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The ultimate step-by-step guide to starting a bottled water business in Jakarta – iBottling

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John Lau.

Bottled water in Jakarta

Bottled water in Jakarta is an alternative to drinking tap water because, in most cases, tap water cannot be consumed in Indonesia (except in Jakarta). After all, the pipe system doesn’t meet reasonable standards. The good news is that we can make money from selling bottled water because it meets the standard of drinking water.

This article aims to discuss how to start a bottled water business with bottled water plan in Jakarta.


Survey the water quality in Jakarta

Before we build a bottled water business in Jakarta, we should understand how is the quality of drinking water in Jakarta. Tap water can be consumed if we boil it with a device called “Susu” (pronounced like suck), and the device is found in grocery stores.

We can see how serious the government treats tap water quality because boiled tap water with “susu” is labelled as drinkable quality. The price of one litre for this type of tap water is not even 1 cent.

Bottled water in Jakarta has a drinkable quality because the local bottled water producers should meet drinking water standards. The bottled water industry should comply with this strict regulation to protect consumers from poor quality products.


Research the bottled water market in Jakarta

Before starting a bottled water business in Jakarta, we should know that there are two types of bottled water companies: traditional and modern. Standard bottled water is sourced from a natural spring or well, while current bottled water comes from tap water. In this case, the company will need to filter the tap water before using it as an ingredient for their bottled water product.

The bottled water market in Jakarta is usually divided into two segments, namely the low-cost and high-cost segments. The low cost bottled water is often sold below Rp 5,000 or even Rp 2,500 per litre. While the high-cost bottled water is above Rp 5,000 with some products that sell for Rp 7,000 and even Rp 10,000 per litre.

Bottled water is an excellent business to build in Jakarta because it’s an alternative to tap water. We can also get [high bottled water profits](http://high%20bottled%20water%20profits/). Most importantly, bottled water producers in Jakarta do not face intense competition from other companies because the market share of bottled water is still relatively large.


Compare bottled water brands in Jakarta.

Before we build a bottled water business in Jakarta, we should know that there are about 20 companies that produce bottled water and compete for market share. Most of the company headquarters is located in Bandung, West Java. Brands such as Aqua, H2o Plus, and Viva are among the top brands in the bottled water market.

Bottled water in Jakarta is a competitive and demanding product because we must convince customers to buy our brand rather than buy another bottled water brand at a lower price. To ensure that we can compete, we should know how much profit margins we can get when selling bottled water products.


Calculate your selling price for your own benefit

We calculate the selling price of our bottled water for each litre using the following formula:

Selling Price = Operating Costs + Profit Margin% x 100

To get a profit margin percentage, we use this formula:

Profit Margin % = ( Selling Price – Operating Cost / Selling Price) * 100.

This is how we calculate the selling price and operating costs.


Find a supplier that can provide clean and safe drinking water for home delivery.

After we have calculated the selling price, it’s time for us to find a supplier that can offer clean and safe drinking water. To find a good business partner, in this case, we must make sure they can provide high-quality tap water with guaranteed safety because consumers will not buy our product if it is not safe.


Establish your own bottled water filling facility for long-term businesses.

To build a bottled water business in Jakarta, it’s essential to have your own filling facility because this is the thing that can give us an advantage over competitors who are using third party suppliers. This way, we will make sure that the quality of raw water used for production remains excellent and consistent.

How much will it cost for water bottling machines?

Building a one-time bottle filling plant in Jakarta ranges from Rp 500 million to Rp 1 billion. The minimum size of the bottle is 330 ml and can be increased depending on company needs.

For your information, here is a cost analysis report on a bottled water plant:

If you need further instruction from a professional bottle filling machine manufacturer with more than 25 years of expertise, please fill out the contact form below.


Test your products to make sure they are of high quality and meet safety standards

After the bottle filling plant has been built, it’s time for us to test our product to make sure it can meet safety standards and specifications. We should measure pH levels, chlorine content, coliform bacteria levels, and many other tests needed for this business.

For those of you who want to know more, here are some testing procedures:

~ PH is measured with a pH meter. The PH scale goes from 0-14. The lower the number, the more acidic it is. PH 7 is considered neutral, while anything higher than that is basic or alkaline

~ Chlorine level should meet up at 0 ppm (parts per million). High chlorine levels can be caused by a leak in the bottle washing.

~ Coliform bacteria must meet up at 100 CFU/100 ml or less. On average, most normal water will have 0-5 CFU/100 ml. If the coliform bacteria level is high, it usually means there’s a problem with sanitation and cleanliness in the plant.

~ Total dissolved solids measure minerals and other non-water substances, such as fluoride or nitrates, that are found in water. The maximum allowed is 500 ppm. On average, regular tap water will have between 70-150 ppm. If the TDS level is higher than the set number, it usually means that the water is from a deep well and has higher mineral content.

~ Salinity is measured with an electrical conductivity meter. Normal, healthy waters will have between 0-200 uS/cm or less. Water wells tend to have more Salinity. They are usually located in arid desert areas with little rainfall, and the water table is shallow.

~ Total alkalinity is a measure of carbonates and bicarbonates, which will cause the pH to rise over time. Suppose you don’t maintain total alkalinity at 30 mg/l or less. In that case, it can help increase free CO2 levels, allowing for carbonic acid to develop. The water will become acidic over time, although it takes years for this to happen.

~ water should be tested regularly, at least once a month, for coliform bacteria and total dissolved solids. Other tests can be performed monthly or on a more regular basis, depending on the company’s preferences and the process.


Promote your products and let them know you exist

This is probably the most essential thing for a bottled water business in Jakarta because we must make sure we can keep our target customers interested in our product. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Social media promotion

Social media promotion is the best way to attract potential customers at this moment. Since it’s free, you can take advantage of social media advertising paid if you want to make your business visible to more people. You can use Facebook or Instagram as a medium. To create an advertisement on Facebook, go to this link:


You can set your budget for the advertisement and choose your target audience by who likes what you post or who fits your customer profile. For example, suppose I want to advertise my bottled water business. In that case, I will choose country = Indonesia, city = Jakarta, gender = women interested in health or beauty products.

  • Send newsletters to your customers

Make a newsletter for your potential customers to let them know what you do and any special events that might interest them. If you haven’t created a fan page on Facebook yet, now is the perfect time because, with the fan page, you can create a mailing list.

To create the fan page, go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages.

  • Sponsor an event or activity near your store

Sponsoring for activities near your location is one of the best ways to promote your business because it reaches out to potential customers interested in the event or activity itself. This can be an excellent strategy to create a name for your bottled water business and gain profit at the same time.

To find out any upcoming events nearby, you can use Google as a medium. Just type the keyword “events near me” with the city that you want to do some promotion at, and voila!


Market the benefits of your bottled water

Here are some of the benefits you can market to your potential customers:

  • A cool and refreshing drink during hot summer days

A steady flow of water is essential for our body. But sometimes, it’s way too hot outside, so we need something to cool us down. That’s precisely what bottled water can give us—a fresh and cool drink that is good for our health too.

  • Cleaner water than other kinds of bottled water

Suppose you want to be more specific about the benefits of your product. In that case, you can add some ingredients to improve its quality. For example, if your bottled water contained coconut water with a dash of lemon juice on top, it would be a hit!

  • Healthier lifestyle

As an entrepreneur, you probably want to help your target customers transform their lifestyle into a better one. So why not market the healthy benefits of drinking water?

Whatever benefit you choose, make sure it’s related to your product to be more accessible for people to trust and believe in your product.


Create marketing materials such as flyers or brochures to distribute in public places or hand out at events

This is one of the best ways to get potential customers’ attention because you can promote your products through flyers or brochures. Wikipedia says that marketing materials must be “at hand”, which means they should be visible, accessible and easy to use.

So why not create an eye-catching flyer with your brand’s name on it and post it for everyone to see? You can also take advantage of brochures by printing a bunch of them and distributing them in public places such as malls, schools, universities and more.

This way, you will put your bottled water business on the map!


Offer customer service by responding promptly to their inquiries through email/phone/social media channels.

You can gain trust and loyalty from your customer if you’re always available for them whenever they come to you with problems or questions regarding the product.

For example, suppose one of your customers needs more information about the ingredients in your bottled water. In that case, you should be ready to provide it. If someone asks for an opinion on your product, make it visible by using social media such as Facebook.

If you don’t respond to them quickly, they will lose their trust in you and might be turned off from your brand. Be available 24/7 to maintain a positive image of your business!



Your beverage store can definitely bring in more profit if you follow these tips.

If you master the steps written above, I’m confident that you will build a solid business based on bottled water. Remember to maintain your image as an entrepreneur by always staying true to yourself and keeping good customer service!

If you want more information on how to start a successful business, please submit your request below:

Please click below to watch the production process of bottled water production.

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