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Up to 25 packs per min


Bottle infeed on 1, 2 or 3 lanes


Film injection table on a removable rack for optimal access

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Carbonated beverage filling lines exhibit considerable variability in terms of product types, bottle shapes, filling methods, and production requirements. Our latest advancements in carbonated drink filling machines and product preparation solutions take this into account, enabling various products to be processed on the same line with minimal size changeover times.

We have taken great care to develop a product preparation range that ensures high standards of finished product quality and the design of fully automatic filling and packaging lines, accommodating the widest array of secondary packaging requirements. This sector experiences significant variability due to ever-evolving trends influenced by end-consumer expectations and habits, and occasionally, changes in regulations.


UP TO 50%

Steplead certified parts with additional warranty

UP TO 25%

Less maintenance

UP TO 20%

Less energy using lower engine speed and larger hydraulic pump.

shrink wrap machine

Multiple Infeed Lanes

The wraping system emerged with multiple infeed lanes to guide bottles into the correct one with smart sensors.
With the high automatic wrapper, you can integrate the wrap process into your Steplead PacTek filling line to shrink-wrapping different kinds of products. 

Control System

Moreover, the infeed tunnels integrated intelligent sensor helps to tell the presence or absence of products. When detecting many products infeeding, by sending signals to upstream to regulate the conveyor speed, it will assure a smooth flowing for the wrapping process.

shrink wrap machine control panel
shrink wrap machine heat tunnel

Heat System

This heat tunnel adopts good eco ability to save your money: heat tunnel with high quality insulation material to save electricity power consumption, with high wrapper efficiency to suit thinner films but achieving the same wrapping quality.


20 ~30 Packs Per Hour
  • Packing Material: PE, PVC, POF
  • Film Thickness: 0.03-0.15mm
  • HeatingTemperature: Adjustable 160 - 260°
  • Power: 35kW
  • Dimension: 13,600 x 1,100 x 2,200MM

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How to ensure the safe and efficient production of bottle bundle shrink wrapping machine

Here is a list of all the types of technical questions concerning shrink wrapping machine that you can find.

Security reference of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

Before the machine is put into operation for the first time, you must read and understand the important information about security.

Our machine is safety in line with the provisions of the Professional Association, and related to the application of safety laws, and the specification of machine guidance currently known. As long as the operation, appropriate and operating within the allowable range, the danger to the operator and the machine will be reduced to lower levels of the modern technology can be achieved.

Only when the operator or the machine is in danger, the emergency shutdown switch on the operating panel will be used to stop the machine. Under normal circumstances, this switch is not allow to touch.

Only in critical cases to use emergency shutdown switch!

Only the elimination of threat to the safety of operating personnel and machine, then the machine can be re-started!

Please pay attention to the use of the emergency stop button!

Machine structure and working principle Controlling systems of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

  1. Bottle conveyor device: transfer goods which need package
  2. Block bottle, bottle separator device: transfer packages in separate way and control stroke of package.
  3. Blocking device: Prevent packaging squeeze too much pressure, to provide a buffer space.
  4. Compartment bottle device:Separating bottles with secondary package waiting bottle
  5. Push the bottle device: push the bottles to covering& cutting position
  6. Press bottles device: Prevent inverted bottle and ensure complete sealing and cutting.
  7. Up& down feeding film device: feeding film to packing
  8. Sealing& cutting device: complete covering film
  9. Hot air circulating device:complete heat shrink function
  10. High temperature resistant convey mechanism:Smooth delivery finished at a high temperature and complete heat-shrinkable function
  11. Unpowered conveyor: collect finished products
  12. Cooling device: cooling finished products to prevent broken bags when Transfer product to a desired position
  13. Fault alarm device: Prompt the operator timely troubleshooting
  14. PLC program control system: automatic control
  15. Mainly Electric control box:Centralized control of the machine

Machine sketch and structure of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

1Loading shelf (provided by customer); 9Bottle separator device; 
2Temperature controlling device; 10Electric control box; 
3Cooling device; 11Conveyor ; 
4Heat resistant conveyor; 12Phneumatic parts; 
5Sealing and cutting device; 13Film feeding device; 
6Press bottle device; 14Bottle pushing device; 
7Film feeding device; 15Block bottle position inspecting device; 
8Block bottle device; 16Bottle missing testing device.

Working principle of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

The bottle and other container which need to be packed is transferred to block bottle plate along bottle separate device. The bottle conveyor will stop when photoelectrical inspector on the top send out a signal, while block bottle plate stand back to release pressed force of bottle. The separate plate up rises to separate packing bottle and bottles to be packed. Push bottle device pushes packing bottle and film along with guild bottle device to sealing & cutting position, meanwhile pushes the last package onto conveyor of thermal shrinkage equipment, meanwhile film feeding device is working. Then the thermal sealing & cutting move downward, to sealing and cutting. The package which been pushed on to thermal conveyor is go ahead and finish thermal shrinking function, finally it goes to storage shelf after cooled by cold wind. The above process fulfills an automatic packing cycle.

The above movements are all done by air cylinder under PLC control, except conveyor system.

Operation flow chart of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

Regulation before operation of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

  • Check the electrical power to see if it is good, and then switch on.
  • Compressed air source is 0.6MPa
  • The filmfor packaging should put in the right position
  • Adjust the hot sealing temperature to the set temperature, keep it 5mins, set the hot sealing temperature on the temperature controller.
  • The temperature of the machine gets to the set temperature.
  • Check the bottle conveyor, make sure there isn’t any rubbish on the belt.
  • Checkif the right forward direction of conveyor belt and
  • Releasing the emergency stop button.

Operation of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

First turn on the machine

  • On the touch screen select “Manual” screen
  • On the touch screen section (4) screen, press “Sealing” button to makepressed film cylinder & sealing and cutting cylinder to stay in right place for about 0.5-1.2 seconds loosened, seal cutter automatically reset.
  • Check whether filmbeen cemented, whether edge is cut off; if not meet the requirements, can be repeated once, while adjusting the stay time, until to meet the requirements.
  • Set to “Auto” position on the touch screen PLC

      1. The operation when changing film also operate again

  1. If the film has been bonded together can omit this operation

Power on for automatic production

  1. Adjust the working time on PLC touch screen, stopped at the “Auto” position
  2. Turn onshrinking machine high temperature conveyor belt and turn on cooling station. Turn on delivery device on the main electrical control box to make it work.
  3. The touch screen display (4) Press the “start” button, the machine enters the automatic production of state
  4. After Poweron should be closely observed if previous procedures to meet the requirements, if not, should immediately stop the process to re-adjust the temperature or time, until satisfied。

Shut down the machine

  • Shouldpress “stop” button in the following cases, the machine should stop work

The machine was breakdown

Bottles overturned on a work plane

  • Aftersealing and cutting operation in the following cases and before the bottle pushing action press “stop” button to stop the machine work

Replace film

Stop production when off working

When heat sealing is not strong because of the need to heat up or the temperature is too high needs cool down

If alarm rang, As a result of the inverted bottle between separated board, bottle can be propped

Note1.when machine stop working the Air cylinder on the position of “O”

Note2. No missing bottles at front of pushing board.

Note3.After replace film , the film should keep tight, but not loose, in case affect the production.  

Note4.After finished production, should also turn off the heating up machine, and working about 20minutes then turn off the conveyor &cooling station, then turn off the power supply.


Restart machine

Relieve emergency stop button, then press the key of faulting reset  

Press the key of start, then it can re-start production

Setting and operation of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

Set and operate of PLC touch screen

Power on ,then there will be arisen following photos


Press“English” then it will auto enter into English operation screen, as picture(2)


Auto Operation screen:

  1. “Power on ”:set the parameter well, at the case of no failure, press the button of “power on”, the machine will enter into the state of working.
  2. “Stop”:press the stop button, the machine will be at the state of stop, all of the working parts back to original place.
  3. “Fault reset”:if there have fault happened, after solve the fault, press fault set, it can remove the fault, and  it is convenient for operation.
  4. “Count”:it is indicate that the number of packing, just for reference parameter.
  5. “Count 0”: Make the count to be 0
  6. “Turn off Feeding bottles”:it can be adjusted auxiliary, shield the signal of feeding bottles.
  7. “Cycle time”:the time of finished one package

Click“English” then it will auto enter into English operation screen, as picture(3)

From one operation screen to another screen directly, as following pictures

 (1)“Manual” Accomplish the adjustment of machine by manual

(2)“Automatic”: Accomplish the working of machine automaticly

(3)“Set”:Accomplish the adjustment of parameter

(4)“Signal state : Monitor in-out state of machine

Manual operation

  • Press“conveyorforward”:Turn on the conveyor forward, the feeding motor is working, then start feeding bottles.
  • Press“conveyorreverse”:Turn on the conveyor reverse, the feeding motor is reverse, the bottles are back
  • Press“seclude bottle”:split the bottles on conveyor
  • Press “push bottles” : Separate bottles into one packing, then push separate bottles, they are composite move, and set correspond time well.Touch “package press”:package press is convenient for covering film& sealing film.
  • Press”package press”, pressing bottles package before film press for better film placing, sealing and cutting.
  • Press“film press”: touch “film press”, the film at extreme lower position, touch “film press” again, cancel the action of press film, the cylinder back to original place.
  • Press“cool”: Touch “cool” can accomplish cooling working
  • Press“shrink cutting”:it is a process of cutting film, touch one time, it can accomplish press bags, cutting film, set cutting film actions& cutting time well.  
  • Arisen break down, then work out break down, press“ fault reset” ,then the machine can re-start working.

Set parameter as picture(6):

1.“shrink cut time”: Holding the cutter at the lower end of waiting time 0.5 ~ 1.2S

2.“cool time”: After heat shrink are all completed, then cooling time 0.5 ~ 2.0S

  1. Seclude time: There photodetector material in place, after a delay, seclude bottle time is usually 0.3 ~ 0.8S

4.“Push bottle delay time”: After the completion of seclude bottles, after a delay push package usually 0.2 ~ 0.8S

5.“Push bottle stay time”: Refers to pushed back the package in place then delay for some time and then back into place, usually 0.3 ~ 0.6S.

6.“Reverse time”: Photodetector the bottle in place, the forward stop and reverse open 0.1 ~ 0.3S, easy to push the bottle.

  1. “Lack bottle time”: This parameter is only delivery device head, otherwise no need to set, mainly to prevent the bottle conveyor is insufficient to ensure that each bottle pushing the number of correct

8.“Save parameter”: This button means after parameters are set well, in order to prevent parameter is missing after the machine a long time off working, press this button will call the stored parameters automatically

Note: The first start to use the machine or turn on the machine after a long time stopping, pls check the settings interface parameter settings are normal first, otherwise the device is not operating normally, the specific parameter values can be found in Table (1)


Suggested parameter

Reverse time


Seclude time


Push bottle delay time


Lack bottle time


Push bottle stay time


shrink cut time


Cool time


Monitor screen is used to monitor the status of each input and output, easy to debug, Hardly to use it.


Touch screen display troubleshooting

fault information

Fault reason


Push bottles not on the original place

The signal of push bottles to original place is un normal

Check Valves, pneumatic, cylinder ,if there have   other materials signal status in situ0.00

Push bottles not on the right place

The signal of push bottles to right place is un normal

Check Valves, pneumatic, cylinder ,if there have   other materials signal status in situ0.01

Seclude bottles not on the original place

The signal of seclude bottles to original place is un normal

Check Valves, pneumatic, cylinder ,if there have   other materials signal status in situ0.04

Press film not on the original place

The signal of press film to original place is un normal

Check Valves, pneumatic, cylinder ,if there have   other materials signal status in situ0.02

Press film not on the right place

The signal of press film to right place is un normal

Check Valves, pneumatic, cylinder ,if there have   other materials signal status in situ0.03

Emergency stop

the button of emergency stop be touched

Back E-stop, or check the connecting line

Shrink cut protect

Falling bottles or there have something on the cutter

Remove falling bottles or check the signal state of cutter




Temperature controller setting operation:

Press the SET button , on the AT buttons to select which number to be set, if the number is blinking, just use the ”  ” button to decrease, then press the SET button to meet the requirements to complete the temperature setting.

Installation and maintenance of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

Installation of machines

  • First labelingpushed by the roller to position, regulate the delivery and the sleeve labeling machine output is the or to the same level, as your need to adjust connecting Next, adjust the seclude bottle deflector and guardrail installed as needed and adjust distance, the bottles can be adjusted by hand before. And then install and adjust the four photodetectors point position and height.
  • PushShrinking machine to the back of labeling machine, adjustment it 90 degrees.
  • Rotaryscrew of beneath four feet of labeling machine to make fixed equipment rises, according to the height of filling machine to adjust the height of shrink machine. Adjust woking height between filling machine and shrink machine is same, then the foot nut tightened.
  • Adjust feetof Shrinking machine to make it to a substantially horizontal height, the same foot nut tightened.
  • The Order of the shelves located behind the shrinking machine, adjust the height of conveyor belt same with shelves’level, and finally tighten the nuts of
  • The main control box side has a protruding threading pipe, connect the control lines to right place, closethe rear door, it sits at the side of labeling machine back bottle conveying machine.
  • Turn onthe power and compressed air, on the display screen selected manual position, idling each operation check again, and check if the motor direction of rotation meet the requirements.
  • Finally, select “Auto” positionon display, the empty state press the green “Auto” button, then bottle conveying the work, and then use the opaque plate while blocking four photodetectors (when plate stretch out, the plate was immediately withdrawn), the device automatically enters the work program. Note: can only block the photoelectric switch in the bottle conveying the work, each time a block is one At this time all the equipment installation and testing is completed.

Maintenance of equipment

① equipment must be grounded reliability, it is particularly important to do production in the high humidity environment

② removed garbage before turn on the machine

③ the surface equipment can not be beat.

④ regularly check gas water separator, timely emptying.

Cautions of secure production of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

  • must be used with this machine capacity considerable power outlet and power cord.
  • loaded container does not leak liquid material is not broken, so as to avoid equipment failure, electric shock and short circuit.
  • can not be in high humidity, dusty environment to use the machine.
  • Duringthe production process, can not be inserted into the hand into the moving parts to avoid injury.
  • seal cutter heating can not be hand-touch to prevent burns.
  • if the lower supply pressure insufficient can not turnon the machine
  • if turn off the machine, you must turn off the power and air supply shutdown.
  • when troubleshooting or testingthe machine, turn the power off.
  • the abnormal situation should be promptly shut down, while looking for maintenance personnel to troubleshoot. Avoid the expansion of the acciden

Basic recommended setting of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production


Heat sealing temperature

Heat sealing time

Heat thermal shrink temperature

High temperature conveyor speed


150-190 degree



About 30HE

Trouble shooting of the shrink wrapping machine for beverage production

Common faults



Machine do not work

Power interruption, the null line is disconnected, photoelectric switch offset; inverted bottle occurs on conveyor, bottles can not transport to  stopper plate;

Turn on Power, connect the null line, adjust the photoelectric switch; righting the bottle immediately. Check whether the seclude bottle plate if impact deformation promptly corrected;

Shrink cutting not firmly

Hot cutter temperature is too high or too low, the thermocouple is bad connect or broken;

Adjust the temperature, remove or replace the thermocouple

shrink cutter stick films

Teflon coated cutter was damaged;

Recoating Teflon;

Temperature of Cuter can not rise up

if Solid state relays was damaged ,if wiring is loose, if cutter is damaged;

Replacing the solid state relay; fastening wiring; replace cutter;

High temperature conveyor belt can not transport bottle

Conveyor belt stretched;

Adjust the rear tensioner

When the bottle conveying often inverted bottle

;Transport plane and coating machine plane heights are not the same height;

Adjust the height of the transport plane

When Push bottle, the bottle inverted

Push too fast or push bottle ,bottles channel plane is not smooth;

Slow down the speed of pushing bottle or with 00 sandpaper polished plane

Conveying speed,

Slow down suddenly

Motor lack of phase

Check &solve it

Poor shrink effect

The oven temperature is too low or too fast delivery;

Adjust the temperature and speed;

The oven temperature can not rise up

;Solid state relays was damaged, if wiring is loose;

Replacing the solid state relay; fastening connection;

if any other questions can not solve

Please contact with us, we will give you a satisfactory answer until resolution.


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