About J.L.

Hi I’m the webmaster of iBottling.com, John Lau. You can call me JL.

We are a company making beverage machinery, so the LOGO of my website is a bottle.

I have several positions. 

On the one hand, I am responsible for the sales of Steplead.

On the other hand, I am writing down my years’ experience in the beverage machinery

industry and shared it with all interested people.


Graduated in 2002, sold curtains, Bluetooth headsets and MP3.

Since entering the beverage industry in 2005, I didn’t know anything at the time. Beginning 

with water dispenser/water cooler, household filter.

The idea was simple: the planet was short of water, and the industry should be 

prosperous forever.

Later, the company slowly shifted to the manufacture of beverage machinery. I have also 

gradually grown from a rookie to an expert, assisting clients in drawing factory layout,

 analyzing water quality report, designing a beautiful bottle, troubleshooting for 

malfunction, supply chain analysis, and formulating marketing plans.

It can be said that, basically, I have been involved in every part of the whole beverage 

industry chain.

I don’t know if you found out, the beverage industry is far more than the above.

In fact, people in every sub-industry have made a lot of money.

Some produce various equipment, such as us. From water treatment, injection moulding 

machine, bottle blow moulding machine, beverage preparation, filling, labelling, packaging 

to palletizing;

Some focus on small commodities. Such as labels, films, caps, preforms, faucets, hand 

pumps, bottle shelves, filter membranes, fittings, rubber rings, and many other parts etc;

Others have surpassed the food and beverage industry. Spanning water treatment in 

various sectors: households, hospitals, food factories, schools, military, seawater 

desalination, paper making, chemical plants, and aquaculture, etc.

Since I was a kid, one of my dreams is to be a teacher when I’m old. 

Teaching my knowledge to others. 

Now I am practicing this dream little by little. 

Recording, sorting, categorizing, summarizing and interpreting the knowledge I have 

learned. And sharing it with all those interested in the beverage industry.


I feel a sense of accomplishment when others can make their own achievements with my 


Of course, while helping others, I am also slowly making my own success.

Like a famous saying, “sharing is learning!

I hope to keep learning, sharing, and realize my own dreams together with your guys.

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