Gallon Bottle Filler 3L / 5L / 10L

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Gallon Bottle Filler 3L / 5L / 10L


Up to 5,000 bottles per hour

filling heads

Up to 24 filling heads

beverage types

Maximum quantity of possible option for 3L, 5L, 7L, 10L

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Our heavy-duty gallon bottle filler is perfect for large-scale filling of 3L, 5L, 7L and 10L bottles. Featuring a high-precision gallon bottle filler nozzle and PLC variable controls, it smoothly and reliably fills bottles with a consistent amount of water each time. The adjustable gallon bottle filler head smoothly shifts between bottle sizes, improving throughput. Businesses can boost productivity by switching to our durable, industrial-grade gallon bottle filler machine.


UP TO 50%

Steplead certified parts with additional warranty

UP TO 25%

Less maintenance

UP TO 20%

Less energy using lower engine speed and larger hydraulic pump.

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Rinsing System​​

Water distributor, bottle clamp, upturn plate, guide rail, protection cover, spraying device.
All 304 stainless steel rinser heads, water spray style inject design, more save water consumption & more clean.
304 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad, and booster pumps.

Filling System​

High precision filling nozzle, PLC variable signal control; ensure high filling precision & filling smoothly & steadily;
All 304 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank;
Filling volume adjustable 

filler of 7L bottle filling machine
capper of 10L bottle filling machine

Capping System​

Electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping.
Minimum bottle crash during capping.
No bottle no capping.


1,500 ~ 5,000 Bottles Per Hour / 5000ml
  • Rinsing Valves: 24
  • Filling Valves: 24
  • Capping Heads: 8
  • Power: 7Kw
  • Dimension: 3,050 x 2,050 x 2,200MM


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