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For over 25 years, iBottling has been eliminating process problems for beverage companies of all sizes. We engineer and fabricate high-quality, sanitary tanks, vessels, and components that boost production uptime, automate complex recipes, and accelerate speed to market.

When it comes to heating and cooling tanks for beverages, precision temperature control is paramount. That’s why we offer a wide range of ASME-rated vessels engineered specifically for heating, cooling, pasteurization, and storage of your products.

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Applications of Heating and Cooling Tanks in Beverage Processing

Heating and cooling tanks are essential equipment for controlling temperature during beverage processing. Our tanks are used in critical applications like:

  • Breweries – Lagering, ale fermentation, mash heating, etc.
  • Wineries – Fermentation control, cold stabilization, aging
  • Distilleries – Fermentation, mash heating, aging spirits
  • Juice & Beverage Plants – Pasteurization, blending, carbonation
  • Dairies – Pasteurization, fermentation, cold storage
  • Many other beverage and liquid food applications

By precisely regulating temperature, our heating and cooling tanks help ensure quality, safety, and consistency from batch to batch.

Benefits of Bottling Beverage Partners - Heating and Cooling Tanks

Our beverage heating and cooling tanks offer major benefits:

Precise temperature control

Maintain ideal temps for quality.

Improved product quality

Consistent taste and safety.

Efficient heat transfer

Save time, reduce costs.

Higher production capacity

Faster heating and cooling.

Heating and Cooling Storage Tank Types

We offer two main types of beverage heating and cooling tanks:

  • Single-Wall Tanks – Economical option for non-temp-sensitive processes.
  • Double-Wall Tanks – Allow close temperature control and uniformity.
  • Custom Tanks – We can build tanks tailored to your specifications.

Double-wall tanks feature jackets that circulate heating/cooling media. This provides precise temp control required for fermentation, aging, carbonation and other processes. We can also insulate tanks as needed.

Custom Heating and Cooling Tank Construction

iBottling uses top-quality stainless steel alloys to construct heating and cooling tanks:

  • T-316L – Excellent corrosion resistance suitable for most applications
  • T-304L – Good general corrosion resistance at lower cost
  • T-317L – Increased corrosion and pitting resistance
  • AL-6XN – High resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking
  • C-276 – Superior corrosion resistance in acidic environments
  • C-22 – Excellent corrosion and temperature resistance

We also offer alloys like titanium, Hastelloy, duplex, and nickel-based materials. Our engineers will select the right metal for your needs.

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The iBottling Equipment Difference

What truly sets iBottling apart is our commitment to understanding your unique needs. We take the time to learn your specific challenges, goals, and pain points.

Instead of an off-the-shelf tank, we provide custom heating and cooling solutions tailored to your exact process requirements. This personalized approach is why leading beverage companies rely on iBottling tanks to optimize their operations.

Over 25+ years, we’ve worked with beverage producers of all types and sizes. Our expertise in engineering sanitary pressure vessels helps you:

  • Increase production capacity and throughput
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • Improve temperature control and repeatability
  • Ensure product safety and quality
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards

Complete Heating and Cooling Tank Solutions

Engineering and Design

Tanks designed for your needs


Built at our manufacturing facility


We can integrate tanks into your process

Installation and Training

Our technicians will set up your system

Parts and Service

Rely on us for repairs and maintenance

Quality Assurance

Tanks are rigorously tested

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