Beverage Mixing Tank

iBottling’s diverse selection of customizable stainless steel liquid mixer.

Achieving efficient, repeatable blending of ingredients is critical for beverage producers seeking to make high volumes of consistent, premium products. iBottling offers an extensive selection of versatile stainless steel beverage mixing tanks engineered to optimize blending and homogenization while maintaining product integrity.

With tanks ranging from 50 liters to 10,000+ liters, advanced agitator designs, and customizable features, iBottling can provide the ideal mixing tank for your specific process requirements. Discover why beverage manufacturers worldwide trust iBottling mixing tanks to improve productivity and product quality.

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The iBottling Mixing Tank Advantage for Your Product Process

iBottling’s expertise in beverage processing equipment ensures its mixing tanks are designed for efficiency, durability, and seamless integration into your production environment.

Key advantages of iBottling mixing tanks:

  • Broad Range of Sizes – From 50 to 10,000+ liter capacities to match your batch requirements
  • Advanced Agitator Designs – Optimized to blend your unique ingredients with precision
  • Durable Stainless Steel – Made from AISI 304 or 316L steel for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Customizable Features – Tailored to your viscosity, batch size, blending speed, and other needs
  • Efficient, Repeatable Blending – Built to deliver consistent results batch after batch
  • Easy to Integrate – Designed to integrate seamlessly with iBottling equipment into new or existing lines
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain – Features like CIP sprayballs reduce manual cleaning labor
  • Expert Support – iBottling specialists assist with setup, training, and ongoing optimization

With an iBottling mixing tank matched to your specific process, you can achieve rapid scaling of production volumes while retaining blend accuracy and minimising waste.

Unrivaled Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Selection

iBottling offers an extensive range of mixing tank configurations suitable for nearly any beverage application:

Batch Tanks

Compact tanks for small batch experimental blending or short specialty runs

Inline Blenders

Install directly into lines for continuous mixing of high-volume output

Agitated Tanks

Utilize agitators optimized for your ingredients to maintain suspensions

Jacketed Tanks

Enable heating or cooling for temperature-sensitive blending processes

Aseptic Tanks

Designed for sterile operation critical for sensitive products like juices

High Shear Mixers

Specialized for intense mixing of viscosities and emulsions

With this diverse selection, iBottling can provide the ideal blending system tailored to your production goals and specifications.

Features for Optimal Blending Performance of Custom Liquid Mixer 

iBottling mixing tanks offer much more than just a stainless steel vessel for holding ingredients. They incorporate innovative features that enable repeatable, high-quality blending:

  • Efficient Agitators – Impeller designs optimized for everything from gentle mixing to intense emulsification

  • Durable Construction – Made from top-grade 304 or 316 stainless steel for maximum longevity

  • Precise Temperature Control – Integrated heating/cooling jackets and coils for temperature-sensitive blending

  • Automated Cleaning – CIP sprayballs reduce manual cleaning labor and ensure efficient changeovers

  • Total Process Control – Advanced instrumentation allows precise monitoring and control of each parameter

  • Seamless Integration – Control systems allow easy integration with upstream and downstream processes

  • Validated Processes – Designed for cGMP compliance and validation for regulated products

  • Rapid Product Changeover – Quick blending between different products improves flexibility

With these features tailored to your needs, iBottling tanks become an integral component of a smooth, high-efficiency blending process.

Mixing and Storage Tanks for Any Beverage Blending Application

iBottling’s tanks accommodate the wide range of viscosities, temperatures, and other requirements of various beverage products:

  • Plant-Based Milk – Blending nut, grain, and legume mixtures into emulsions

  • Juice Drinks – Combining juice concentrates, water, sweeteners, natural flavors

  • Alcoholic Beverages – Blending brewed products with specialized flavors before packaging

  • Coffee Drinks – Preparing flavored coffee drinks from extracts, dairy, sweeteners

  • Nutritional Supplements – Dispersing powders containing vitamins, minerals, and proteins

  • Carbonated Drinks – Adding flavorings and sweeteners into carbonated water

  • Tea Products – Hydrating tea extracts and mixing juices, flavors, and sugars

  • Energy Drinks – Emulsifying caffeine, taurine, vitamins, and thick syrups

The extensive experience of iBottling’s engineering team allows them to create the ideal mixing tank configuration and features for your specific beverage type.

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Realize Your Beverage Production Goals

Master the Mix

Achieve Precise, Repeatable Results Every Batch

Scale with Serenity

Unleash Production Capacity without Compromising Quality

Waste Not, Want Not

Minimize Scraps and Maximize Efficiency with Optimized Blending

Agility Reigns Supreme

Adapt and Conquer with Rapid Product Changeovers

Command the Process

Take Control with Integrated Instrumentation and Automation

Quality Comes First

Guarantee Impeccable Consistency with Superior Blending

Making iBottling Your Trusted Mixing Tank Partner

At iBottling, we don’t just sell products; we become your filtration conductor. We offer:

  • Technical expertise: Our team understands the nuances of filtration in various beverage production scenarios. They’ll help you identify the perfect solution for your specific needs.
  • Customizable systems: Browse our extensive catalog of water filter systems and components to build a filtration symphony that resonates with your unique production flow.
  • Efficient service: From installation to maintenance, we’re here to ensure your filtration system keeps playing its harmonious tune.

Make the intelligent investment by partnering with the mixing tank experts at iBottling. Call today to discuss your production needs and get expert recommendations on selecting the ideal tanks for your beverage process. Discover how iBottling can help take your manufacturing to the next level of efficiency, quality, and profitability.

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