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Hi We're Steplead

We are a group of technology enthusiasts with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our experience covers almost every detail of beverage production. From water treatment, blowing systems, injection systems, compression moulding, filling, labelling, wrapping, boxing. Also, all types of plastic products, like caps, preforms, bottles, handles, taps, etc. There are currently five production plants for supplying different product requirements.

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We Believe

We believe that only a win-win business model, rather than a zero-sum game, and supporting our partners' growth can lead to the healthy growth of the entire beverage market. We oppose the traditional monopoly market model of the beverage industry.

We Share

We will share the profitability of the industry by providing more economical, flexible, personalized and worry-free beverage filling & packaging solutions for start-up and mid-sized beverage owners, beverage brands & distributors.

We Insist

With decades of experience and technology in the beverage production industry and a flexible company operating structure, we insist on offering you 1-to-1 service from the start-up phase to after-sales maintenance.

We Have A Dream

The beverage industry has been in an awkward position of LOW PROFIT for decades. In order to stabilize output and quality after-sales, business owners had to buy production equipment far beyond their ability to pay, so much so that they had to maintain a highly indebted operation for many years afterwards, handing over most of their hard-earned profits to equipment suppliers who had a monopoly on technology. And with the constant technological upgrades, beverage business owners can only let themselves “willingly” fall into the trap that others have set for them time and time again.

This is NOT the way the world works. A win-win situation for all is what makes the whole business thrive, and a profit-sharing situation for all is what makes the industry work, not just the opposite.

 In order to break the monopoly of the industry and create a whole new landscape, a group of technology enthusiasts who have been in the beverage industry for more than 20 years decided to create Steplead to offer a new business model to SMEs. Leaving the bulk of the profits to these businesses, enabling them to operate benignly with LOW DEBIT, allowing them to grow while also driving our own growth, which is 90% of the market. After all, in this world, small businesses are the mainstay of the world economy. They provide more than 95 percent of all jobs. In today’s economic downturn, the importance of protecting the healthy development of small businesses is even more evident.

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What Benefits Will You Receive?

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save you a lot

Guaranteed most competitive prices, free consultation, free layout design, and 5 years of warranty.

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We provide full technical services, including pre-sales, production, and after-sales, to ensure that you don't have any technical or production worries.

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one stop service

Turnkey solution, also cargo transportation, on-site installation, personnel training.

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we care

We will donate a certain percentage of each order to poor children in every corner of the world

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Our Team

The Face Behind The Brand

Due to our focus on beverage filling and packaging, our team consists of many veteran experts from industry and research fields.

Steplead's management has a background in the filling, packaging and blow molding industries, as well as water treatment research.

This insight and expertise is reflected in our strategy to develop innovative packaging solutions for the beverage industry and other industries. More than 70% of Steplead's annual budget is spent on research and development and technical support, which is a true indication of our commitment to technological leadership and innovation. We continually invest in research and development, applying our expertise to produce advanced filling and packaging products that support your efforts to make faster, more Safe and more effective decision-making.

Engineer of Steplead working on assembly line for bottled water filling machine
QC Inspection
Engineer of Steplead working on assembly line
QC Inspection