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Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and Danone have selected our advanced bottle filling systems for their renowned products. They praise our machines’ filling efficiency and unwavering reliability.

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liquid filling systems

From carbonated drinks to still water, we offer flexible and reliable machinery that can meet all range of filling needs. Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture custom machine design that stand out from the rest of the market. Choose from a range of bottle sizes, including 250ml-2L and 3G-5G options. Contact us for a personalized filling solution.

Label Machine / Labeling Machine

Label your beverage products with our diverse labelling options.

Wrapping Machine / Shrink Wrapping Machine

Covering bottle bundles L-type, inline type and pallet wrapping equipment.

Expertise and Support

Value Added Services

Looking to get your beverages on the market fast? At iBottling, we specialize in fast proposals and rapid production to make the process feel easy. We'll surpass your high expectations for quality and service of packaging machinery, ensuring that your product filling equipment is delivered on time. Our goal is to let you sit back and relax while we handle the rest.

Return on investment

Maximize ROI for your bottled water business with our expert investment analysis, ensuring a profitable venture.

Calculator Gallery

Our tools and resources designed to streamline your operations and ensure a quick turnaround time in bottling technologies.

Plant layout

Optimize your automatic and semi-automatic filling line with our expert guidance for creating the ideal plant layout.

On-time delivery

Timely delivery is crucial to the success of automatic filling line, we guarantee on-schedule equipment delivery.

Rapid production

With our efficient production process, we can quickly manufacture high-quality equipment for your business.

Quick turnaround time

Streamlined process ensures quick turnaround time in filling technologies, accelerate your beverage launch.

Installation services

Ensure optimal production line setup and operation with on-site installation by skilled technicians.

Mould design

Our cutting-edge mould design services can help you create unique bottle shapes and designs for your brand.

Graphic design

Stand out on the shelves with custom logo and label design services that make your brand unforgettable.


Estimated Cost Analysis

Cost drivers for a beverage filling line include the process type, packaging, raw materials, features, and logistics. Setting up a 3,000 bottles per hour x 500ml bottled water plant can cost between US$240,000 to US$260,000. Contact us for specific details on your beverage type.

Want to know more specific details?

Industrial water treatment plant control (1)

2 Tons Of Single-Stage RO Water Treatment


This usually includes raw water tank, pure water tank, quartz sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, precision filtration, 1-stage RO reverse osmosis filtration, ozone system, and UV disinfection system. The desalination rate is 97%, and the water quality after filtration can reach 25ppm.


Blow Molding Machine


Our machine utilizes optimized stretching technology to blow preforms into professional-grade bottles efficiently. It delivers maximum output for your beverage bottling operation.

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The Filling, Labelling, Wrapping Line


Our complete liquid packaging solutions integrate high-output equipment for non-stop production. Automated systems feature filling, capping, drying, coding and labeling machinery linked by advanced controls to maximize efficiency.

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Delivery Cost And Others

Shipping: about 2 x 40HQ containers for delivery.

Working area: about 100-200 square meters

Plastic parts: 25/30 mouth preform, bottle cap, about US$0.04 per set.

Service life: Depreciation rate of  10% and last for 10 years.



Looking for a hassle-free purchase and delivery of a bottling machine? We understand that importing beverage machinery can be a daunting process. That’s why we’ve made it simple and easy for you with our streamlined ordering process. Here are the steps to follow:

Confirm Your Filling and Packaging Needs (3-7 days)

Choosing the right bottling line impacts your success. In 3-7 days, our experts review filling and packaging requirements, leveraging experience to craft customized, high-performance solutions ensuring an optimized investment. Let us simplify selection – outline needs and we’ll deliver tailored equipment.

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Sample and production (20-30 days)

Confirmed needs? Submit bottles and enter fast design stage. Leveraging decades of experience, we craft specialized filling and packaging solutions tailored for your volumes and needs within 20-30 days. Experience streamlined engineering directly from your bottles, saving you time and costs.

Shipping (20-30 days)

Multiple shipping options for your bottling line – sea freight saves costs while air transports more quickly. Leveraging logistics experience, we deliver within 20-30 days via sea or 7-10 days by air. Let’s discuss the best routing for your timeline and budget.

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Installation and commissioning (7-15 days)

Leverage experienced installers for bottling lines, blow molders and water systems. Within 7-15 days, we ensure hassle-free commissioning to optimize your new equipment. Let’s discuss your project – our specialized team provides seamless installation for rapid startup and increased efficiencies.

After service

Leverage experts every step of the way – from installation and commissioning to maintenance and spare parts supply. Contact us for worry-free, hassle-free support ensuring optimized performance of your bottling line long-term. Depend on our dedication to deliver exceptional after sales assistance and take your operations further.

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As a trusted partner in the beverage industry for over two decades, iBottling is the premier choice for businesses in need of bottling, filling, labeling, and packaging equipment. Our expertise spans the entire process – from the initial specification to the final installation of your perfect bottling solution.

Our devotion to quality and personalized service has cemented our reputation as a reliable partner in beverage equipment manufacturing. Here’s why businesses worldwide trust iBottling:

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Decades of Industry Expertise

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With more than 20 years of experience, iBottling has honed the art of designing, manufacturing, and installing top-tier bottling machines and related equipment. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to provide solutions that meet your specific needs.

Tailored Bottling Solutions

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At iBottling, we understand that every business is unique. That's why we offer custom bottling solutions that can help you save between 10% and 20% on costs. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and consult upstream suppliers to create a solution tailored to your business.

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Superior Quality Equipment

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Our production team leverages an ERP system to efficiently manage designers and workers, and to coordinate enterprise resources. Every step of the process, from raw material procurement to finished product, is meticulously managed and inspected for quality. This ensures the delivery of high-speed, precision-engineered, and cost-effective equipment.

Comprehensive Warranty and Service

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We prioritize your peace of mind through our full-value warranty service. With iBottling, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your equipment. Beyond warranty, we also offer personalized planning services to assist businesses with the installation and setup of their new equipment.

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Clients LOVE

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Elizabeth Sofia



“We recently purchased a new bottling line from iBottling and it has exceeded our expectations. The equipment is reliable and easy to use, and their team provided excellent training and support.”

these customers buying filling machines from iBottling

Jillian J. Dooley



“The iBottling Premium CSD filler has been instrumental in supporting our rapid company growth. We have been able to package our product to meet demand in both the US and our new European distribution center.”

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Kevin T. Lee

CEO of GHI Beverages


“iBottling’s commitment to innovation and technology is evident in their equipment. We’ve been able to stay ahead of our competitors with their advanced packaging solutions.”

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