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Working principle and technological process of mineral water bottle blowing machine

At present, most mineral water bottle blow moulding machines on the market are two-step linear automatic blow moulding machines. Simply put, the production process of a mineral water bottle is that a preform formed by crystallization of plastic particles is stretched and blown through the mineral water bottle. The working principle and industrial process of the specific mineral water bottle blowing machine are as follows:

Working principle of mineral water bottle blowing machine

The blowing process of the mineral water bottle blowing machine is divided into two parts.

1. Warm-up

The preform is irradiated by an infrared high-temperature lamp, and the body of the preform is heated and softened. In order to maintain the shape of the bottleneck, the preform neck does not need to be heated, so a specific cooling device is required to cool it.

2. Blow moulding machine for mineral water bottle

During this period, the preheated preform is placed in the blow mold that is now ready, and the inside is filled with high pressure. Blow and pull the preform into the desired bottle.

The automatic bottle blowing machine for mineral water bottles combines the two operations of the bottle blowing through the operation of the manipulator, eliminating the need for the center to manually put the preheated bottle preform into the blowing mold. Greatly accelerate the rate of production.

Mineral water bottle blowing machine

2. Process flow of mineral water bottle blowing machine

The blow moulding process of the bottle blowing machine is a two-way stretch process. In this process, the PET chain is extended, oriented and placed in two directions, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall and improving the tensile, tensile and impact strength. , And has excellent airtightness. Although stretching helps to improve strength, it should not be overstretched. It is necessary to control the stretch-inflation ratio: do not exceed 3.5-4.2 in the radial direction and do not exceed 2.8-3.1 in the axial direction. The wall thickness of the preform should not exceed 4.5mm.

Bottle blowing is carried out between the glass transition temperature and the crystallization temperature, usually between 90 and 120 degrees. The PET exhibits a highly elastic state in this interval, which becomes a transparent bottle after rapid blow molding and cooling and setting.

Blow moulding process includes stretch-blow once-blow twice. The three actions are very short, but they must be well-coordinated, especially the first two steps to determine the overall distribution of the bottle material and the quality of the blown bottle. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust: stretching start opportunity, stretching speed, pre-blowing start and end opportunities, pre-blowing pressure, pre-blowing flow, etc. It is best to control the overall temperature distribution of the preform and the temperature gradient of the inner and outer walls of the preform. 

Summary: The above is the working principle and process flow of the mineral water bottle blowing machine. The preform is transferred from the automatic feeder to the main body of the bottle blowing machine through the conveyor belt to the oven, preheated, transferred to the mould clamping device, and stretched. Rod stretching, pre-blowing, and high-pressure blowing can blow the preform into a bottle at one time. No manual intervention is required during the whole process. The whole process is completed by the bottle blowing machine, which has high automation efficiency, saves labour and production costs, and improves comprehensive economic benefits.

John Lau.

John Lau.

John Lau, a project manager holding an engineering bachelor's degree, became fascinated with optimizing beverage production equipment during his university days. As an overseas project manager, he firmly believes that educating clients on achieving efficient workflows through customized equipment design is one of the most impactful aspects of his job.

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