7 Things You Must Know About The Operation of 5 Gallon Bottled Water Filler

The Operation of 5 Gallon Bottled Water Filler
Do you want to know the operation procedures of a 5-gallon bottled filling machine? We have the perfect guide for you.

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The Operation of 5 Gallon Bottled Water Filler

Bottled water plant owners!

Do you want to know the operation procedures of a 5-gallon bottled filling machine? We have the perfect guide for you. This information is packed with all the details you need to ensure your machine runs smoothly.

You’ll be able to operate your machine like a pro in no time – and with fewer headaches. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about 5-gallon bottles filling machines.

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The Water Filling Machine for 5 Gallon Bottles is designed to fill mineral, distilled, and purified water into a barreled/bucket/jars. The barrel water drink filling machine works effectively and quickly based on the compact design and advanced automatic technology.

Filling machines for 5-gallon bottles have been around since the early 1900s. The first machines were large and bulky, often taking up entire rooms. However, filling machines have become much smaller and more compact these days. They can be easily operated by one person and can even be portable.

This compact size means they can be used in various settings, from small businesses to large factories. In addition, the latest models of filling machines are equipped with a variety of features that make them even more user-friendly.

For example, some models have an automatic shut-off mechanism that prevents overfilling. Others have built-in filters that help remove impurities from the water before it is bottled. As a result, filling machines have become an essential tool for anyone who needs to bottle large quantities of water.

  • Multi-functions

The 5-gallon machine concentrates the functions of bottle washing, filling, and corking into 6 gallons on a single set of equipment and meets the standards of America’s Drinking Water Industry Association.

  • High-quality parts

The equipment, comprised of parts sourced from well-known manufacturers in the home and abroad, features elements used in electrical appliances and metal materials.

It may imitate not only with the sophisticated technology, complex operation, and dependable results as a genuine foreign device through its tiny size, lightweight, and beautiful appearance. It is anti-corrodible, wholly disinfected, and effective against air pollution. It can be used to fill 3-6 gallons of bottled water.

  • PLC control

Furthermore, the entire 5-gallon filler is run by PLC with the abilities of automatic finish, correct orientation, minimal labor, and low working intensity. High-strength stainless steel materials and stainless plate steel are used to construct the complete set of equipment, including high precision horizontal goni arc welding for a smooth surface.

  • Advanced convey system

The conveyor component is composed of stainless steel, ensuring the device works effectively in all environments. Nonmetallic parts made from complicated wearable materials, such as non-toxic PP plastic, are used.

Most of the conveying electromotor and booster pumps are made in China by imported series or name brand series of products at home; therefore, they may help improve the device’s performance.

The operation procedures include the below steps:

#1 The bottle entering 

#2 Hot alkali solution washing  

#3 Recycled water washing  

#4 Detergent washing  

#5 Drip dry  

#6 Recycle water washing  

#7 Pure water washing

#8 Bottle dropping down and seated on the bottle pushing supporter  

#9 Pure water filling  

10# Cap sorting  

11# Cap pressing  

12# Output of filled bottle,

After the previous operation is finished, the 5-gallon water bottling machine will automatically proceed to the next operating cycle.

It is necessary to do the below maintenance work for the 5-gallon water filling machine:

1) Check if there is anything unusual before starting up the machine;

2) Check if all fasteners are tight;

3) Lubricate the parts that need lubrication in time;

4) Check and clean the air filter and oil filter regularly;

5) Check whether the electrical parts are working properly;

6) Always keep the working environment clean.

7) Check if there is any damage to the quick-wear parts, and replace them in time.

8) It is necessary to do regular maintenance on the whole machine to extend its service life.

Following these simple tips can help ensure that your 5-gallon water filling machine runs smoothly and efficiently. This will save you time and money in the long run and will also help to protect your investment.

The 5-gallon water filling machine is a critical equipment in any bottled water plant. To guarantee that the machine is in good working order and efficiently, it is essential to follow some crucial tips for maintenance.

1) Always check for any unusual noises or vibrations from the machine. This could be an indication of a problem that needs to be fixed. Not only will this save you time and money in the long run, but it could also prevent a more severe problem from developing.

2) Make sure to keep the machine clean at all times. Any dirt or debris that builds up on the machine can cause it to work less efficiently. In addition, it is essential to ensure that there is no water build-up on the machine. This can result in corrosion and other issues.

3) Be sure to check the seals and gaskets regularly. These are essential for ensuring that the machine works properly. If they become damaged, they can cause leaks and other problems.

4) Inspect the hoses and tubing regularly. Look for any cracks or leaks. These can cause the machine to work less efficiently and could lead to water being wasted.

5) Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating the machine. This will assist in ensuring that it functions correctly and doesn’t experience any problems.

When looking for the ideal 5-gallon bottled water filling solution, there are a few questions you may ask and answer. While many inquiries need to be asked and answered when finding the best 5-gallon bottled water filling option, specific inquiries will almost certainly be raised at the start of the process. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions asked while evaluating a filling project and some broad answers.

Which type of filling is best for my needs?

What’s the difference between a rotary and a linear 5-gallon bottling machine? Should you buy one or the other? Here are some things to consider.

First, decide which filling system is best for your needs. The two main types of 5-gallon bottle filling machines are rotary and linear. Rotary 5-gallon filling machines are faster and can handle up to 3000 bottles per hour than linear machines.

However, rotary machines are more expensive than linear machines and require more maintenance. Linear 5-gallon bottle filling machines are slower than rotary machines but less costly and require less maintenance. They’re also better suited for small bottled water businesses from 100 bottles to 600BPH.

What level of automation do I need?

The degree of automation in a bottling operation can range from simple tabletop equipment to utterly automated bottle fillers, as well as various alternatives in between. The amount of automation will be determined by the quantity of labor available, production requirements, room availability, and more.

It’s also critical to have a backup strategy for future technology upgrades, such as the automation degree, since most packagers aim for expansion. 5-gallon filling machines are frequently upgradeable so that the packaging equipment may grow with the business.

How many bottles per hour will the filling machine run?

The speed of the machine, and one of the most common inquiries is how many bottles per hour (BPH) the filler will operate. This is a key consideration when designing your production line.

Remember that the BPH numbers for 5-gallon fillers are always 5-gallon containers – not cases. For example, a 100-BPH filler can fill 500 gallons per hour because it’s filling 5-gallon containers (100 x 5 = 500).

What type of power supply is required?

Also, consider the type of power supply required for the filling machine. Most 5-gallon filling machines require either a 380-volt or 220-volt 3 phases power supply. However, iBottling can provide special designs for customer who only have single-phase or other type of power.

Can the bottled water filler handle all of my bottle sizes?

Yes, with certain limits. Filling machines are designed to work with a wide range of container sizes ranging from 3 gallons to 6 gallons and aim to make changeover as easy as possible.

In most situations, swapping from one bottle size to the next will only require minor adjustments such as untightening hand knobs on rails or simply flipping a switch to raise or lower fill heads. When bottle sizes range from tiny to enormous, special alternatives may be explored in order to accommodate all bottle sizes.

How easy is the filling machine to clean?

Liquid fillers will need to be cleaned and maintained, in part, depending on the type of filling machine used for a project. A Clean-In-Place System (CIP) may be incorporated into automatic equipment that cleans the tank and product route through the PLC and touchscreen operator interface.

Semi-automatic equipment can usually be cleaned by flushing the product pathway at the end of the production day or as needed. Regardless of type, bottle fillers are intended to make cleaning as simple as possible to minimize downtime and keep the machine operating smoothly.

Each filling operation will be unique in some aspect, which will lead to further concerns about the equipment’s design, performance, and maintenance. Each project at iBottling is reviewed on an individual basis to ensure that the greatest filling solution is provided. Simply call the offices now or use the website contact forms or chat requests to talk with an iBottling representative about your project.

Why the 5-gallon bottled filling machine is a must-have for any business or individual distributing water? The 5-gallon bottled filling machine is a versatile, high-performance piece of equipment that offers many features and benefits for those in the water business.

From its simple yet effective design to its ease of use and maintenance, the 5-gallon bottled filling machine is an essential part of any water bottling operation.

Are you seeking for a 5 gallon bottle filler? Visit our selection of bottle filling equipment at iBottling to be certain you’re buying the right product for your needs. iBottling provides a wide range of bottle fillers to meet your varied beverage packaging demands. Contact us immediately if you want to find out about the finest bottle filler for your company!

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