Understanding Water Conductivity

water conductivity

Water conductivity is a critical element when assessing the quality of water. It refers to the ability of water to pass an electrical current, indicating the presence of ions or dissolved solids. The conductivity of water is an important parameter used in various industries and processes to ensure water safety and quality. What is Water […]

Everything you need to know about ultrapure water treatment systems

ultra pure water treatment for industry purpose.

An ultrapure water system is a device that produces ultrapure water through multiple filtration, ion exchange, degassing, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ultrafiltration, nano-rate, and ion adsorption filtration. Ultra-pure water systems use reverse osmosis (membrane separation) method of ultra-pure water manufacturing technology. Reverse osmosis is the use of enough pressure to make the solvent in the solution […]

Water Treatment Industry Commonly Used Units of Measurement And Their Meanings

Water treatment industry often use some general or unique units of measurement.

The water treatment industry commonly used units of measurement and their meanings. The water treatment industry often uses some general (such as length, weight, etc.) or unique (conductivity, turbidity, etc.) units of measurement to understand the meaning of these units of measure. Understanding the water treatment-related knowledge is very necessary. 01. Length units 1 kilometer […]

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