Coca-Cola, Aliens… New Products for Beverage Industry

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 Today, let’s take a look at the new products in the beverage industry last week.

Alien electrolyte water launched autumn and winter limited white grape aloe flavour.

On September 8, together with new product recommendation officer Wang Lin Kai, Alien Electrolyte Water released new autumn and little winter flavour. The product is white grape aloe flavour, with double “fruit” power to open the hydration and vitality. At present, the new development has been shelved in Alien’s Tmall flagship store, and the new tasting price is 97.9 RMB/500ml*15 bottles.

Hankow Second Factory launched three new products with new flavours, such as Cheerios Free Tea.

Recently, Hankou Second Factory launched a new series of new Cheerios flavoured products, including Cheerios Free Tea, Cheerios Black Forest Cake Flavor Charcoal Grilled Milk Tea and Hey Jelly – Cheerios Strawberry Flavor Jelly Soda. Cheerios Free Tea is a Cheerios Rose aerated juice tea drink, Roasted Milk Tea is a collision of Black Forest Cake flavour and wine marinated Cheerios flavour, Hey Jelly is a blend of perfectly ripe Cheerios and juicy strawberries.

WAT launches 5 degrees sparkling tea wine

Recently, new alcoholic beverage brand WAT launched two 5.0% sparkling wines containing two flavours: lactobacillus green tea and iced lemon tea. The product uses pure vodka and gin as the base, and the tea flavour focuses on the “refreshing tea feeling of hand-shaken tea.” The new product is now available in Rosen convenience stores. The brand is encouraging consumers to make their own “convenience store mixer” specials.

EveryFresh said to launch the “Little Vitality Bottle.”

On September 10, EveryFresh launched a new product series called “Yuan Qi Xiao Yang Jie,” a solid cereal drink that focuses on the concept of “five grains for health.” Black sesame oat flavour “five black small health bottle” contains black sesame, black beans, black rice, black wolfberry and black quinoa, red beans and barley flavour “five red small health bottle” contains red beans, red dates, red quinoa, red rice and red wolfberry, purple potatoes and taro flavour “In addition, the three flavours have added chia seeds.

It is reported that the product specifications for 40 grams/bottle, less than 145 calories per bottle, the protein content of 40 grams, the dietary fibre content of 40 grams, 0 added white sugar, artificial flavours, artificial colours and artificial preservatives.

Sinopec Zhuoma Spring launched drinking water for infants and children.

Recently, Sinopec Zhuoma Spring has launched a new Tibetan natural glacier water to increase the segmentation of drinking water for infants and children. The water source of the new product is the golden water vein of Nyingchi Tanggula Mountain, with low sodium and weak alkaline, sodium content ≤15mg/L, pH7.8-8.5, guarding the liver and kidney health of babies, and small molecules are more easily absorbed; the water does not need to be boiled and can be heated to the right temperature for milk powder and supplementary food brewing. The 950ml large package is also more convenient for home use. New Tmall flagship store price of 12 bottles / 109 yuan.

Flavoured Yogurt with Osmanthus Wine

On September 10, Teacher’s Day, Weiquan released a new product – Cinnamon Wine Flavored Yogurt on its official WeChat public number. As the “first cup of yogurt in autumn,” this new product features the fragrance of osmanthus, which brings a sense of healing in autumn, and selects the national geographical indication product “Zhuhu pearl glutinous rice” at 31.92°N to brew sweet rice wine, and finally incorporates 100% raw milk to make a pure and thick yogurt. The pure and thick yogurt is fermented with 100% natural milk, one spoonful in the mouth, two spoons to enjoy the taste.

Asahi Vipasso launches new Ranch Buttermilk.

Asahi Vipshop recently launched a new yogurt, Pasture Buttermilk, made from recycled ecological farms with 50 years of experience in recycling farming in Japan, with cow feed coming from organic crops on the brand’s own farms. The product is fermented with 100% raw milk, contains imported lactic acid bacteria, and contains 3.5g of high-quality protein per cup.

McCafé crosses over to Dove to launch Bubble Latte and Coffee Flavored Bubble Wash Series.

Recently, McCafé announced that it has teamed up with Dove to release a limited-time unique “Bubble Latte.” Dove is also launching its first “bubble” series for the skin: a hand-cranked latte scented bath bubble and face wash. In Shanghai, McCafe also brought a “Bubble Bath” flash store and launched McCafe “Bubble Bath” themed stores in 13 cities nationwide.  

Coca-Cola’s new cereal drink brand Phylloxera launches oat milk cereal drink.

Recently, Coca-Cola‘s new cereal beverage brand, Phylloxera, launched a new oat milk cereal drink developed by the Coca-Cola Asia Pacific Research and Development Center team. Different from other similar products, the new product contains full-fat dairy powder in addition to oats to create a double protein, with 2.31g of protein per box; in addition, 264mg of collagen peptide is added to each crate of the product, which is low in calories, with 818kJ per box, which can meet 9.7% of the daily energy requirement of adults.

Sugar-free Tea Brand Jean Tea Launches 350ml Small Bottles of Jasmine Tea.

On September 8, the Jean Tea family officially announced a new member – the Jean Tea sugar-free jasmine tea 350ml small bottle series. The new product is a small bottle mini-series, a pocket portable model focusing on portability and can become a new generation of young people’s pocket regulars. A small serving is just suitable for one person to enjoy, whether it is tea for office scenes, tea for meeting locations, or at home, with a meal or a leisure trip, is very suitable.

In addition, the wrapping area of the 350ML packaging bottle has also been significantly reduced, allowing the permeability and colour of the tea broth to be presented more directly to the consumer. The product is currently available for purchase, with a suggested retail price of $4 per bottle.

Dayao guests launch four new PET bottled sodas.

Recently, domestic soda brand Dayao Guest has released a series of new products on its official microblog. It is worth noting that the sequence of soda products is different from the previous glass bottle sodas of Dayao Guest, all of which are packaged in PET bottles, namely Dayao Guest, Dayao Orange Noir, Dayao Hawthorn Vapor and Dayao Li Think. Compared with the previous packaging, the PET bottle packaging is more convenient to carry, and the net content is 520ml/bottle.

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John Lau.

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