EVERGRANDE SPRING “traces its origin” to Changbai Mountain

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EVERGRANDE SPRING “traces its origin” to Changbai Mountain; which industry signals are revealed?

With the concept of “healthy consumption” in people’s hearts, mineral water with an aura of health in recent years has shown explosive growth. It has attracted more and more industry bigwigs to increase the code of this track. In the increasingly white-hot mineral water war, the “water source” has undoubtedly become the top priority competition between major brands.

Not long ago, as a representative brand of domestic mineral water, Evergrande Bingquan carefully organized a “traceability tour” to show people a comprehensive look at its Changbai Mountain water source while also revealing multiple industry signals.

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A "traceability journey" into Changbai Mountain

Industry insiders have a cloud: mineral water hegemony, the water source to get the world.

This “source-tracing journey” allows people to fully feel the hard-core strength of Changbai Mountain as “one of the world’s three high-quality water sources” and also gain an in-depth understanding of the inherent advantages of Evergrande Bingquan. The water source of EVERGRANDE SPRING is located in the primitive forest of Changbai Mountain, and the unique mountain-building movement, geological environment and climate conditions provide excellent conditions for underground springs; the ancient trees around the water source, with a forest coverage rate of over 89.1%, ensure that the water source is natural and pure, free from pollution, and has become a “paradise” where rare plants and animals reside. It has also become a “paradise” where rare plants and animals live.

Not only that, EVERGRANDE SPRING is taken from the natural cold spring of deep volcanic rocks in Changbai Mountain for 30 million years, which is made by long-term sharpening, circulation, adsorption and dissolution and filtration of deep underground volcanic stones. The pH value of this water source is naturally weak alkaline. The water temperature is maintained at about 6-8℃ all year round and is rich in many natural macronutrients and trace elements such as metasilicicic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, which also lays a solid foundation for the high quality of EVERGRANDE SPRING.


Relying on Changbai Mountain, creating a "good water matrix."

The advantage of water source is a significant weapon for mineral water brands to compete; if we want to maximize the power of this weapon, it involves a series of investments.

Ltd. visited by the “Traceability Journey,” it is easy to find that Evergrande Bingquan has paid a massive financial and mental effort to create a bottle of high-quality mineral water. As the second production base established by Evergrande Bingquan in Changbaishan, the water plant started construction in 2014, covering an area of 300,000 square meters, currently has four high-end production lines, using the international leading Cranes and Sidel production equipment, the highest production speed of 108,000 bottles per hour. And it is with the support of these hardware and equipment to provide consumers with higher quality mineral water.

It is worth noting that the era of a single large product has passed, and now bottled water competition is an all-round competition, moreover, the match of the whole category. Up to now, the product matrix of EVERGRANDE SPRING has begun to see the scale. The main products are EVERGRANDE SPRING Deep Mineral Water, EVERGRANDE SPRING Low Sodium Water, EVERGRANDE SPRING Metasilicic Acid Water and EVERGRANDE SPRING Baby Water, plus the latest production of high-end glass bottled water, forming a complete series from famous drinking water to high-end consumption to meet the consumption needs of more consumer circles.


Play "one bottle, one code" to win the "war of the mind."

For the current mineral water competition, “product quality” is the basis for the category breakthrough, “brand intelligence” is the key to winning the future.

Careful people can easily find that this “Traceability Journey” activity fully reflects the strategic layout of EVERGRANDE SPRING to achieve the occupancy of mind through the “One Bottle, One Code” technology empowerment. Through the “one bottle, one code” technology, consumers scan the cap code to obtain the reward quota of “Changbai Mountain Traceability Journey” and truly participate in the activity; more importantly, Evergrande Bingquan applies the QR code traceability technology to assign a unique and encrypted QR code to each bottle of Evergrande Bingquan. What’s more, EVERGRANDE SPRING uses QR code traceability technology to give a unique and encrypted QR code “ID card” to each bottle of EVERGRANDE SPRING, which can achieve the functions of product information traceability, anti-counterfeiting and promotion. From the water source to the product information, there are traces. The birth process of each bottle of Changbaishan natural mineral water is fully presented to consumers through traceable means, which fully demonstrates Evergrande Bingquan’s strict control of quality.

Nielsen’s research found that contemporary consumers are more inclined to self-determination when choosing products. Only by making the brand attitude clear can we leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers with the same frequency and enhance customer loyalty. Obviously, the use of “one bottle, one code” technology vividly illustrates Evergrande Bingquan’s brand attitude of “focusing on making a bottle of good water,” thus taking advantage of the “mind war” of mineral water brands. Advantage.


Consolidate the market foundation and write the future blueprint

Of course, the brand image of Evergrande Bingquan is also reflected in the enthusiasm for social welfare.

Faced with the flood in Henan Province, Evergrande Bingquan urgently allocated products to protect people’s water; when the epidemic broke out in Guangzhou, Evergrande Bingquan quickly responded by giving resources to support the first-line cities to fight the outbreak and donated more than 6,000 cases of mineral water; on the occasion of the “August 1” Army Day, Evergrande Bingquan donated deep mineral water products for one year to the memorial hall of General Yang Jingyu in Jingyu County, where the Jingyu water plant is located. The northwest region actively carried out the donation of thousands of cases of Evergrande Bingquan to the red revolutionary base – the memorial hall of the Northwest Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Hall and other outstanding memorial halls ……

In the past few years, although in a fiercely competitive market environment, Evergrande Bingquan has been making continuous efforts in two dimensions: on the one hand, to strengthen its brand image and to achieve the occupancy of the mind of high-quality mineral water. On the other hand, it consolidates the market foundation and promotes channel coverage and market sinking. In this process, Evergrande Bingquan and most distributors work together to fully stimulate their market dynamics and jointly write the market blueprint for future development.



Above the wind, “health” is the king. When health consumption has become the central theme, it is evident that the mineral water category has more significant market potential to be explored. For EVERGRANDE SPRING, it has both high-quality water source and product originality; it has both technological innovation and brand accumulation, so with the support of its parent company, Cuillin Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group, it aims to “build a global high-quality food brand for a hundred years” and continue to blossom the charm and style of good national water.

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John Lau.

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