6 Coca-Cola Marketing Strategies for 2021: For a Stronger Company

6 Coca-Cola Marketing Strategies for 2021: For a Stronger Company

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“We’ve launched a global, creative and media agency review to enhance processes, eliminate duplication, and drive efficiency to reinvest in our brands,” according to The Coca-Cola Company’s 2021 marketing innovation portfolio plan.

Coca-Cola’s brand presence may be measured on an imagined brand-awareness scale and read “omnipresent.” It was the first drink to be consumed in space. It was recently the first to be accused of being unhealthy by well-known soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

In terms of FMCG companies, Coca-Cola is one of the biggest, if not the most so. However, it is much more than just a brand of soda. Their brand portfolio has recently been reduced as well.

The Coca-Cola brand is not only famous; it’s also highly lucrative. More than 20 brands in the Coca-Cola family are worth more than $1 billion. Every day, 1.9 billion servings of Coke products are consumed. Even if you just drink water, they’ve got a product for you, such as Aha Sparkling

Product offerings are not the only reason Coca-Cola is successful. You don’t get to enjoy a century of fame and success on beverages alone.

Coca-Cola’s global marketing team has a lot of games (and, yes, a significant budget. ) The company’s branding is instantly linked to joy and celebration thanks to its innovative advertising campaigns that are frequently creative—and occasionally contentious.

6 Coca-Cola Marketing Strategies for 2021: For a Stronger Company


Could there be marketing lessons to be learned from Coca-Cola's strategy?

It may be a mystery to you how Coca-Cola’s brand strategy can help increase your brand awareness. You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for practical, real-world lessons that address what you can learn from Coca-Cola Company’s branding strategy rather than a dry, look-at-how-great-they-are presentation.


Build robust multi-sensory brand identity.

One way Coca-Cola does this is by putting a lot of money into sports sponsorships. The company has been sponsoring the Olympic Games since 1928, and it’s currently signed on as an official sponsor until 2020. They had also recently become one of FIFA World Cup’s Worldwide Partners for the 2018 to 2022 seasons in January 2017. This is a huge step forward as it means Coca-Cola will be one of six top FIFA partners and the only Official Worldwide Partner in soft drinks.

Using promotional activities to align with events, celebrities and sponsorships is another way to connect their brand image with people’s perceptions about them. The company has done well using these tactics because its product is considered a feel-good drink. In 2016, the company worked with several celebrities, including Gal Gadot and LeBron James, to promote their brands through the Olympics and NBA games, respectively.

Coca-Cola has also been working on rebranding itself in terms of packaging design. Their new bottles use a curvy shape that better fits people’s hands. This is part of their strategy to connect with customers emotionally because people associate this shape with pleasure or happiness.


Connect CSR initiatives to the world's biggest problems and help solve them.

Coca-Cola attempts to create a positive image, but it is tarnished by the controversy surrounding its lack of transparency. This can be seen in how they do not reveal which countries their products are made in and where these Cokes end. Coca-Cola’s campaigns also fall short, as many focus on individual choices rather than the root of the problem. Coca-Cola’s strategy does not consider a systemic solution to these problems, which is what many consumers are looking for today.

For example, instead of addressing issues with obesity and diabetes by promoting healthier food choices, their marketing campaigns focus on individual exercise instead. The company has been involved in several different types of marketing campaigns. The first is the World Cup, which Coca-Cola has been a part of since 1978 and continues to sponsor today. They also have an official partnership with FIFA as their main sponsor for 2018 and 2022. However, they could not secure it beyond that period and had to give up the sponsorship after corruption scandals involving Qatar emerged.

Coca-Cola is also involved through their Cappy Cap program. Cappy Caps are caps that can be purchased by individuals, which allows them to collect points in exchange for merchandise and exclusive access to events. This creates a community where people can engage with each other outside of the virtual world while still motivating people to remain active. Cappy Cap also brings in money for the company, which has led to a program called Cappy Trust. Cappy Trust allows people with Cappy’s to redeem their points for charitable donations supporting local communities and organizations.


Make sure the product(s) you offer to make people feel good.

By focusing on your customer’s feelings, you can create a stronger connection to your brand. Coca-Cola is known for its marketing towards people of all ages and races in the USA and worldwide. It has always been about fun times with friends and family or just enjoying a refreshing ice-cold Coca-Cola during those hot summer days.

Coca-Cola is also known for their “Share a Coke” campaign. They took some of the world’s most famous names and put them on bottles, then let people enjoy sharing personal stories with friends or family under that name. This gave customers an experience to relate Coca-Cola into their own lives. Nowadays, it seems like many companies are describing what their product can do for a person. Still, Coca-Cola reminds people why a COCA-COLA is more than just a soft drink.

A global brand like Coca-Cola has enjoyed great success. Their marketing strategy towards consumers’ feelings makes them even more potent in front of other brands.


Maintain relevance for your global audience (and brand ambassadors), even as they change.

Coca-Cola’s mission has always been to be contemporary, no matter how many times the world around them changes. They’ve accomplished this by keeping up with modern trends and making their product flexible to each new generation. Coca-Cola is more than simply a beverage with soft drink filling machine factory; it is also a reflection of your personality that you may see on social media or on the street.

As you can see, Coca-Cola’s strategy is to appeal to their global audience with relevant content and flexible marketing strategies that they may adapt as the world around them changes. It’s because of this that they have remained such an iconic brand that has remained on top for more than a century! Have we sparked your interest in Coca-Cola yet?


Always be diversifying.

The key to long-term success is diversifying one’s investments to provide oneself more opportunities for an opportunistic future. What do you mean by that? Disney developed a new streaming service, Disney+, just months before the worldwide epidemic caused it to shut down rapidly. They also acquire firms with their digital IP. Marvel is an excellent illustration of

Despite its long history of diversification, coca-cola supply chain management continues to do so. Coca-Cola acknowledged the harsh reality in their now-public 2010 marketing plan: people and governments are concerned about the health consequences of high-fructose beverages. “Case-Coca-Cola will have to keep its foot on the accelerator to adapt to the external environmental hazard of the healthy living era through product development and marketing of healthy alternatives,” the plan said.

That’s the last time you’ll hear “healthy lifestyle movement” referred to as an environmental hazard by a corporation, I’m hoping. We can applaud their foresight to invest in healthy beverage companies and soda filling machine manufacturers, which will future-proof them.


Create enduring content marketing campaigns that people remember forever

Everybody knows Coca-Cola. They’ve become a household name. As such, they need to continue pushing boundaries with their marketing strategies to ensure people remain loyal customers for years on end.

This means creating campaigns that are memorable and tangible enough that consumers can feel a connection with the brand and understand their marketing strategy.

There are so many different ways that Coca-Cola can create campaigns that truly connect people to their product while also pushing boundaries in new and exciting ways. For example, they could use augmented reality technology or even virtual realities such as Oculus Rift headsets to show consumers what it would be like to be part of the Coca-Cola family.

Even though brands like COCA-COLA need to stay on top of marketing trends and technology, it’s also incredibly crucial that they still create tangible ways in which consumers can feel connected with their product and brand without relying solely on tech or gimmicks. For COCA-COLA, this could mean using their website or social media accounts to feature stories from customers who have been positively impacted by the COCA-COLA brand.

In conclusion, COCA-COLA has an incredible opportunity with marketing strategies right now. They need to continue pushing boundaries while also creating a solid connection with their customers. Technology can be a powerful tool, but Coca-cola supply chain process needs to make sure they don’t lose sight of what’s most important: the COCA-COLA brand and its loyal consumers.




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