Due to this concept, powder filling machines have become more reliable. Also, one of the critical points is they can handle any package. It means it depends on the powder filler you want to opt for. It is even customizable. You can ask your manufacturer to customize it if necessary.
  • Production Capacities: Power fillers are available for you, whether you need low or high production needs. Understand that power filler are available in an extensive range of production capacities. **Big enterprises with high demands in production get immensely benefited from power fillers?**But you must be thinking, how do they do this? The answer is simple: they will help the most by integrating fully automatic powder fillers.

We have now seen great ways how power-filling machines can boost your business. Let us discuss some of the silent features of the powder filling machine.

Silent Features

  • These power filling machines have Auger-type filling.
  • These machines come up with digital display settings. You can pre-set revolutions controls for the environment of changes fill weight.
  • Variation control is one thing that drives me crazy in these machines. You can take accuracy and weight variation within the range of +2 to -2.
  • They have powder-level sensors. It helps in for powder hopper.
  • Works on two operating systems: PLC and Color HMI



We have studied lots of things about power filler machines. So let’s try to summarize the main key points. But If you missed the upper part of this section, you would miss lots of good information. So I encourage you to spend some time above to get a detailed analysis. So you can know what type of machine provides which functionality.

After analysis, it is found that Power Filling Machines are commonly used in pouring additives. In addition, they were used in starch, feed, pesticides in different types of packaging. As such, they can be easily seen in the food and beverage.

Now, I hope you get a detailed answer of what you are expected from us. We tried to put on all the necessary information in the blog itself. If you find any good news related to these, we are happy to accept it. Please share your opinions with us.

I hope that this overview article has helped you figure out the three types of filling machines. Please do share if you feel that this article can assist others and make their desire. Let us know your opinions in the chatbox below.

John Lau.

John Lau.

John Lau, a project manager holding an engineering bachelor's degree, became fascinated with optimizing beverage production equipment during his university days. As an overseas project manager, he firmly believes that educating clients on achieving efficient workflows through customized equipment design is one of the most impactful aspects of his job.

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