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iBottling’s Precise Process Cooling for Your Brewery, Winery, or Beverage Plant

Maintaining precise temperature control is critical for beverage production. iBottling offers a complete range of sanitary air chilled chillers engineered specifically for the needs of breweries, wineries, and beverage manufacturing.

Our air chilled water chillers provide compact, energy efficient refrigeration ideal for fermentation cooling, bright beer tank cooling, glycol chilling, line chilling, and other process cooling applications. With capacities from 20 to 500 tons, we have the perfect portable chiller for your production facility.

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Designed for Beverage Process Air-Cooled Chiller

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Everything in our outdoor air-cooled cooling system is designed for your beverage operation. The refrigeration systems ensure water quality, prevent contamination, and enable thorough cleaning and sanitization chillers require in food and beverage plants.

Key features include:

  • Food-grade materials and components
  • Stainless steel evaporators, pumps, and piping
  • Smooth surfaces and sanitary tri-clover fittings
  • Easy drainability and venting
  • Dedicated circuits for isolated processes
  • Water-cooled oil lubrication systems

Our specialists work closely with your engineering team to specify the optimal chilling systems and configuration for your needs. We take the time to understand your precise process requirements before recommending a solution.

Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Types

iBottling offers all the major stationary air cooled chiller types to match whether you need and facility requirements:

Screw industrial air Cooled Chillers

  • Capacities: 125 to 250 tons
  • refrigeration unit: Helical screw, single or dual circuit
  • Performance: Up to 10.8 EER, IPLVs up to 21.0
  • Uses: Large central plant glycol and process chillers

Screw chillers provide robust performance for high capacity beverage plant cooling with their twin screw refrigeration unit. They offer great turndown and efficiency.

Scroll air chilled Chillers

  • Capacities: 20 to 130 tons
  • Compressors: Scroll types of chiller, single or dual circuit
  • Performance: Up to 10.5 EER, IPLVs up to 16
  • Uses: Bright beer, tank coolers, fermentation, line chilling

Scroll chillers use spiral scroll compressor technology for quiet, low vibration operation and excellent part load efficiency. They are an ideal choice for precision beverage cooling.

Absorption Air Cooled Chillers

  • Capacities: 250 to 1,250 tons
  • refrigeration unit: Absorption cycle (heat driven)
  • Performance: COP of 0.7+
  • Uses: Utilizing waste heat, low electricity chillers utilize

Absorption chillers use waste heat rather than electricity as their primary energy source. They are perfect for facilities with substantial waste heat streams.

Centrifugal Air Cooled Chillers

  • Capacities: 300 to 1,250 tons
  • refrigeration unit: Centrifugal type of chiller system
  • Performance: Up to 10.3 EER, IPLVs up to 16.6
  • Uses: Giant central plant process fluid chilling

With single stage centrifugal compressors, these chillers are also ideal for very large capacity beverage cooling systems over 250 tons.

We offer extended capacity ranges, efficiency enhancements, and specialized options for all major chiller types. Contact iBottling to determine the optimal technology for your plant!

Air Cooled Water Chillers Options

Our experienced engineers will help select the right options for your system:

  • Chilled Water Pumps – Integrated stainless steel pumps sized for your loads.
  • Buffer Tank – Built-in stainless steel tank for system water storage.
  • Variable Speed Drives – Used on compressors, pumps, and thermal exchange system fans for superior efficiency.
  • High Efficiency Coils – Enhanced thermal exchange system coils

Precision Temperature Control

Our advanced digital controls precisely regulate chilled water and glycol temperatures to meet your process specifications. Chilled fluid is maintained to within ±0.5°F of setpoint across varying conditions.

Key control capabilities:

  • Programmable PLC-based control
  • Touchscreen operator interface
  • Remote monitoring and control via BMS
  • Temperature, pressure, and flow sensors
  • Auto-adaptive compressor optimization
  • Variable speed drives for capacity control
air cooled water chiller working principle

Maximum Efficiency

iBottling chillers deliver excellent full and part load efficiencies, optimized for the variable process loads common in beverage production. Specialized compressor and fan design chillers, along with variable speed options provide superior turndown while maintaining tight temperature control.

Key efficiency chillers feature include:

  • High efficiency screw and scroll compressors
  • Oil-free magnetic bearing compressor options
  • Variable speed scroll compressors
  • Variable frequency drives on motors and fans
  • Plate and frame thermal exchange system options
  • Economizer heat recovery configurations

Choose the Right Industrial Chiller for You

With a wide range of capacities and configurations, we can provide the perfect portable air-cooled industrial chiller for your brewing, distilling, or beverage plant. Some popular options include:

Glycol Chillers

Central plant chilling systems for facility glycol loops providing fermentation cooling. From 125 to 700 tons.

Fermentation Room Chillers

cooling system to precisely control fermentation cellar temperatures. Capacities from 10 to 40 tons.

Line Chillers

Final beverage cooling right before filling. Scroll chillers from 20 to 60 tons with optional heat recovery.

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Bright Beer Tank chilling systems

Dedicated low temperature chillers for cold crashing beer after fermentation. Typically 20 to 60 tons.

Process Chillers

For ingredients, CIP fluids, yeast propagation and other plant cooling mechanism uses. Sized to match loads.

Air-cooled Condensers

Replace old evaporative cooling towers with our high efficiency heat exchanger. Up to 2,250 tons.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Every beverage plant has unique requirements. Rather than configuring an off-the-shelf unit, our specialists will engineer a chiller tailored to your exact process needs. This includes:

  • Custom stainless steel pumping systems
  • Integrated heat recovery options
  • Chilled glycol configurations
  • Higher efficiency condensers
  • Oversized or dual power feeds
  • Critical process redundancies
  • Integration with your BMS controls

From craft brewers to multinational beverage companies, we’ve engineered thousands of custom chilling solutions. Discover why top beer, wine, and spirits brands trust iBottling for their process cooling needs!

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