About J.L.

Who I Am?

Hi, my name is John Lau but you can call me JL. I work as the Sales Director for iBottling.com.

Our company specializes in manufacturing machinery for bottling beverages – that’s our logo, a bottle.

In my role as sales director, I’m responsible for overseeing all sales operations and making sure our team meets its targets.

I’ve also written extensively about my years of experience in the beverage machinery industry, sharing my insights with those who are interested.

I got into this business back in 2005 when I started selling household filters. The reason was straightforward: the planet was running out of water, and we had to make sure our business thrived indefinitely. After that, the firm gradually shifted to producing beverage equipment.

Tasks that I am familiar with include:

  • Factory layout design for clients,
  • Raw water quality analysis and recommendation of the best filtration solution,
  • Making a bottle from scratch,
  • Filler and blower troubleshooting,
  • Analysis of the supply chain,
  • Marketing strategy planning and execution.

All of these roles have given me a wealth of experience and knowledge about the entire beverage business chain, from manufacturing to marketing.

One of the things I’m passionate about is helping our clients grow their businesses. I’ve seen too many businesses fail because they didn’t have the right equipment or strategies in place. That’s why I’m always happy to share my insights and knowledge with those who are interested.

For example, here is a short video instruction for botted water workers:

Some more videos I made about the industry:

Bottle water
CSD beverage

Some more articles I made about the industry:

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If you’re ever interested in learning more about the beverage industry or machinery, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always happy to chat and help out where I can.



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