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20 Ton Per Hour RO Water Treatment System For Angola Customer

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John Lau.

Table of Contents

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2021)

Hi everyone, today I will introduce a reverse osmosis water treatment system with a capacity of 20 tons per hour.

Angola's juice production line requires high-quality water treatment equipment to provide the best water quality.

A client in Angola asked us for a set of 20 tons of water treatment equipment. Since it is used in the production of fruit juice syrup, the water quality will determine the taste and quality of the juice. Therefore, the customer’s requirements for this set of equipment are very high.

The raw water supply is the local municipal water. The conductivity of the raw water quality is 250 us/cm, and to request better product quality, the customer requires the conductivity of the output water quality to be below 10 us/cm. After carefully studying the customer’s needs, we customize the water treatment process specifically for the customer’s water quality.


Multi media Filter

20 T per hour water treatment system

The entire filtration system includes multimedia filtration to remove suspended solids, silt and particulate impurities in the water.
The main fillers are quartz sand, anthracite, fibre balls, etc.


activated carbon filter

Installation of ro water treatment system

The activated carbon filter is equipped with granular water purification activated carbon, which mainly removes impurities such as macromolecular organic matter, colloids, peculiar smell, residual chlorine and other impurities in the water. It has strong corrosion absorption power and can remove more than 90% on average. The residual chlorine is a strong oxidant with an oxidizing effect on the RO membrane and must be limited to ≤0.1mg/L.


dosing system

Fine filter also known as security filter

The antiscalant device is mainly used to prevent the scale of the reverse osmosis membrane. The American metering pump is used for the dosage of the medicine. The dosage is accurate, and the stability of the equipment is good.
The brand of a dosing pump is American Milton Roy.

The principle of the application is:
1. Use anionic or nonionic polymers to surround the colloidal particles to stabilize them in a dispersed state. This type of agent is called a dispersant. Such as phosphate
2. Turn the metal ion into a chelating ion or complexion, which prevents them from combining with the anion to produce a precipitate. This type of agent is called a chelating agent and a complexing agent. Such as EDTA
3 Utilizing the cohesion and bridging effect of the polymer coagulant, the colloidal particles are formed into alum flowers and suspended in water. Such as: polyacrylamide


Fine filter

RO water meter

Fine filter (also known as security filter)
This device is mainly used for fine filtration of the influent of the reverse osmosis system. The purpose is to reduce or eliminate the filter material particles leaking out of the pre-treatment equipment for the final protection and ensure that the water finally entering the reverse osmosis system meets the requirements.
Filtration accuracy: 10um, 5um, 1um
The material is stainless steel.


Reverse osmosis filter

customer technician learning operation of RO water treatment system

Reverse osmosis device (RO membrane technology)
1) Working principle:
Permeation —- When the solution of different concentrations is separated by a semi-permeable membrane for two minutes, the solvent in the dilute solution will penetrate the semi-permeable membrane into the concentrated solution. Reverse osmosis is a scientific method to reverse the natural osmosis process. On the side of the concentrated solution, when an external pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied, the solvent will reverse its original direction of osmosis and enter the dilute through the semi-permeable membrane from the side concentrated solution.

2) Water inlet requirements: Turbidity ≤ 2 degrees Water temperature: 5-35°C SDI ≤ 5Fe ≤ 0.1mg/L
PH: 4-11 residual chlorine≤0.1mg/L

3) The system adopts the American Dow membrane element as the main element. The desalination rate of a single membrane is ≥99%, and the desalination rate of the system is 97-99%. It can effectively remove suspended solids, organic colloids, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. in water. In order to ensure the stable performance and long-term operation of the RO device, a regular automatic flushing device is set up for impurities such as heat sources.

4) Membrane material: The commonly used membrane is a fully aromatic and highly cross-linked polyamide composite membrane (abbreviation: polyamide composite membrane)


Long term cooperative relationship

After the equipment is completed, we send technicians to the local area to assist in the installation.

Finally, the customer is delighted with our machine and is willing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

Click below to view the on-site installation video of Angolan customer’s factory

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