6000BPH 500ml and 300BPH 5 Gallon Filling Lines for Turnkey Customer

6000BPH 500ml and 300BPH 5 Gallon Filling Lines for Turnkey Customer (2)

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6000BPH 500ml and 300BPH 5 Gallon Filling Lines for Turnkey Customer (2)
6000BPH 500ml and 300BPH 5 Gallon Filling Lines for Turnkey Customer
6000BPH 500ml and 300BPH 5 Gallon Filling Lines for Turnkey Customer 3
6000BPH 500ml and 300BPH 5 Gallon Filling Lines for Turnkey Customer 3

June – July 2018 Bottled water production plant in turnkey for Turkish customers
The production lasted 1 month from June 2018.

The beverage machines include
1) 2000 litre/hour primary reverse osmosis water purification system
2) 300 bottles/hour automatic 5 gallons bottled water production line with automatic decapper – automatic external bottle washer – 3 in 1 monobloc 5 gallon bottle washer filler capper – label steam shrink tunnel – auto bottle palletizer
3) 4000 – 6000 bottles/hour small bottle water production line with 4-chamber automatic bottle blowing machine – monobloc bottle filling machine – automatic label sleeve machine – automatic heat shrink packaging machine and complete conveying system.



All begin from one day afternoon in 2018
A customer named Ali contacted my whatsapp and asked us for a 100 bottles per hour x 5-gallon filling machine.
After talking to them, we found out that they were from Turkey and started a bottled water project. Since they had never imported a large machine from China before, they were cautious about the quality, after-sales service, product specifications, etc., of Chinese filling machines.



I immediately checked the customer’s background and happened to come across the customer’s website, which in turn revealed that they had KHS equipment on their website. When I questioned this, the customer explained that this was the filling machine they were currently using. But because the KHS machine is so expensive, this is a used one. The current condition of the used bottle filling machine is not very stable, and the plan is to replace it with a brand new bottle filling machine.

But the brand new KHS machine is too expensive. They hope to find reliable quality and reasonably priced beverage machinery from China.


Customer's Difficulties

After understanding the customer’s needs, I frankly told the customer that the price of our brand new machine is only one-tenth to one-fifth of KHS’s. Even if it is an old KHS filling machine, the price is still 2-3 times more than ours.
No matter from the hygiene point of view, stable production and safety, the used bottling machines are not comparable to the new ones.

A brand new machine from KHS is really good, but the ROI ratio is too low. The cost of operation, maintenance, engineer support, and parts replacement in future are all too high.
After a careful study of our product features, performance, after-sales service, and of course, price.
The customer compared our machines with top brands such as KHS, KRONES, SIDELS, etc.
He also compared it with offers from other Chinese suppliers.
After about 2 weeks, we had many communications and negotiations on technology, price and after-sales service.



So, one afternoon, the customer called me personally to say that the price exceeded their expectation.
I smelled a hint of familiar sense from the customer’s words. After asking the customer’s target price, carefully calculated our cost and peer price comparison, I personally judged that the customer may just want some discount.
After the customer replied with a target price, I immediately gave feedback to the boss and expressed the hope that we expect to receive the deposit within a week. Eventually, I used various methods to convince the boss to accept the customer’s target price. The customer was nice. He said he wanted to report to his boss about the situation, asked for our product video, and then told me to wait for the news.

Because I was worried that the customer was going to “goodbye”, I called him several times in the next few days for a closer relationship. The customer said his English is not good and told me not to worry; he will inform me of updates timely. I said, it’s okay; I’m calling to tell you that we can accept third-party pre-shipment inspection. The customer replied “it’s okay, we may order directly”.


Close the deal

By the next day, the customer really placed an order! A total of 100K USD, involving 3 products, let me send the PI; I hurried to do so. A week later, the customer’s deposit finally arrived.

Please click below to watch the production process of bottled water production.

John Lau.

John Lau.

John Lau, a project manager holding an engineering bachelor's degree, became fascinated with optimizing beverage production equipment during his university days. As an overseas project manager, he firmly believes that educating clients on achieving efficient workflows through customized equipment design is one of the most impactful aspects of his job.

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