Do you know how many viruses a water purifier can intercept in a year?

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About 2,600 milligrams of rust a year, which is 26,000 milligrams over 10 years.
About 9600 mg of organic matter (two taels of pesticides) a year, 10 years is 96000 mg (2 pounds of pesticides)
about 500 milligrams of sediment impurities a year, 10 years is 5,000 milligrams.
About 4 milligrams of lead a year, 10 years is 40 milligrams.
Lead overload hurts the nervous system, makes children’s mental development delayed, leading to dementia. The source of life is water., and water is the king of all medicines!

The primary diseases caused by water pollution are

1, cancer: cancer scientific research found that cancer is the long-term accumulation of harmful substances in human cells and internal and external body fluids and causes damage to cell tissues, resulting in rapid degradation, and cancer cells propagate via cell membranes.

Other diseases and inflammation are also caused by harmful substances in intracellular drinking water.

2、Stone: The function of the human liver is to break down and synthesize various nutrients into essential nutrients for the body, which are transported to the heart by the blood, and then the heart transports the nutrients to the five internal organs and 60 trillion cells through the blood vessels. The kidneys are the filter, the blood coming back from the various parts of the body, mixed with many wastes and impurities, through the kidneys filter, from the urinary tract to eliminate the body. This is often part of the impurities accumulated in the body. Overtime will cause a variety of stone diseases.

3, cardiovascular sclerosis: long-term consumption of unclean water, some pollutants will be precipitated in the blood vessel wall, accelerating cardiovascular sclerosis. Hypertension, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, other diseases, and long-term consumption of unclean water are directly related.

4, fluorosis: long-term consumption of high fluoride water can lead to poisoning, excessive intake of “fluorine” in the bone will cause the replacement of calcium in the bones, resulting in osteoporosis and softening of human bones, making people stooped, serious can also lose the ability to work. Before children are 7 to 8 years old, the surface of the teeth loses its lustre, blacken and fall off, and once they are formed, they remain for life.

5. Diseases of the digestive system, such as

Escherichia coli – gastroenteritis, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, cholecystitis, etc.

Salmonella – typhoid, paratyphoid, etc.

Shigella – bacterial dysentery and other diseases.

Streptococcus haemolyticus – hemolytic xanthocholithiasis.

6. Diseases caused by excessive heavy metals, such as

Lead – kidney disease, neuralgia, leprosy, etc.

Arsenic – neuritis, acute poisoning or even death, etc.

Cadmium causes bone deformation, low back discomfort, poisoning, and lesions in red blood cells, among other things.

Phosphorus – organic phosphorus poisoning, respiratory difficulties, etc.

Calcium – stone disease, gout, etc.

mercury – neurotoxicosis, mental disorders, madness, spasms and even death

Chromium – chronic kidney poisoning, causing kidney dysfunction, cancer, etc.

7. Other disorders, such as.

Halogenated substances such as trichloromethane, fluorescent substances – carcinogenic.

Radiation foreign matter changes the human genetic genes and causes the human body to produce the corresponding disease.

Pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, nitrites – toxin accumulation, toxic hepatitis, hepatitis, nephritis, urinary system disorders, and so forth.

Every 5 to 13 days, the water in the human body is replaced. Suppose the water, which accounts for 70% of the body’s proportion, is clean. In that case, the cells in the human body also have a healthy and fresh environment.

Healthy, clean water can make the body’s immune system, which helps to promote cell metabolism. The body’s cells will lose the conditions of malignancy and the spread of toxins. The chances of people getting sick will naturally be reduced.

Experts caution us in the concern for seeking medical attention simultaneously; however, keep in mind that the cells require a continual source of adequate water supplementation and aim to provide a fresh and healthy living environment for them.

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John Lau.

John Lau.

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