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John Lau.

Oversea Project Manager

"The Beverage Bottling Maestro"



  • Experienced Oversea Project Manager specializing in Project Management, Equipment Technology, Turnkey Solutions, Market Trends, Supply Chain, Machine Maintenance, Machine Malfunction Troubleshooting, Investment and ROI Analysis, and Workflow Design for beverage and bottled water plant owners, managers, and CEOs.
  • Possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a focus on Oversea Business Direction, coupled with over 15 years of hands-on experience in bottling equipment, water treatment, and bottle blower manufacturing, along with 4 years of expertise in bottled water cooler/dispenser manufacturing.
  • Actively provides free consulting services and utilizes the Feynman Technique to simplify complex concepts, ensuring clarity and understanding for all stakeholders.
Transforming complexity into simplicity within the beverage industry is not just a skill, it’s an art. It’s about seeing beyond the machinery and the numbers, to the heart of what makes a plant not just operate, but thrive. In every project, my goal is to instill this vision, ensuring that innovation and efficiency aren’t just words, but the foundation of our work.”

- John Lau.


As an Oversea Project Manager, John Lau empowers beverage and bottled water plant owners, managers, and CEOs to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. With a passion for project management and equipment technology, John brings over 15 years of industry experience to the table. He specializes in providing turnkey solutions, conducting market trend analyses, optimizing supply chain logistics, and implementing workflow designs tailored to specific beverage production needs.
John adopts the Feynman Technique to distill complex concepts into easily understandable explanations, ensuring seamless communication with clients and stakeholders. Beyond his professional endeavors, John is an avid skateboarder and fitness enthusiast, often found honing his skills on the skateboard or pushing his limits at the gym. His commitment to personal fitness reflects his dedication to excellence in all aspects of life.
In addition to his role as an Oversea Project Manager, John Lau also provides free consulting services to aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals, leveraging his expertise to drive positive change and innovation within the beverage manufacturing sector.


John Lau holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a specialization in Oversea Business Direction. He has supplemented his academic background with over 15 years of hands-on experience in bottling equipment, water treatment, and bottle blower manufacturing. John is committed to continuous learning and aims to enhance his expertise further by enrolling in courses from the Packaging School.

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Whether you’re seeking guidance on equipment technology, supply chain optimization, or project management strategies, John Lau is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and drive success in the beverage manufacturing industry.

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