John Lau.

Oversea Project Manager



  • Oversea Project Manager with over 10 years of experience designing beverage production machinery and turnkey solutions.
  • Specializes in creating customized filling, bottling, and packaging equipment tailored to each client’s unique production needs.
  • Provides expert consulting services to implement efficient beverage production processes from start to finish.


As an Oversea Project Manager, John has delivered successful beverage equipment projects for clients worldwide. He excels at providing complete turnkey solutions that cover the entire production process – from water treatment to filling, capping, labeling and final packaging.

John has an engineering background and extensive hands-on expertise in designing innovative equipment configurations to maximize productivity, flexibility and uptime. He works closely with clients to understand their specific goals, challenges and budget constraints in order to create a solution optimized for their operations.

His approach focuses on translating complex technical details into actionable plans tailored for beverage industry professionals. John aims to educate and empower his readers to enhance their own production processes through his writing. When he’s not working, John enjoys skateboarding, going to the gym, and improving his fitness.


John earned his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He has completed additional professional training on providing turnkey solutions for the beverage industry, covering areas such as water treatment, blowing, filling, labelling, packaging and coding.

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