Her economy, light drinks are in vogue.

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In recent years, low-alcohol microbrews have been steadily growing in the young drinks market. Their high value, slightly sweet taste, and low liqueur “light drinking style” are popular among young female consumers.

Women have enough spending power and shopping ability, which is evident in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although wine consumption is still dominated by men, the proportion of women has been expanding year by year. With the popularity of female consumption, the novelty of tasting, pleasing oneself to sip, and other factors dominate female drinking consumption.

Data show that the female market has enormous potential for wine consumption from the online consumption situation. The growth rate of its customer unit price is much higher than that of men. 2020 Young People’s Wine Consumption Insight Report” released by CBNData in conjunction with Khao Lak Haibao shows that the number of post-90s female wine consumers has exceeded that of men, “showing great enthusiasm for female wine consumption The “her economy” has begun to spread in the alcoholic beverage market.

In the past, beer was a male world. Still, data provided by alcohol seller 1919 shows that women account for 27 percent of beer consumption among the “post-90s” young people, with female consumers showing an upward trend in the past five years.

These beers, which are mainly focused on the female market, are primarily fruit-flavoured wines. The fruit wine market is increasing, with CBNData reporting that consumer acceptance of fruit wine increases, with consumption growing at more than 50% in the last two years. Among them, women are also the primary consumers of fruit wine. According to the data from the sky-eye survey, the number of new fruit wine enterprises nationwide was nearly 750 in 2018.

In the face of a growing “cake,” many companies have already started.

In 2017, Budweiser announced rebranding its “beer-like” drink Lime-A-Rita as a women-only alcoholic beverage. The Lime-A-Rita line was first introduced in 2012 as the first cocktail-flavoured alternative beer from Budweiser.

Through market research, Budweiser found that more than 65% of the line consumers were women and decided to transform it into a women’s brand to reach more female consumers who had been neglected for years.

Founded in 2016, Drunken Flower Pavilion is also a freshly brewed flower and fruit wine brand. Targeted at female users between 20-40 years old, Fan Drunken Flower Pavilion focuses on girlfriends and couples party scenarios. The product uses the pure fermentation process of fresh flowers and fruits to achieve the product characteristics of no additive, low level, slightly sweet and good taste.

“Falling Drink” is a new 12-degree low alcohol brand that focuses on women between 20 and 35 years old and is located in the “national style tea and fruit wine.”

Women’s drinking has become a widespread daily event, just like women’s shopping in other areas, and wine companies can choose to ride this wind to the next level.

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John Lau.

John Lau.

John Lau, a project manager holding an engineering bachelor's degree, became fascinated with optimizing beverage production equipment during his university days. As an overseas project manager, he firmly believes that educating clients on achieving efficient workflows through customized equipment design is one of the most impactful aspects of his job.

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